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Basketball Campout 2014 RV Policy

RV/Rental Truck Policy for Campout 2014

Campout 2014 will be more crowded as compared to years past; we ask that students keep this in mind when considering renting an RV/rental truck for use at Campout.

The policy for RVs/rental trucks during Campout 2014 is as follows:

  1. RV Lots: RVs will be parked in the Blue Zone Lot 7 ONLY. A MAXIMUM of 50 RVs will be allowed to park in Lot 7.

  2. RV Specifications: Only those vehicles used as sleeping quarters (RVs and rental trucks) will be allowed to park in the Blue Zone. Passenger vehicles (i.e. SUVs, pickups, mini-vans, etc.) and Trailers (i.e. camping trailers, cargo trailers, etc.) are not permitted at Campout 2014 and cannot be used as sleeping quarters. All RVs and rental trucks must be under their own power and be able to be moved upon request.

  3. RV Size: Vehicles must be no longer than 24 feet (bumper to bumper, this does not correspond to truck bed size).  Campout will be crowded this year, so this size limit will be strictly enforced and RV Groups are encouraged to select the smallest RV possible. RVs will be asked to pull into a previously measured space upon arrival to the campsite. If an RV is longer than these markings it will be denied entry into the parking lot.

  4. RV Registration: In order to obtain a parking spot, each group must select an “RV Captain” who will register as such during on-line RV registration prior to Campout registration.

    1. There will be a maximum of 50 RVs allowed at Campout 2014.

    2. RV Registration will begin at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 and close at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. Registration will occur online at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball. Only 1 person per RV/Rental truck will be allowed to register that RV/Rental truck vehicle AND the reservation/rental agreement MUST be in the RV Captain’s name.

    3. Each RV Captain must list the names and Duke Unique ID’s of all campers who will be sleeping in their RV during RV registration. This is to prevent an unnecessary lottery as a result of duplicate registrations. Multiple registrations from the same group will disqualify the RV from parking privileges.

    4. In the event that more than 50 RVs register, a random drawing will determine which RVs will be able to park; additional RVs will be placed on a waitlist.

    5. RV Registration DOES NOT constitute registration for Campout 2014.  All RV captains must ALSO register for Campout to be eligible to have an RV. If a lottery is run, winning RV Captains will be notified by 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

  1. RV Captain Responsibilities: Responsibilities of the RV Captain include, but are not limited to, the following:

      1. Attending the RV Captains meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, at 7:00 pm in Physics 130, during which the order of entry into the parking lots during the RV Rodeo will be determined by a random drawing.

      2. Maintaining cleanliness and general order in the area around one’s RV.

      3. Ensuring that noise levels adhere to the City of Durham Noise Ordinance (no amplified sound after 11pm nightly) and Campout Quiet Hours.

      4. Designating a sober individual capable of moving the RV at ANY TIME in case of an emergency.

      5. Removing the RV promptly and safely at the completion of Campout 2014.

  2. The following information MUST be emailed to (RV.Campout2014@gmail.com) by Monday, September 22, 2014 at 5:00 PM.

      1. A phone number for the RV Captain where they can be reached in case of an emergency during Campout.

      2. The size of the RV/rental truck and a copy of the reservation or rental agreement confirming the size of the vehicle. The reservation/rental agreement MUST BE IN THE NAME OF THE RV CAPTAIN.

      3. The name of the RV Captain that you would prefer to be in close proximity (i.e. linked) to. There is a 2 RV limit to linking. The Campout Committee will do their best to make these accommodations, however they are not guaranteed.

      4. If your RV will be bringing sound equipment or hosting a DJ during any portion of Campout.

  3. To enter the RV Rodeo: Each RV must have the time-pass assigned at the RV Captains Meeting and must bring at least one broom and dustpan, 40 trash bags, and at least 10 gallons of non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. water or sports drinks).  Each RV will be inspected and asked to open their tailgate upon arrival to the Campout site, and any RV that does not conform to this policy and the Campout 2014 policy will not be permitted to park.  In particular, kegs and other communal sources of alcoholic beverages are forbidden.

  4. RV Parking: RV parking locations will be determined during the RV Rodeo by designated members of the Campout Committee. RVs must arrive during the time slot assigned at the RV Captains Meeting to be guaranteed a parking spot.  Moving an RV once it has been parked is prohibited unless requested by Duke Police or members of the Campout Committee to accommodate an emergency situation.

  5. Sponsorship: RVs and rental trucks may have sponsorships so long as no advertising banners or large marquees are displayed.

  6. Generators: Due to space constraints, generators WILL NOT be allowed at Campout 2014.

  7. DJs and Sound Equipment: DJ’s and sound equipment are permitted at Campout. You must notify the Campout Committee if you are planning on hosting a DJ or bringing sound equipment at the time of RV registration.

  8. Recreational Activity Rentals: Recreational Activity rentals are ONLY permitted at Campout 2014 with the express approval of the Campout Committee Chairs, as described in the 2014 Campout Policy.  Please see the Campout Policy for more details.

  9. Courtesy Hours: All RVs must adhere to the City of Durham Noise Ordinance by maintaining a respectful noise level after 11 pm. This means no amplified sound can be used after 11pm.

  10. Quiet Hours: All RVs must adhere to Campout quiet hours from 2 am – 8 am Saturday, September 27, 2014 and Sunday, September 28, 2014.

  11. Dismissal from Campout: As stated in the 2014 Campout Policy, “failure to adhere to ANY of these rules or follow the directions of designated GPSC Basketball Committee representatives will result in your dismissal from Campout 2014 and ineligibility in the lottery.” This includes the RV Policies described herein.

***Additionally, those staying in RVs are reminded that excessive alcohol consumption that threatens the safety of the student or others will result in removal from Campout 2014, and possible university disciplinary action.  Having RVs at Campout is a privilege, not a right. This privilege may be revoked in future years if RV members are not respectful of other students, the 2014 Campout and RV Policies, and the greater Duke University Student Conduct A-Z Policies.

Questions: Please direct all questions concerning RVs/rental trucks to RV.Campout2014@gmail.com. Please send all general questions concerning Campout to bball.cmte@gmail.com.