GpsDump is a Windows ® program that communicates with a GPS or flight instrument, enabling you to:

  • Download a tracklog or IGC file
  • Upload or download waypoints
  • Upload or download airspace data
  • Run a competition using FS (the competition-scoring program from the FAI)

A wide range of GPS and flights instruments are supported (see Supported Instruments), and data can be read and written using a variety of popular file formats including .igc and .kml (see File Formats).

Beta version

This Help documentation is currently being compiled. Our apologies if you cannot find the answers you are looking for.

Using this Help

Getting Started tells you how to download and install the program, and gives you an overview of the basics. Communications will show you how to connect to and communicate with your flight instrument, while the Tracklogs section describes how to download and save a tracklog.

Use the Navigation panel (left) to access the various sections, or the Search Site box (top right ) to quickly find a topic.

Other sections

  • The Waypoints and Airspace sections document the program's other main modes of operation.
  • The Menus section acts as a reference for all of the program's functions.
  • The Command Line topic lists the parameters for running the program from the command line.