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    Campout 2013

    Attending Men's Basketball Games

    Graduate students form an integral part of the Cameron Crazies, the best student section in all of college basketball.  The 2012-2013 season has the potential to be another amazing year so make sure you come out to Cameron Indoor Stadium and see a game!

    Before you make your way over to Cameron Indoor Stadium, there are a few things you need to know.
    • Everyone must have a valid Duke ID or Spouse/Partner Card to enter Cameron Indoor Stadium. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students and spouses/partners without a valid Duke ID will be denied entry. Students and spouses/partners should go to the DukeCard Office to obtain a valid Duke ID before coming to Cameron Indoor Stadium.
    • There are two lines for the graduate student section – a line for season ticket card holders and a walk-up line for students who do not have season ticket cards. All students are in line as individuals and may not save spots for others. Any line that exists before Graduate Ushers report on game day is self-regulated.

    Season Ticket Card Line: A season ticket card (distributed at Campout 2013 in September) can only be used by a current Duke graduate student or graduate student spouse/partner. All ticket cards must be presented with a valid Duke ID. Ticket card holders without a Duke ID will be denied entry. A season ticket card does not guarantee an unobstructed view of the court.

    Walk-Up Line: Students without season ticket cards can still gain admission to many games via the walk-up line. Students and spouses/partners in the walk-up line must present a valid Duke ID or Spouse/Partner ID for admission. Admission from the walk-up is space-permitting and not guaranteed to any student. Groups may be split-up due to space constraints.

    • ARRIVE EARLY!!!! Season ticket cards guarantee entry up to 20 minutes prior to scheduled tip-off. This is a change from previous seasons! Season ticket card holders arriving after 20 minutes prior to tip-off will be directed to form a late-arriving ticket card line and their ticket cards no longer guarantee admission. At this time, Graduate Ushers will admit students from the walk-up line and late-arriving ticket card line on an alternating basis until the section reaches capacity. Groups may be split-up depending on space availability.
    • Once the doors to the graduate student section are closed, no additional students will be admitted to Cameron Indoor Stadium. NO EXCEPTIONS. Doors will be closed at the direction of the fire marshal and no later than 10 minutes after scheduled tip-off.  This time is determine by the game clock.
    • All students in the ticket card and walk-up lines will be wrist-banded prior to entry. Receiving a wristband in line does not guarantee admission. Season ticket card holders will be wrist-banded based on what side of the court they choose/are directed to stand on. The walk-up line will be wrist-banded separately in numerical order beginning when Graduate Ushers report on game day. Wristbands must be worn for the entire game. Students without proper wristbands will not be allowed in the graduate student section. All students entering after 20 minutes prior to tip-off will be directed where to stand based on space availability.
      • Sections highlighted in Orange represent the location of the two graduate student seating areas.

      • Students in Sections 19/20 (Duke Bench side) will swipe in and access their seats by entering the inner doors on either side of the South Lobby. Students in Section 18 (Duke Pep Band side) will swipe in, go upstairs, walk the concourse to the staircase between Sections 9 and 10, and come downstairs to access Section 18 from the North Lobby.
    • NO BAGS OR UMBRELLAS of any kind are allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium. This includes PURSES, backpacks, duffel bags, messenger bags, camera bags, drawstring bags, etc. This rule comes from Duke University Athletics and applies to both the undergraduate and graduate student sections. These items present numerous safety and security hazards in the section. Students with bags of any kind will not be wrist-banded and will be denied entry. There is no place to store bags in Cameron Indoor Stadium so please leave all items in labs, offices, cars, etc. As a general guideline - if it can’t fit in a pants pocket, don’t bring it to a game.
    • No children are allowed in the graduate student section. Due to concerns for the safety of children in the raucous environment of the student sections, Duke University Athletics has prohibited children from being in the graduate student section. Graduate students with children will be turned away at the door.
    Certain games during the season may be set aside as “family games” for graduate students to attend games with their children. These are special events and will be specifically announced via emails from the GPSC Basketball Committee, weekly GPSCNews emails, and posted on the GPSC Basketball Committee Website.
    • There is absolutely NO RE-ENTRY into Cameron Indoor Stadium. No Exceptions.
    • Seating for Persons with Disabilities (Duke University Graduate Students) – A limited number of accessible seats are available in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  All special accommodations for accessible seating for Duke University Graduate Students must be made in advance of game day by contacting the Duke Disability Management Office at 919-668-6213 Special accommodations will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis prior to game day.  No special accommodations or ticket exchanges will be allowed on game day.  Reservations for accessible seating for students will end at 4:00 PM three (3) days prior to game day.
    • It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol into Cameron Indoor Stadium. Students violating this policy are subject to ejection. In addition, students deemed too intoxicated to safely stand in the graduate student section will be denied entry to or ejected from Cameron Indoor Stadium.
    • No outside food or drinks are allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.
    • No smoking is allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.
    • Ticket scalping of any kind is against Duke University policy and is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized resale of tickets will result in immediate deactivation of the season ticket card, potential disciplinary action from the seller's graduate or professional school, loss of eligibility from all future Campouts, and loss of ticket purchasing privileges through student lotteries for ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament competition. Season ticket cards are non-transferable. The original winner of the season ticket card at Campout 2012 will be held accountable for any violation of this policy.
    • Duke Athletics expects all guests to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times before, during and after the game. We expect all guests to treat other guests, players, coaches and officials with courtesy. Please join us in creating a fun, safe, family atmosphere at Cameron Indoor Stadium by not:
      • Interfering with other guests’ ability to enjoy the game
      • Using/displaying foul or abusive language or gestures
      • Failing to produce a ticket upon request or sitting in a seat that does not match your ticket
      • Entering the playing field or restricted access areas
      • Throwing objects within the stadium
      • Otherwise being disorderly

    Fans should contact a stadium staff member if they feel someone is not acting appropriately. Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest. Repeated offenses will result in the loss of student ticket privileges.

    • If you need help while at a game:
      • Contact the nearest staff member
      • Text “DUKE” <space> issue and location to 69050
      • Call the Operations Center at 919.668.5777
    • Failure to abide by these guidelines, instructions of the Graduate Ushers, or instructions of any game day official (including stadium security, the fire marshals, and Duke and Durham Police) can result in denied entry into or ejection from Cameron Indoor Stadium.

    Please direct any questions or concerns regarding graduate seating and game day policies to the Head Ushers at dukeheadushers@gmail.com.