Tips and Hints

-    Be on the ball, it is your training. You have to be actively involved to make sure you get the best possible training.
-    Ask questions, pester people especially those of the Wycombe and Aylesbury VTS,  if you don’t understand something.
-    Get all agreements in writing so it can’t be disputed later.
-    Stand your ground, you will be offered things/posts that might not be possible, don’t accept them. You are doing part time training for a good reason and not because you are lazy! I have had to make this point several times to employers. Most people don’t understand part time training and need explaining. (NB only 6% of postgraduate trainees work part time, we are a rare breed!)
-    Check and double check that the post you have been offered is counting towards your training (that the minimum requirement have been fulfilled).
-    Beware: you have to finish your GPVTS training within 7 years after starting  (a 3 year VTS program). This sounds like a lot but if you would like more kids and take a year maternity each time you will run out of time, plan ahead and take this into account when taking maternity leave. One solution is to temporarily work fulltime/ 70%/80%/90% or take less than a year maternity leave.
-    Enjoy!
-    Don’t feel guilty towards your employer or kids, they get a mum/dad who is more balanced and happy fulfilling her/his own career path, but beware that it is hard work and consists of a lot of juggling