When was the last time you did something revolutionary? The last time you had a beer? How about the last time those were the same thing?

Become one of our freedom fighters... at a local bar.

Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB) turns socializing into social activism.  One night during the first week of each month, LGBTQ people will descend on an unsuspecting straight bar and turn it gay for a night.

GQB has been done with great success in other cities, and now it's here to take back San Diego.

GQB April 2009 - The Shout House

The mission of Guerrilla Queer Bar is threefold.

, show San Diego that we will not retreat to our safe spaces after the passage of Prop. 8. We will be a visible LGBTQ community outside Hillcrest, North Park and University Heights.

, find a fun and inclusive way to tell people who we are. Maybe straight hottie will even buy you a drink.

, broaden our community's horizons and enjoy ourselves at a fabulous gay-bar-for-a-night!

Sign up with the listserv, MySpace profile, or Facebook group. (And tell your friends to do the same). You get an e-mail or message the morning of the takeover disclosing the location and time. Three, you show up and watch as a San Diego straight bar becomes the night's "it" gay bar.

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