Non-Attending Campers and Absence from Campout

You no longer need to fill out an Exemption Application if you will miss any duration of time at Campout.
Although there is no exemptions application, You still MUST REGISTER for Campout if you wish to be eligible for the season ticket lottery.

If you will be missing more than 5 hours of Campout 2016, you SHOULD register as a NON-ATTENDING CAMPER.

Registered Non-attending Campers will be eligible for the Secondary Lottery, which is comprised of ONLY non-attending campers. It will take place prior to the start of Campout 2016 and you will be notified of the results via the email used during registration. Please review the Campout Policy for additional details.

Non-attending campers CANNOT enter both lotteries. Non-attending campers will NOT be given a Campout barcoded wristband, but may pick up a Campout 2016 t-shirt at Rolling Check In (the only available time). Non-attending campers may still come and enjoy Campout with your fellow Graduate and Professional Students!!!

Following Campout 2016 Registration, switching between categories is allowed, prior to Monday, September 12th at 5 PM. by contacting the Registration Chairs. Please provide them with your name, Duke Card #, Unique ID # and which category you are switching into. 

Switching from Attending to Non-attending status will fall under the 'Emergency Exemption' category if the switch is requested after Monday, September 12th at 5 PM. Please email the Exemption chair with a description of your situation in as much detail as possible. Please describe how this event was "beyond your ability to control or plan for" and provide any supporting documentation you may have. This decision is at the discretion of the Exemptions, Registration and Co-Chair collective. All Medical information will be handled by a representative of Duke Student Health and they will provide a decision.

Exemption Committee,
Aug 24, 2015, 4:13 PM