GPVTS days

VTS days for ST1s are every second Tuesday of the month and for ST2s are the forth Tuesday of the month.

Which GP VTS sessions you attend needs to be individually worked out taking into account a number of issues including your current post and which days you work. This is something that you should discuss with the LTFT Bucks programme director (Anne Turner).  As you are part time, if you attend every month, you would have double the teaching compared to fulltime training. Negotiation includes how many sessions your current employer is willing to give you as a study day (paid for). Or if it isn’t your usual working day whether they will give you another day off in compensation for attending the VTS teaching (a full timer would automatically be paid for this day). Another optional alternative is to attend some sessions in your own time (unpaid for). This is something that I occasionally do, as the VTS days can be very useful.
Also you need to discuss with the LTFT programme director which teaching groups you join.  At the end of the first calendar year you may wish to continue with the same group and join the ST2 teaching sessions (as you will have got know them and built up a bond with each other), or you may wish stay in a ST1 group until you become an ST2.
Teaching in placement

Which teaching you attend will depend on the days that you work. Usually if there are useful teaching sessions it will be expected that you work these specific days. This may alter with each post so so childcare needs to be arranged accordingly, see below.