Campout Lottery Process

Before Campout:
  1. The Lottery Committee verifies the number of lottery chances entered by each camper for all eligible, registered campers (both attending and non-attending). We do so by cross-referencing results from previous Campout lotteries.
  2. The secondary lottery for non-attending campers will be conducted prior to Campout. The results will be sent out to all non-attending campers no later than midnight the Thursday before Campout. Instructions on ticket purchase, pick up, locations, proxy policy and ticket card contract will be included in this email. The email provided during registration will be used to contact non-attending campers.
After the last check:
  1. Campers failing to retain their starting lottery entries (equal to not making 80% of total checks called) are noted in the database and will be excluded from the primary lottery.
  2. Random numbers are generated for each entry in the lottery. For example, a camper with 3 lottery chances is assigned 3 random numbers.
  3. Each camper in the primary lottery is RANKED according to his or her lowest lottery number. RANKS range from 1 (the best) to N (the worst), where N is the total number of campers successfully completing Campout.
After the Campout area is clean:
  1. The opportunity to buy a season ticket card is awarded to campers with the lowest RANKS. For example, if there are 725 season ticket cards available in the lottery, campers with RANKS 1-725 will win the opportunity to buy season ticket cards. Campers with RANKS 725-N will be placed on the Alternate List. Campers following outside of the Alternate List will hope for better luck next year.