How-To: Presentations, Paper Submissions & Proceedings


There will be a fifty minute session for each paper:  twenty-five minutes to present, 10 minutes for a formal response, and the remainder for discussion.

Paper Submissions

Papers are due to by April 2, both for forwarding to respondents and for consideration for the proceedings.  The word limit is approximately 5000, inclusive of notes and bibliography.  APA style is requested.

Please use this Word template (also attached at the bottom of this page) in order to prepare your paper for submission. The template contains all the styles needed for the conference proceedings. We think you'll find it relatively easy to use:  depending on the complexity of your paper, all you may need to do is to use "paste as unformatted text" to copy your headings and paragraphs into the template.

To let the template do its work, please avoid changing fonts, creating space by using the return key, using spaces to indent, and other direct formatting of your text.

If you've never used styles before, here are some useful resources:
The template also contains some basic information about APA style, about formatting block quotes, use of footnotes etc.  Please let us know if you run into trouble.  Thanks for your cooperation in making the process of publishing the proceedings a swift one!

Conference Proceedings

We will be publishing the conference proceedings as quickly after the conference as possible.  All registered participants will receive a hard copy.  Print-on-demand and ebook versions will be available at cost.
Jean Goodwin,
Mar 22, 2012, 8:01 PM