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    Graduate Student Ushers

    Want to be a part of the action all season long? Become a Graduate Student Usher!

    About the Graduate Ushers

    For all Men’s Basketball home games, the graduate student section in Cameron Indoor Stadium is supervised

    by an ushering crew comprised entirely of student volunteers. Organized by the Basketball Committee, and managed by two Head Ushers, Graduate Ushers monitor the Graduate and Professional Student ticket card and walk-up lines outside Cameron, oversee admission of Graduate and Professional Students into Cameron, and maintain order within the graduate student section.

    Interested in becoming an Usher?

    Ushering staff will be comprised of active Basketball Committee members

    Please email dukeheadushers@gmail.com for more information.


    What do ushers do at games?

    Ushers fill out availability surveys to sign-up for games and ushering crews are selected for each game by

    the Head Ushers based on performance. Ushers are assigned to a variety of jobs both outside and inside

    of Cameron pre-game doing everything from wristbanding students for entry to helping fill the graduate section.

    During the game, ushers work in shifts to check tickets and student IDs for entry into the lower bowl of Cameron.

    Ushers are part of the game day staff and are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful

    manner. Reasons for disqualification from ushering include, but are not limited to,

    • Complaints regarding behavior or performance

    • Repeated unexcused absences from games

    • Reporting to games intoxicated or drinking while performing ushering duties

    • Failure to abide by line, admission, and stadium policies

    How do I become Head Usher?

    There is always at least one “seasoned” Head Usher with at least one season of Head Usher experience in

    the pair. When there is a vacancy, interested ushers apply for the position. In order to be eligible, a candidate

    must have at least one full season of ushering experience. The returning Head Usher selects a candidate who

    is then approved by Duke Athletics before being subject to approval by the GPSC Basketball Committee.

    If you have any questions about ushering, please contact our Head Ushers at dukeheadushers@gmail.com