Campout Forms and Policies

Eligibility to purchase tickets is determined via the Duke Basketball CampoutOnly full-time Duke University graduate and professional students or students who have paid the student activity fees as of September 1, 2016 at 5pm EST are eligible to participate in Campout and the ticket card lottery. Campout for the 2016-2017 Duke Men's Basketball season will be held starting at on Friday, September 16th and end Sunday, September 18th.

The rules are simple: Have an awesome time over the weekend, make as many attendance check-ins as you can and you reach the minimum, your name will be entered into the lottery. Lottery winners are then drawn and each of these lucky individuals is eligible to buy one of the 725 graduate and professional season tickets. But, Campout isn’t just about basketball tickets. With around 2,500 students representing nearly every program and department at the University in attendance, this is also the premier graduate and professional student social event of the year. Campout is an excellent opportunity to bond with your fellow Crazies from all programs, not just your own. 

Campout will be held in the Blue Zone parking lot on Wannamaker Dr. near Duke University Rd. There is space at this location for students to set up tents or park trucks and RVs for the weekend. Students commonly form Campout groups to share the planning, lodging, expenses, and the tickets won by group members. In addition, the Basketball Committee will coordinate numerous community service opportunities that campers may take part in on the morning of Saturday, September 17th.

In order to participate in Campout,(insert registration dates). To register, click on the "Register for Campout" link to the left.

If you have a time conflict with Campout, you may still qualify for the ticket lottery by registering as a Non-Attending camper. This group of camper will be in the running for a smaller allotment of tickets, but will not be required to make attendance checks. Please follow the 2016 Campout Policy when making your decision regarding Camper Status. 

Please read the 2016 Campout Policy and 2016 Basketball Season Ticket Policy, located on our website for the requirements, rules, and regulations regarding Campout and season tickets.

Want to get involved? Each year, Campout requires a great deal of planning. Any interested graduate or professional student is welcome and encouraged to join the Basketball Committee! The Committee is a large and active group, and a great way for you to get involved in the Duke community. Much of the planning is already underway, so sign up today! Details can be found on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the 2016-2017 Basketball Committee Chairs, Maurizio Martinovic and Justin Losciale at

The complete policy can be downloaded as a pdf from this page. Please click on the link below for the most recent version.