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    Campout Community Service


    Campers still interested in community service will need to check at the Main Tent Friday night to see if anything opens up. 

    Campers will fill open spots on a first come, first served basis.

    Community Service Policy for Campout 2013

    Please keep in mind that participation in the Community Service Event on the Saturday morning of Campout 2013 is a privilege, not a right. This policy governs all scheduled Community Service events. Questions can be directed to the Community Service Co-Chairs or the Basketball Chair.

    Registration for Community Service Events

    Students that have registered for Campout may register to participate in the designated community service events set up by the Community Service Chair from Friday, August 23, 2013 at 9:00 am to Friday, August 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm online.

    Students that were unable to register for Community Service during the online registration period may sign up by e-mailing bball.cmte.cs@gmail.com prior to Campout, or sign-up on the alternate list after Campout has begun.

    Students who sign up after registration has ended on Friday, August 30 will be assigned a project on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The Community Service Sub-Committee Chair will have sites and descriptions of the projects on the Men’s Basketball Campout Committee Website one week prior to registration. Any questions regarding the Community Service Projects or other Community Service matters can be directed to bball.cmte.cs@gmail.com.

    Participation in Community Service and Random Attendance Checks

    Students that are participating in Community Service will meet Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 7:30 am. Projects will be completed from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    A Project Leader will be assigned to each project and will call random checks to ensure that each student is present and participating in the project and give wristbands to all participants completing the Community Service Event.

    Students must participate fully in the project to receive credit for Community Service participation. Remember that during these projects, the volunteers are representing Duke University and that their actions reflect upon Duke.  The volunteers must perform the required tasks of their project in a relatively sober state.  Volunteer drivers must be completely sober on Saturday morning.

    Failure to participate in the project or to make one of these random checks will result in the participant’s removal from Community Service participation. Students must return by 2:00 pm with all appropriate IDs and wristband given at the completion of the Community Service project. Failure to make the next Campout check called after students return from Community Service will result in the loss of credit for all checks conducted at Campout during Community Service. This will result in disqualification from the ticket lottery.

    Community Service Projects for Campout 2013

    Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina: Activity: At our organization, we receive food donations from farmers, business or school food drives, families, and local donors like Food Lion and Walmart. The product we receive is varied, so the projects our volunteers complete could range from sorting sweet potatoes to labeling Capri Sun packets.

    Veterans Helping Veterans of America, Inc.: Activity: General House cleaning, yard work, and cleaning out the garage.

    penniesforCHANGE Thrift Boutique (a program of the Durham Crisis Response Center): Activity: Project Tidy will include washing (hose & brush) the front of store, including a small amount of siding and large windows, pulling weeds from any front and side area, picking up trash, and potentially weed-wacking side of parking lot (if anyone has one they could use). Inside: Windexing all shelving, displays, racks and mirrors.

    Student Association of Wetland Scientists / Duke University Wetland Center: Activity: The Duke University Wetland Center has been working on restoration of Sandy Creek and its associated wetlands so that these ecosystems can effectively cleanse runoff coming from Duke's campus before it enters New Hope Creek. Part of restoring the wetlands to their "natural state" involves planting of appropriate native plant species. Volunteers will be assisting researchers by digging holes, handling saplings, and replacing topsoil near the exercise loop of the Al Buehler Trail. Secondary project: Some of the flow control structures in the research areas of the wetlands have been filled with sediment which needs removal so that hydrologic flow rates can be accurately quantified. A secondary project will be sediment removal with buckets and shovels as part of required maintenance for the SWAMP.

    AnimalKind: Activity: Volunteers will be distributing and posting informational flyers about THE $20 FIX program and the SpayNC Helpline in specific areas of Durham County to get the word out to residents. Students will work in pairs and will need their own transportation to the specified locations in Durham.

    Shodor Education Foundation: Activity: Shodor is a national resource for computational science. Recently, we have converted all of our interactive educational tools to be compatible on mobile platforms. Volunteers will be helping test all the applets for glitches and errors. They will be going through the applets on different browsers and devices. Volunteers are welcome to bring their own devices, if they wish.

    DIISP: Activity: For the time during which you are required to volunteer, you will complete a variety of social and behavioral psychological questionnaires.

    Welcome Baby: Activity: We will be switching children's clothes from summer to winter in our Giving Closet and sorting room. This will mean we need people to bring clothes in bins up from the basement and/or other locations in our building and hang them according to sizes and gender on provided racks in the two areas. We would especially like to have the Giving closet filled with Winter clothes when the project is completed.

    Club Blvd. Garden Club: Activity: This is the first workday for the Club Blvd. Garden Club. We will be planting perennials, putting together raised beds, spreading mulch/pine straw, picking up debris, and policing the area for trash.

    Eno River Association: Activity: Rare plant enhancement activities, including the clearing of invasive plant species and other vegetation that are preventing the growth of a number of rare/endangered species.

    Habitat for Humanity of Durham: Activity: Students will help build a new decent, affordable home in Durham. Construction tasks may include framing, siding, painting, etc. Students should wear closed toed shoes and bring a refillable water bottle. No construction experience is required - just a good attitude!

    Ronald McDonald House of Durham: Activity: Cleaning the common areas of the House.

    Central Park School for Children: Activity: Spreading mulch on playground. Sanding wood blocks and possibly painting them if time allows.

    Sarah P. Duke Gardens: ActivityThis will be a gardening related project, mulching, weeding, etc. Please wear appropriate clothing! NO OPEN-TOE SHOES, NO FLIP FLOPS, NO SANDALS... LONG PANTS PREFERRED. All tools and safety items, gloves, glasses, etc. will be provided. Water will be provided. Thanks

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