Obs and Gynae

Wycombe General Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Job: What the job involves: The two sites (WGH + SMH) have recently merged leaving a midwifery led birth centre but no acute gynae ward at Wycombe. Therefore there are no doctors on call at Wycombe any more. There are still antenatal clinics and gynae clinics at Wycombe which you do occasionally (there is flexibility in the rota so people who live closer to Wycombe go there more often than those living nearer Stoke).

Therefore the majority of the work is at Stoke Mandeville. The day starts at 8am on labour ward with a morning meeting. There is an antenatal/postnatal ward covered by one SHO, a gynae ward covered by another SHO and one SHO oncall for each of labour ward and acute gynae. The rest of the commitments are in theatre (daycase or majors) and clinics (antenatal or gynae).

 On call: On call commitments: There is one SHO on call for gynae and one for obs during the day. The night SHO covers both but with two SpRs supporting you. The day oncall is 8am-6pm which you do roughly once a week. There is then hand over to the two people doing 14:00-22:00 - you do this shift from Mon-Fri roughly twice in 4 months. Then the night shift is 21.30-08.30. The nights are split and roughly you do one weekend and one week of nights in 4 months. There are 2 SHOs for the weekend days and you do this twice in 4 months. Generally this is not a very heavy oncall rota bearing in mind the day oncall is only until 18:00.
Team: You have a specific consultant as your educational superviser but as there are 14 SHOs and a complex rota you are very rarely working with them. There are also 14 SpRs and about 10 consultants so its a large and busy team.
Teaching: once a week on a Friday lunchtime, given by SpRs and Consultants. Very good.
Best Bit: There is a very steep learning in all things baby and lady, but it is all very relevant to GP. There is a very supportive senior structure.
Worst Bit:  As there is so much to cover in the rota your clinical duties become rather erratic and there is very little continuity.  Definetely useful for GP and useful before doing DRCOG.

Banding: 50% = about £2400 per month ST1