Campout Entertainment

Why should I attend Campout 2016?
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When: Friday September 16th - Sunday September 18th, 2016
Where: Blue Zone parking lots, Wannamaker Drive
Why: Participate in Campout to build Duke Team Spirit, meet fellow Grad and Professional Students, and get a chance to win a season ticket to Duke Men's Basketball 

Complete Campout, win a Ticket, and use a your season ticket with your Duke Student ID to attend Men's Basketball games!

Register for Campout and receive a Campout 2016 T-Shirt!

1. Set up your camp for the next 36 hours!

2. Choose Tentville Lot or..

3. Register your group of Campers for the RV lottery 
(see Official Campout Website for rules)

4. Friday night DJ until 11 PM!


6. Saturday morning breakfast, sponsored by GPSC

7. Saturday morning, sign up for community service with your fellow Campers! 
Extra time following community service can be used for a shower and a nap!

8. Saturday morning, two opportunities for 1-hour Yoga Sessions

9. Saturday afternoon, sign up for study time on the hour

10. Saturday afternoon, Campout Carnival 
A family friendly event featuring lawn games, prizes, and activities! Campers are welcome to invite their family members, 10 AM - 4 PM on Krzyzewskiville Lawn.

11. For example, a science activity from volunteer Duke graduate students :)

12. Campout Cornhole Competition 

13. Saturday, a surprise visit from ??

14. Saturday, hear from this year's team??

15. Listen up as our favorite Coach imparts words of wisdom!

16. Saturday afternoon, Campout Crafts!

17. Foster your Duke School Spirit!!

18. Saturday afternoon, card-making for Duke Hospital

19. Saturday afternoon, grab your free shirt from Campouts past and..

20. Reverse Tie Dye!!
Now that's the right shade of blue ;)

21. Saturday night, karaoke and DJ dance party until 11 PM!

22. Join in Campout, contribute the Duke Community, and be a part of our next NCAA Championship! Let's Go Duke!!!!!

Duke Basketball Co-Chairs,
Sep 16, 2014, 2:01 PM