Graduate Student Ushers

About the Graduate Ushers

For all Men’s Basketball home games, the graduate student section in Cameron Indoor Stadium is supervised by an ushering crew comprised entirely of student volunteers. Organized by the Basketball Committee, and managed by two Head Ushers, Graduate Ushers monitor the Graduate and Professional Student ticket card and walk-up lines outside Cameron, oversee admission of Graduate and Professional Students into Cameron, and maintain order within the graduate student section.

Interested in becoming an Usher?

ALL ushers MUST volunteer a minimum of THREE (3) hours towards Campout

ALL ushers MUST be available for a minimum of 10 games throughout the season


What do ushers do at games?

Ushers fill out availability surveys to sign-up for games and ushering crews are selected for each game by

the Head Ushers based on performance. Ushers are assigned to a variety of jobs both outside and inside

of Cameron pre-game doing everything from wristbanding students for entry to helping fill the graduate section. 

If you have any questions about ushering, please contact the Head Ushers at

2014-2015 Duke Men’s Basketball Season

Graduate Usher Guidelines 

All ushering and student admission policies are directed by Duke University Athletics Game Day Operations. The guidelines for Duke Men’s Basketball Graduate Ushers were written by the Head Ushers in conjunction with Duke Athletics. These guidelines apply for the duration of the 2014-2015 Basketball Season.

For all Duke Men’s Basketball home games, the Graduate Student Section in Cameron Indoor Stadium is supervised by an ushering crew comprised entirely of student volunteers. Ushers organize the Graduate and Professional Student Ticket Card and Walk-Up Lines outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, coordinate admission of Graduate and Professional Students, and maintain order within the Graduate Student Section.

Graduate Ushers are part of the Game Day Staff, representing Duke Basketball, Duke Athletics, and Duke University. Graduate Ushers are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner toward their fellow ushers, Undergraduate and Graduate students, Game Day Staff, and the general public. The expectations for ushers are outlined below in this policy. Ushers who violate these guidelines will face suspension and/or loss of their ushering privileges.


Any current Graduate or Professional Student may volunteer as an usher for the Graduate Student Section. All ushers must be members of the Basketball Committee and volunteer at least 3 hours of service towards making Campout possible. Additionally, all ushers must be available to work at least 10 games during the basketball season.

Head Usher

Requirements, Eligibility, and Selection

The Head Ushers are two (2) experienced ushers who organize the Graduate Ushers and work closely with Duke Athletics Game Day Operations to monitor the Graduate and Professional Student lines and sections at each Men’s Basketball home game. At the request of Duke Athletics, there should always be at least one Head Usher with a minimum one season of Head Usher experience in order to maintain continuity in the ushering system. Once selected, a Head Usher maintains his/her position until graduation or resignation. Under extreme circumstances, a Head Usher can be removed at the direction of Duke Athletics. Selection of a new Head Usher occurs only when there is a vacancy. All active ushers from the immediately preceding season are eligible to apply. The returning Head Usher will select one candidate from the submitted applications. That candidate must then be approved by Duke Athletics. Applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

1)     Ability to serve in the position for at least two (2) full seasons of Duke Men’s Basketball

2)     At least one (1) full year of Graduate Usher experience

3)     Volunteered at Campout

4)     Ability to serve as a Sub-Committee Chair on the Basketball Committee for the duration of the Head Usher tenure

In addition to conducting their Head Usher duties throughout the season, the Head Ushers MUST serve as Sub-Committee Chairs on the Basketball Committee for the duration of their tenure. The Sub-Committee Chair requirement ensures that the Head Ushers are highly involved in making Campout possible.

Game Assignments

Prior to the start of the Duke Men’s Basketball season, all parties interested in ushering, and have met the Eligibility Requirements outlined above, fill out an availability survey in for all Men’s Basketball home games in the fall semester. A similar survey is distributed prior to the spring semester. Ushering crews are selected for each game by the Head Ushers based on availability and previous performance (if applicable). Prior ushering experience is a plus when determining assignments. Not every usher will be assigned to every game that he/she is available to work. The Head Ushers keep track of all assignments and will ensure balance among the entire ushering staff. For each semester, assignments are completed and distributed at least one week prior to the first game of each semester. If an usher’s availability changes prior to game day, and he/she can no longer work, he/she should email the Head Ushers as soon as possible. The Head Ushers will find a replacement. If a situation arises on game day, ushers should contact the Head Ushers immediately. Ushers with repeated unexcused absences from games will lose their ushering privileges. Occasionally, the Head Ushers will be asked to provide an ushering crew to work Women’s Basketball home games. On these occasions, the Head Ushers will email all active ushers with game day information and ask for volunteers.

High-Profile Game Assignments

The Head Ushers will work with the Duke University Athletics game operations staff to determine the “High-Profile” games of the season and outline the student policies for these games, as well as the ushering responsibilities. The Duke Men’s Basketball games against “High-Profile” opponents are very different from other games on the schedule. The student policies for the High-Profile games will be announced on the Head Usher Facebook page, Basketball Committee website, GPSCNews, and emailed to all season ticket-card holders. The games carry extra responsibilities for the ushering crew, both on the actual day of the game as well as the days leading up to the game. Ushers for the “High-Profile” games are selected primarily based on performance throughout the season. Ushers selected to work the “High-Profile” games game will be notified of these special procedures and responsibilities. 

Game Day Duties and Responsibilities

Ushers are to report to games at the specified game call, which is typically two (2) hours prior to scheduled tip-off. At this time, the Head Ushers review ushering assignments and make announcements. If a situation arises that will cause an usher to report after game call, he/she should notify the Head Ushers as soon as possible. Each usher is provided with an usher shirt to identify him/her as an usher while performing game day duties. Ushers are banned from wearing the colors of the opposition. Please wear neutral colors for any game that will test loyalties.

Pre-Game Ushering Duties

Ushers are assigned to specific jobs inside and outside Cameron, each with its own set of responsibilities. Pre-game ushering duties begin with the game call meeting two (2) hours prior to tip-off. Barring a shift from normal operations, student doors open 90 minutes prior to scheduled tip-off. Depending on the game, some ushers may be required to work past tip-off while the last students are entering Cameron. Ushers may not leave their assignments early to go into the stands unless relieved by one of the Head Ushers.

Ushers interact with students and the general public – both outside and inside of Cameron – answering many questions and often providing directions. Ushers are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Any complaint against an usher reflects poorly on the entire Graduate Usher staff, as well as Duke Athletics. Accordingly, the Head Ushers take any and all complaints very seriously. Two complaints against an individual usher will result in suspension of his or her ushering privileges. Ushers who are the subject of three or more complaints will lose their ushering privileges.

Once ushers report at game call, alcohol consumption of any kind is prohibited. Ushers who report to games impaired or drink while performing pre-game duties will not be admitted to the game, and subsequently lose their ushering privileges.

Usher Seating

In both Section 18 and Section 20, sections of the floor and first row of the bleachers are reserved for the Graduate Usher Staff. Room is also reserved for the Head Ushers and Basketball Chairs. Ushers are welcome to sit outside the usher sections; however, ushers may not reserve seats for themselves or others outside the usher section.

Usher Guests

In the Graduate Usher Sections, there is room for a maximum of 18 guests, which is less than 3% of the total seating capacity of the Graduate Student Sections. Guests are NOT guaranteed entry. All usher section guests must enter Cameron via the Ticket Card Line, or subsequently arrive early enough to ensure admittance from the Walk-Up Line. If an usher would like to be considered for a guest, he/she must email the Head Ushers at least 72 hours prior to game day. Guests will be granted based on performance, seniority, and frequency of guest requests.

In-Game Ushering Duties

During the game, Ushers should be prepared to assist the Head Ushers, Game Day Operations, Stadium Ushers, Staff One, etc. should the need arise.

Game Day Line and Admission Policies

Graduate and Professional Student admission to Cameron Indoor Stadium is governed by policies drafted by the Head Ushers in conjunction with Duke Athletics. Ushers are expected to have a working knowledge of all line, admission, and stadium policies and follow all guidelines within (including no bags or purses). Any usher caught sneaking guests into games, or who commits any action in conflict with game day line, admission, or stadium policies, will immediately lose their ushering privileges. 

Illegal Sale of Tickets

Ticket scalping of any kind is against Duke University policy and strictly prohibited. Unauthorized resale of tickets will result in a loss of eligibility from future Basketball Campouts and of ticket purchasing privileges through student lotteries for ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament competitions. Ushers who suspect or observe scalping of Season Ticket Cards should contact the Head Ushers immediately.

Final Note

Bring your A game, be creative, and, of course, be loud. Remember that the ushers are held to a higher standard and are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward fans, players, and officials at all times.