2015 Basketball Committee Policy

2015 Basketball Committee Policy

This policy will guide the 2015-2016 Basketball Committee (hereinafter “the Committee”) and will govern Campout 2015 and all of its participants. In accordance with Article XI, paragraph B of the GPSC By-laws, this policy was drafted by the Committee on April 15, 2015 and was approved by the GPSC General Assembly on April 15, 2015. Changes may be made to this policy before the date of Campout at any full meeting of the GPSC General Assembly according to Article IV, paragraph C of the GPSC By-laws.  The Committee and the GPSC General Assembly must be notified of proposed changes one week in advance of the vote. This policy is effective for Campout 2015 and no policies outlined herein guarantee privileges for subsequent Campouts.

Date of Campout: October 9-11, 2015

Location of Campout:  Lots B5 and B7 in the Blue Zone on Wannamaker Drive.

These policies will govern Campout no matter when or where it is held.

 2015 Campout Policy

1.       Ticket cards are one form of admission to men’s basketball games. All individuals who use a ticket card must adhere to the 2015 ticket card policy, which can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/


2.       Eligibility: Only full-time Duke University graduate and professional students as defined by the Duke University Registrar or Duke University graduate and professional students who have paid student activity fees as of September 4, 2015 by 5:00 PM, (hereinafter “students”) are eligible to participate in Campout and the ticket card lottery.


3.       Registration: All students (as defined in Paragraph 2), including students who have applied for or have already received exemptions, wishing to have the opportunity to purchase men’s basketball season ticket cards must register. Registration will open September 14, 2015 at 5:00PM and close on September 28, 2015 at 5:00PM. Registration must be completed on-line during this time period at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REGISTER AFTER 5:00 PM on September 28, 2015.


4.       Exemptions: Students requesting reasonable accommodations or assistance should file for an exemption and will be considered on an individual basis. Exemptions are a privilege, not a right. Students wishing to apply for an exemption from ANY portion of Campout must (1) complete an official exemption application, (2) turn this form into the Basketball Exemptions Committee no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. (3) register in accordance with Paragraph 3. Exempt lottery winners may provide a proxy per the requirements outlined in Paragraph 14 – Proxy Policy. Emergencies (situations arising after 5:00 PM on Friday, October 2, 2015) will be dealt with at the discretion of the Committee and/or its designated representatives. The exemption application and guidelines will be determined by the Exemptions Committee, approved by appropriate Duke administrators and made available by August 1, 2015, at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/. The Exemptions Committee shall be made up of 12 voters, chosen from the Committee, and up to 5 advisors, consisting of the Co-Chairs, two Committee representatives and a GPSC representative. All exemption applications with medical information will only be evaluated by a representative from Duke Student Health. To ensure student privacy, all contents of the Exemption applications and meeting are confidential and final.


5.       Inclement weather: The Duke Event Management staff and Co-chairs will monitor the weather leading up to and during campout. If severe weather impacts the ability to run Campout as scheduled, the Co-Chairs, in collaboration with the Duke Event Management staff, will adhere to the severe weather plan found here: http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball.


6.       Campout Check-In: All students registered in accordance with Paragraph 3 must report to either the Will Call booth behind Cameron between 10am and 4pm on the Friday, October 9, 2015, or between 6pm and 7pm in BioSci 111  (unless covered by an exemption during this time). In order to Check in, all students must pay a $17 Campout fee with cash (exact change only) or $16.13 via Duke FLEX. The reason for this change is the sales tax that has been added to the registration fee.  Students will have until 7:15 PM to sign in with a designated Committee representative and must present their current Duke ID and a second picture ID. Failure to sign in at this time will result in the student being dropped from the lottery. No one may sign in for another student.


7.       Random Check Policy: Random checks, signaled by Committee representatives, will be conducted during the Campout period. When a random check occurs, students will have a 10 minute window to check in. Any student not in the proper line within 10 minutes of the start of the check will be deemed to have missed the check. At each check, students must show their Duke ID to the designated Committee representative and have a second picture ID available upon request. Each student is responsible for making sure that his/her name is checked off at each check. Students may miss one random check without penalty. If a student misses more than one random check, he/she will be dropped from the lottery. Failure to respond to the signal does not exempt a student from the check. No one may check in for another student.


8.       Disqualification: Students may be disqualified from the 2015 lottery and/or removed from the Campout at the discretion of the Co-Chairs or their designated representatives. All decisions of the Committee are final. Reasons for disqualification include but are not limited to:

    1)      Excessive alcohol consumption that threatens the safety of the student or others.

    2)      Possession of fireworks, alcohol kegs, glass containers, or illegal drugs.

    3)      Possession of whistles, megaphones, or any noise makers resembling the check signal.

    4)      Violation of Sound/DJ Policy as outlined in paragraph 16.

    5)      Use of grills that are not in accordance with the Fire Marshal’s instructions.

    6)      Advertisements of sponsors through the use of any type of banner or large marquee.

    7)      Any tampering or removal of barricades or borders set by Duke Athletics and the committee.

    8)      Any conduct or activities that are deemed to endanger any persons at the campsite.

    9)      Deliberate misrepresentation of activities occurring at Campout to members of the Committee.

    10)   Bringing pets or animals of any kind to the Campout site at any time (with the exception of                     service animals). Visitors are also prohibited from bringing pets.

    11)   Destruction or Tampering with University property.

    12)   Trespassing on unauthorized University grounds, including but not limited to varsity athletic fields,             volleyball facilities, and the property of the University President.

    13)   Recommendation by a uniformed officer.


9.       Lottery Policy: A student who fulfills all 2015 Campout requirements receives one entry in the 2015 lottery. Additional entries may be received according to the following rule only if all 2015 Campout requirements have been met. For each immediately prior consecutive year in which a student has fulfilled all Campout requirements and not been selected to purchase a ticket card, or a student who was an active committee member in the previous campout cycle will receive two additional entries into the 2015 lottery. No student may win the right to purchase more than one ticket card.


10.   Limitation of Subsequent Lottery Entries: If a student received an exemption for the entirety of Campout 2014, the student will have a maximum of ONE entry in the lottery for Campout 2015. This rule does not apply to exemptions categorized as emergency or medical by the Exemptions committee or exemptions awarded via Committee-approved contests.


11.   Lottery Results: Ticket card lottery results will be announced immediately following the conclusion of Campout on Sunday, September 28, 2015.


12.   Ticket Card Allocation: The process by which ticket cards are allocated can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/. Season ticket cards will be allocated as follows:

    1)      Students who fulfilled all current Campout requirements and were selected from the current                    lottery.

    2)      Students who are current members of the Committee, have fulfilled all current Campout                        requirements and Committee responsibilities, and have been selected by the Committee Co-                  Chairs. A maximum of 5% of ticket cards may be allocated to this category.

    3)      Two ticket cards will be allocated to the GPSC President for use by GPSC members at his/her               discretion.


13.   Ticket Sales: Ticket cards will be immediately available for purchase after the announcement of the lottery results. Students must present their Duke ID, a second picture ID, and a check (drawn on a U.S. bank), U.S. money order, or Duke FLEX to pay the cost of the ticket, which will be announced prior to Campout. Cash or credit cards will not be accepted. Ticket cards must be purchased within 2 hours of the lottery announcement on the morning of the Sunday of Campout. Ticket cards not purchased by this time will be available for alternates selected by the lottery process. All students or proxies who purchase a ticket card will be required to sign a ticket card contract at time of purchase, which will be available for viewing online by the start of Campout registration.


14.   Proxy Policy for Ticket Card Sales: Any student unable to purchase a ticket card on the morning of the Sunday of Campout must designate a proxy to purchase the ticket card. The proxy must present a photocopy of both sides of the lottery-winning student’s Duke ID. In addition, the photocopy must be signed by the lottery-winning student and contain the following statement: “I agree to comply with the GPSC ticket card contract. I authorize my proxy to sign the ticket card contract on my behalf. I am solely responsible for destroyed, stolen, or lost ticket cards.”


15.   RV/Rental Trucks: The Committee reserves the right to limit the size and number of RVs/rental trucks present at Campout as outlined in the RV regulations. Regulations for use of RVs and rental trucks can be found online at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/. The Committee also reserves the right to deny a request or entrance for a vehicle that does not comply with posted regulations.


16.   Sound/DJ Policy: All Students who participate in Campout must adhere to the guidelines of the Sound/DJ Policy, which can be found here: http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/.


17.   Community Service: All Students who participate in Community Service must adhere to the guidelines of the Community Service Policy, which can be found here: http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/.


18.   Student Vending and Fundraising: Vending of food, items or services for fund-raising purposes will be permitted on the Campout premises only with the prior approval of the Committee. Approval may be obtained by filing an “Application for Vendor Status” by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday the week before Campout.  Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Eligible vendors will be restricted to student organizations that are officially recognized by Duke University, and are not-for-profit organizations. Deviation from the agreed upon vending arrangement will result in disqualification of the responsible parties from the lottery and removal from Campout and/or removal of the fund-raising group from Campout with loss of vending privileges at future Campouts. Vending status is subject to Committee approval, and all decisions of the Committee are final.


19.   Recreational Activity Rentals: Recreational activity rentals are ONLY permitted at Campout 2015 with express approval of the Committee. Approval may be obtained by filing a "Recreational Activity Rental Request" by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday the week before campout. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Deviation from the agreed upon operation of the recreational activity rental will result in disqualification of the responsible parties from the lottery and removal from Campout. Recreational activity rentals that are not approved by the Committee are cause for dismissal from Campout and disqualification from the lottery. All decisions of the Committee are final.


20.   Appeals: If a dispute arises that is not covered by a specific point in this policy, the dispute will be resolved according to Article XI, Section A of the GPSC By-laws.


21.   Disclaimer: This policy is only effective for the 2015 Campout and ticket card distribution. Times in all Committee documents refer to Eastern Daylight Time. Please note that purchase of a season ticket card does not guarantee admission after the time stated in the ticket card contract or unobstructed view of the court at Duke home games (available at http://sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/).

2015 Basketball Committee Membership Guidelines

22.   Membership and Co-Chair Election Guidelines: Any Graduate or Professional student of Duke University may be a member of the Committee.

    1)      The Campout Cycle will be defined as the period running from the first Committee event after the conclusion of the previous Basketball season until the conclusion of the current basketball season.

    2)      To qualify as an active Committee member, an individual must participate in at least one of the following:

        a.       Co-chairs; subcommittee chairs.

        b.      Line checker.

        c.       At least 3 hours of Campout service, as defined by Co-chairs and/or subcommittee chairs.

        d.      Community Service project leader.  

        e.      Exemptions committee member.

3)      To qualify as an elector on the Committee, an individual must have attended or been excused from at least 65% of the meetings of the previous Campout Cycle and be an active member.

4)      Nominees for the position of Basketball Committee Chairs will be voted on as a two-person ticket. Both members of the two-person ticket must qualify as electors on the Committee or have held a subcommittee chair position in a previous Campout Cycle.

5)      Each year, the Committee electors will nominate and elect two Chairs to head the Committee. Elections will take place before the last Men’s Basketball game. For elections to take place a quorum of at least 15 electors or 40% of eligible electors, whichever is fewer, must be present. If quorum is not met at the scheduled election time, a new election will be scheduled within one week. If quorum is not met at the second election, the election will go to the GPSC General Assembly, where it will be decided by majority vote. Elections will follow Robert’s Rules of Order with the addition of the following:

        a.       If only one pair of nominees has run for election and failed to secure a majority vote,                        nominations will be re-opened for an additional week at which time a second election will occur.

        b.      If two pairs of nominees run and neither receives a majority of votes cast, both pairs of                    nominees will be presented to the GPSC General Assembly, which will then vote to determine the         winner.

        c.       If three or more pairs of nominees run and no one receives a majority, there will be a run-off            election between the top two vote receiving pairs immediately after the initial election.

        d.      If the committee at any time fails to elect Chairs by majority votes through the above                        measures, the GPSC General Assembly will determine the Chairs.


23.   The nominees selected by the Committee through the election process will be subject to approval by the GPSC General Assembly.


24.   The Chairs shall designate a liaison to attend Assembly meetings in the four weeks leading up to, and the two weeks after Campout in order to take questions from Council Representatives regarding Campout issues and to keep the Assembly informed of relevant Campout information and dates.


25.   Ushers: The Basketball Committee shall maintain and fund a staff of ushers to work at Cameron Indoor Stadium during the basketball season per the Basketball Committee’s arrangement with the Duke University Athletic Department. The ushering staff will be run by 2 head ushers. The head ushers will be selected each year by the previous year’s head ushers and current Chairs from the current ushering staff. The head ushers will then be approved by the Basketball Committee.

    1)      Head Ushers: Head usher is a two year commitment to the Basketball committee. Every year        one new head usher is selected by the remaining head usher and the current Chairs.

    2)      Ushering Staff: The ushering staff will be run by 2 head ushers. Ushering staff will be comprised        of active Basketball Committee members. In the event that more ushers are needed, or, there are not      sufficient personnel to fill a game, the head ushers will select graduate or professional students who      are not active members of the Basketball Committee to fill these slots.


26.   Subcommittee Chairs: Subcommittee chair positions will be approved by the Basketball Committee Chairs. Subcommittee chair members are expected to attend all Basketball Committee meetings, or designate a proxy.

27.  Advisory Committee:  The Chairs will meet with an advisory committee consisting of University Administrators, Graduate Students, and representatives of UCAE, Athletics, Parking and Transportation, and other bodies to help run Campout 2015.  This Advisory Committee will serve a similar function to the LDOC advisory committee, in ensuring Campout is a safe event that is run in accordance with the goals of Duke University and Duke Athletics.


28.  Alterations Resulting from Location/Date:  The location and date of Campout 2015 will be decided with the input of the advisory committee, and there are some aspects of this policy that may need to change depending on these factors.  As such, this policy may be altered during the summer based on the advice of the advisory committee.  The most up-to-date policy will be posted on the Basketball Campout website.