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Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA)

Evidence collected by the e-portfolio over all three years of the VTS.
Case base discussions:
Minimum of 3 per 6 months in ST1/ST2, 6 per 6 months ST3 - discussion based around a case with a consultant or registrar.
Mini CEX or COT
Minimum 3 per 6 months ST1/ST2, 6 per 6 months ST3.
Consultation observation tool (COT) - for use in GP.  Either direct observation by trainer or review of a consultation on video followed by discussion around the consultation.
Clinical evaluation exercise (Mini CEX) - for use in hospital rotations. Consultant/SpR observes a clinical interaction and this is followed by feedback and discussion.
Direct observation of procedural skill - a procedure is observed by an appropriate doctor or nurse with feedback afterwards.  There are eight mandatory skills which are:
  • Application of simple dressing
  • Breast examination
  • Cervical cytology
  • Female genital examination
  • Male genital examination
  • Prostate examination
  • Rectal examination
  • Testing for blood glucose
  • At least one DOPs must be done for each of these during the 3 years.  There are also further elective DOPs and foundation DOPs which may be repeated.
    Carried out in each 6 month rotation in ST1 and ST3.
    Multisource feedback - A form that is sent to a range of colleagues that they fill in confidentially.  They are asked to comment on highlights in performance and areas for improvement.
    Patient satisfaction questionnaire - carried out once in ST3 and once in ST2 GP rotation.
    Questionnaires are handed out to consecuetive patients asking their opinion of the doctor.  These are handed out until forty have been returned.
    Clinical supervisors report
    Carried out every 6 months prior to the 6 monthly review.  When in hospital posts the report is done by the consultant who is your clinical supervisor for that post.  It focuses on progress and learning during the 6 month rotation.
    Learning Log
    During GP rotations you should aim to add three to four entries to your learning log per week.  In hospital rotations this can be slightly less.  This is meant as a place to record learning and future learning needs and to allow reflection.
    Entries are under the following headings:
    • Clinical Encounter - any patient encounter you found interesting and want to reflect on.
    • Professional conversation - an interesting convesation with a colleague e.g. perhaps you had to ring someone from a different speciality and discuss a patient or maybe the team was talking about a new advance in a certain procedure.
    • Tutorial
    • Reading - books/journals/websites etc
    • Course/certificate
    • Lecture.seminar
    • Out of Hours session - specifically for the OOH sessions during GP rotations
    • Audit/project
    • Significant event analysis
    • e-learning session - eGP sessions are automatically recorded in your learning log but you can also add others e.g. BMJ learniing under this heading.

    Once you have written an entry you mark it as shared and then it is accessible to your GP trainer who will review and add comments or further learning points.

    6 Monthly reviews:
    With your GP trainer to review all of the above evidence from the e-portfolio when in hospital jobs and progress in general when in GP jobs.
    Dates for review to be completed by:
        31st January for all.
        31st May ST3s and 30th June ST1s and ST2s.