Season Ticket Policies

Purchasing Season Ticket Cards at Campout

Those students who make it through Campout and are selected by the lottery process will have the opportunity to purchase season ticket cards for $300.00. Immediately following the announcement of lottery winners, ticket cards will go on sale at the entrance to Wallace Wade nearest the Finch-Yeager Building.

In order to purchase a ticket you will need your Duke ID and another form of ID. Tickets can be purchased with either a check made out to D.U.A.A., Cash, Major Credit Card or using your Duke FLEX account. There will be representatives from the DukeCard office present to help you set up or add money to your FLEX account.  For more information about FLEX or to open a FLEX account go to .

Any student unable to purchase tickets on Sunday morning (usually these students have exemptions that include the end of Campout) must designate a proxy to purchase tickets for them. The proxy policy is found in the 2015 Campout Policy.

All students who purchase season ticket cards will sign a ticket card agreement that outlines the policy for ticket card use. Students who fail to abide by the ticket card agreement will have their cards deactivated. No refunds are given for deactivated ticket cards.

Using Season Ticket Cards at Men's Basketball Home Games

A ticket card can only be used by a current Duke graduate student/spouse/partner and must be presented with a valid Duke ID. Lack of a valid Duke ID will be reason for the ticket cardholder to be denied entry into Cameron.

Season ticket cards are transferable to any other Duke graduate or professional student (including spouses/partners with a Spouse/Partner ID) for admission to Men’s Basketball home games. The per-game face value of a season ticket card can be determined by dividing the cost of the season ticket card by the number of home games on the schedule, including preseason exhibitions. Ticket scalping of any kind is against Duke University policy. Unauthorized resale of a season ticket card will result in deactivation of the season ticket card, potential disciplinary action from the seller’s graduate or professional school, loss of eligibility from all future Campouts, and loss of ticket purchasing privileges through student lotteries for ACC and NCAA Tournament competition.

If you do not have a season ticket card, you can still gain admission to many games via the walk-up line. Through the walk-up line, students/spouses must present a valid Duke ID or Spouse/Partner ID for admission to Cameron. Admission from the walk-up is space-permitting and it is not guaranteed to any student. The Graduate Ushers will admit as many students as possible until the section reaches capacity. Students were admitted from the walk-up line to every game last season and the entire line was admitted at many games.

Season ticket cards guarantee admission to Cameron Indoor Stadium up to 20 minutes before tip-off. At that point, space-permitting, the walk-up line is admitted to Cameron. Students with ticket cards arriving late may still gain admission but will be directed to the back of the late-ticket card line and their ticket card no longer guarantees admission. Graduate Ushers will admit students from the walk-up line and late-ticket card line on an alternating basis until the section reaches capacity. Please be advised that a rush of people arriving less than 20 minutes prior to tip-off will cause students miss tip-off so arrive early. The doors to the Graduate Section will be closed no later than 10 minutes after tip-off. Once the doors to the Graduate Student entrance are closed, there will be no additional students admitted into Cameron. 

If you have any questions about season ticket cards, e-mail or Ushering Procedures, e-mail