Miracle GPS Spray 

 Weak signal? No fix? A few squirts of our wonder solution is all you need! 

Our amazing product

Handheld GPS receivers are commonplace these days, but enthusiasts have discovered that getting a signal when you really need it can be tricky when conditions are less than perfect.

Thanks to our amazing discovery, those days are over.

Introducing GPS Spray....

What does GPS Spray do?

When you are under tree cover, or in dense urban areas, the GPS signal is weakened and distorted. A few quick sprays of our amazing formula around your GPS reciever and you will get a much more accurate fix.

Who buys GPS Spray?

Naturally, the military have a keen interest in our product, but the civilian strength version is purchased by recreational users of GPS units, such as geocachers, walkers and orienteers.

A Genuine Kitchen Sink Discovery

The GPS satellites likely cost thousands of dollars to build and launch, but our (patent applied for) spray was developed by ordinary people, like you, in a kitchen. Harking back to the days of intrepid inventors who would blow up their shed in search of the next-big-thing, we did all the scientific hard work for you. In a kitchen.

How does it work?

Don't let its humble origins fool you. It uses science to deliver the goods. Microbeads of dihydrogen monoxide focus weak GPS signal energy onto your receiver, effectively giving you an antenna 1 foot wide! In really challenging environments, such as underground, spraying in a wide pattern creates a effective antenna 6 feet wide!

Wait - did you say "underground"??

We did - up to around 150 metres underground, a workable signal can be amplified by our spray. Our infamous product test even made the local news. We sealed our sales guys in a cave system giving them a GPS unit , two canisters of the spray, and a Pot Noodle. They successfully found the exit via GPS within minutes. Only 30ml of spray was used, and the Pot Noodle was not consumed.

It's expensive though, right?

Not all all. You buy a 400ml bottle for just 15 US dollars, 15 Euros, or 10 UK Pounds. Volume discounts available, we can fulfill surprisingly large orders.

Never be lost again - a small price to pay huh?

I'm sold, how do I order?

We're still constructing our online shopping cart, please contact us at gpspray@googlemail.com with your order details.