My 5 Day Juice Fast





My name is Tamy and I was born in '88. In the past year I've become more and more interested in alternative medicine and healing yourself the natural way. I've researched alot on raw foods and fasting and think it's just BRILLIANT! So I've decided that it's time for all this research and knowledge to be put into action. I am a vegetarian and have been for a couple of years. I am addicted to processed and junk foods. I am also a 20 smokes a day smoker since the age of 14. I do not exercise exept alot of moving around from my full-time job in a private daycare. I am not overweight, I weight 120 LBS. Even though I am not overweight, I feel I could lose some unhealthy belly flab. I do feel very unhealthy and this is why I am going to do a 5  day juice fast. After that, I will transition to a 80% raw vegan diet. I will also try to quit smoking during my juice fast. I've tried to become vegan a few months ago for ethical reasons but my addiction to chocolate bars and Tim Hortons was making it very difficult. I will be doing my juice fast during a 3 week vacation so I could sleep and rest alot. So that is all for now! May this adventure be a life changing experience!!!