Campout Community Service


Community Service Registration is CLOSED. Listen for an announcement Friday night after the first check for the last chance to sign up!

If you have already registered, you will be contacted early next week by your project leader with more information!

Community Service Policy for Campout 2014

Please keep in mind that participation in the Community Service Event on the Saturday morning of Campout 2014 is a privilege, not a right. This policy governs all scheduled Community Service events. Questions can be directed to the Community Service Chairs or the Basketball Co-Chairs.

Registration for Community Service Events

Students that have registered for Campout may register to participate in the designated community service events set up by the Community Service Chair from Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at 9:00 am to Wednesday, September 17, 2014, at 5:00 pm online here. (This is the same link found in your registration confirmation.)

Students that did not register for Community Service during the online registration period may sign up by e-mailing prior to September 24, 2014, or sign-up on the alternate list after Campout has begun. Students who sign up after registration has ended on Wednesday, September 17, will be assigned a project on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Community Service Sub-Committee Chair will have sites and descriptions of the projects on the Men’s Basketball Campout Committee Website one week prior to registration. Any questions regarding the Community Service Projects or other Community Service matters can be directed to

Participation in Community Service and Random Attendance Checks

Students that are participating in Community Service will meet Saturday, September 27, 2014, at 7:30 am. Projects will be completed from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, unless otherwise instructed.

A Project Leader will be assigned to each project and will call random checks to ensure that each student is present and participating in the project and give wristbands to all participants completing the Community Service Event. Students must participate fully in the project to receive credit for Community Service participation. Remember that during these projects, the volunteers are representing Duke University and that their actions reflect upon Duke.  The volunteers must perform the required tasks of their project in a relatively sober state.  Volunteer drivers must be completely sober on Saturday morning. Failure to participate in the project or to make one of these random checks will result in the participant’s removal from Community Service participation and disqualification from the ticket lottery.

Students must return by 2:00 pm with all appropriate IDs and wristband given at the completion of the Community Service project. Failure to make the next Campout check called after students return from Community Service will result in the loss of credit for all checks conducted at Campout during Community Service. This will result in disqualification from the ticket lottery.

Project Descriptions

NC Pride Run: The NC Pride 5K Run draws serious runners, walkers and supporters of LGBTQ community from throughout the state. Categories for the run will be Open Male, Open Female, and Masters (over 40) for both Male and Female. Volunteers will assist in the set up, maintenance, and break down of the event.  Bring a mug if you drink coffee.

Eno River Association:
We will meet at the Hebron Road Plant Conservation Preserve that is owned and managed by the NC Plant Conservation Program (NCPCP). The Eno River Association is partnering with the North Carolina Plant Conservation Program on this workday. Rob Evans from NCPCP will be leading the workday. The Eno River Association has helped NCPCP protect approximately 300 acres of rare plant habitat in the lower Eno basin, with this site being one of them. Since these properties have been protected, we have partnered with the NCPCP to manage the properties. They bring the expertise and we bring out volunteer groups to help. This workday will focus on rare plant enhancement activities on this Preserve including the removal of Chinese privet, an invasive exotic shrub from China. There isn’t a designated parking area; just park your cars on the north side of Hebron Road in the very wide shoulder. Look for one or two of the State’s white pick-ups on the side of the road and park there. We will supply the tools, so all you really need to bring is yourselves. If you have work gloves that you like, bring those. However if you don’t have any, we will have some as well. Be prepared for outdoor work, meaning insects, thorns, potentially poison ivy. Long pants are strongly encouraged and close toed shoes are required. Anyone wearing sandals won’t be allowed to work.

AnimalKind: Please join AnimalKind as we post flyers in local businesses in Durham! Volunteers will meet in the Petco parking lot at South Square in Durham and divide into groups of 2 or 3. Each small group will be assigned a certain area of Durham to conduct their outreach. AnimalKind provides a low-cost spay/neuter program called THE $20 FIX for low-income residents of Durham County, as well as a free referral service for reduced-cost spay/neuter throughout NC. Our mission is ending the unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs in NC shelters by helping low-come families prevent unwanted pet litters, thereby reducing the number of animals in our shelters. Please feel free to bring your own water and snacks. AnimalKind will have small bottled water available as well. Good walking shoes are a must! Event will go on rain or shine so please wear appropriate attire. Each small group will need a car and a gps or smart phone for directions.

Club Blvd Garden Club: We will be spreading mulch other landscape chores in support of the Garden Club's efforts to beautify the school. Please wear work clothes and shoes. Please bring water and dress for the weather. We will have tools.

Crayons2Calculators: Elementary Teacher Giveaway Event - approximately 75 teachers from 6 high-need elementary schools will "shop" at our warehouse store for 100 points ($100-200 worth) of free school supplies. Volunteers will help teachers tally-up and bag/box their supplies at check-out, assist with restocking shelves, and processing supply donations. Dress is casual and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Durham Big Sweep: Big Sweep clean-up of Duke University’s Stream and Wetland Assessment Management Park (SWAMP). SWAMP is a multi-acre watershed restoration project that the Al Buehler Cross Country Trail passes through. Multiple trails and waterways cross the Park and are in need of trash clean-up.

Sandy Creek Park: Volunteers will spread mulch in newly created planting beds in City park with environmentally diverse areas including creek, wetlands, and upland forest. In addition to walking trails, the Park showcases volunteer-built bridge and observation deck over creek, wildlife blind, and swing with panoramic view of park. Volunteers who helped build these amenities were largely from Duke University.

NEEM Urban Farm: Work would be on the 11 acre NEEM farm with a variety of tasks. I would wear long sleeve shirt and bots or running shoes, no flip flops. We will have bottled water but we recommend they bring some as well.


UNC-TV: We will provide bottle water and snacks, equipment being used, Rakes, water hoses, etc. Please encourage them to dress comfortably. All activities will be outdoors. The volunteers will be working on our grounds doing various tasks like mulching, pulling weeds, washing cars, etc. We will come up with a back up plan if the weather is bad. (The volunteers may be asked to clean garden equipment, vacuum state cars inside a garage or place labels on books.)

Ronald McDonald House: Cleaning the common areas of the House.


Welcome Baby: Volunteers will be working in the Welcome Baby Family Resource Center’s Giving Closet and sorting room. Tasks will include: hanging donated clothes and placing them on clothes racks; exchanging seasonal clothes (summer for winter) from storage bins to hangers for placement on clothing racks, and restocking the Giving Closet in preparation for clients to shop.


Teaming for Technology: Volunteers will refurbish computers donated by caring businesses and individuals for schools, nonprofits, teachers and students. Closed toed shoes are required, all the supplies and instruction will be provided. Tech savviness is not required. We can provide access to showers across the street at our main location.  We also provide snacks, beverages including coffee for everyone.


Shodor Education Foundation: Volunteers will be organizing and taking inventory of teaching materials and hardware in storage cabinets and closet. Volunteers do not need anything prior to coming. Close toed shoes are recommended but not required.


Student Association of Wetland Scientists: The Duke University Wetland Center has been working on restoration of Sandy Creek and its associated wetlands so that these ecosystems can effectively cleanse runoff coming from Duke's campus before it enters New Hope Creek.  Given that SWAMP drains an urbanized landscape it receives a large volume of buoyant human artifacts (i.e. “trash”).  This project serves a dual purpose of beautifying a “natural” campus resource and generating data set of human debris accumulation in an urban restored stream and wetland complex. Volunteers will be assisting DUWC/SAWS researchers and the larger Duke community by collecting and weighing trash sound at the site, recording trash information on a data sheet, and documenting items using camera phones.  The majority of the cleanup will take place near the exercise loop of the Al Buehler Trail.

Duke Campus Farms: The Duke Campus Farm (DCF) is a one-acre fruit and vegetable operation dedicated to producing sustainable food and educating our community around all things food-related. Started in 2010, DCF has expanded its production and educational programs to include community workshops, academic class projects, a Community-Supported Agriculture program, and more. Learn about our work at our website. Basketball Campout volunteers will help farm staff prep new beds for planting; mulch new paths to prevent weed growth; and perform other site maintenance as needed. Please wear close-toed shoes and bring a water bottle. We look forward to seeing you!

SEEDS: On September 27, we are having a party in the Garden at 10 am and would love to have extra hands to prepare for that event. The group you would send to us will be helping to spread the word to the community about the party as well as preparing for the party itself (arranging flowers, setting up, etc). Closed toed shoes, wear sunscreen/hats/sunglasses, parking is best along Elizabeth St. with the garden to the immediate right, enter through the front gate.


Veterans Helping Veteran of America: Annual fall cleaning out of the resource center for Veterans Helping Veterans of America. Duke Athletics, SAP, and NTT DATA have teamed up to develop a new analytics site for designed to increase fan engagement with Duke Men’s Basketball data. As part of this multi-year project, our team is offering an opportunity for fans to participate in the development of this tool, with the goal of building a product that is truly “By Duke, For Duke”. During the morning of Campout, a select group of passionate Duke fans will have an opportunity to Beta test this product a full month before it goes live to the world, and to provide direct feedback to the development team as to what enhancements/changes they’d like to see us build in going forward.


penniesforCHANGE: Tell the students that the store is owned and operated by the Durham Crisis Response Center the provider of programs and services for victims of domestic and sexual assault. All store proceeds help fund these services. Especially in light of all the focus of college campus on combating sexual assault on campus, I would love to see an eager group of Duke students "investing: their time here where our work might help carry our message back to the campus. Description of likely tasks: Tagging and steaming clothes, light outdoor cleaning, trimming, taking salvage to our trailer, indoor cleaning  (vacuuming & dusting), also possibly working to help insulate a room (much easier than it sounds) it will be stuffing wool into cracks  between the wall and the ceiling. We may have other projects as we get closer to the time.


Durham Center for Senior Living: Weeding areas of the parking lot as well as weeding a very large overgrow garden.


Oak Church: This project will involve helping to till soil, build and install raised beds for a community garden and other landscaping improvements in the Lakewood neighborhood at Oak Church (at the location of former Lakewood Baptist Church). It will involve a moderate amount of physical labor, so we recommend wearing closed toe shoes and bringing a water bottle. You can park on Bivins St, west of Chapel Hill Road.

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