Campout T-Shirt

Every year students design the Campout T-Shirt, which becomes the shirt that unites Graduate and Professional students in Cameron Indoor Stadium. You do not need any artistic abilities or design skills to help create the shirt for Campout 2013. E-mail any ideas, whether they be general ideas, concepts, or full developed designs to the Campout Co-Chairs. For inspiration the history of the Campout T-Shirt is cataloged below.

Every Shirt from 2001-2010

        2001:  Mastercard Parody                                 2002:  Honoring James Naismith

        2003:  The Intimidation of Cameron                 2004: Honoring 100 years of Duke Basketball  

         2005:  Amex Commercial Tribute                        2006:  Highlighting Campout Experience

     2007:  James Bond Tribute                                  2008:  Honoring USA Basketball

         2009:  Cameron Crazies through Time            2010: Honoring our 4th National Championship