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UNC Line Policy 3/6

posted Feb 21, 2010, 10:59 AM by Duke Basketball Co-Chairs

Hey All,

The Duke/Carolina basketball game is almost here!  We would like to take this time to remind anyone planning on camping out early for their spot in line of the policies set forth in the ticket card contracts, as well as the policies that have been established by Duke Athletics and the University.  The policy document also describes the procedures for admittance to the Graduate Student section of Cameron for the UNC Game.  If you have any questions, please email us at dukeheadushers@gmail.com


Becca and Sarah 

Mark and Felicia

GPSC Line Policy for the March 6th, 2010 
Duke vs. UNC Men's Basketball game 
at Cameron Indoor Stadium

The GPSC Basketball Ushers will begin monitoring the line at 8:00 PM on Friday, March 5th.  If a line exists before this time, the students in line must regulate it themselves.

Initial Check-in 
You must have your DukeCard in order to check in to the line.  If you do not have a graduate or professional student DukeCard or a DukeCard for spouses/partners of graduate and professional students, you will not be allowed to check-in.  There will be two lines in which to sign-up: a line for ticket card holders and a walk-up line.  In order to sign into the ticket card line, one must show a ticket card as well as a DukeCard.  During your initial check-in to the line, you will be assigned your number in line.  If you do not have a line number, you are not checked-in to the line.

Line Monitoring 
Once the Committee has begun monitoring the line, random checks may be conducted.  ONE unexcused absence from a check will result in the loss of one's place in line.  Should an individual be removed from line, it is that individual's responsibility to find out they were removed from line and sign back in at the current end of the line.  Each random check requires one present one's own graduate or professional student DukeCard or DukeCard for spouses/partners of graduate and professional students.   

A general exemption period will be called the morning of the game to allow for students to attend ESPN College GameDay.  No checks will be called at this time, however ushers will be on duty to sign in anyone who arrives in line during College Game Day.  No other exemptions will be accepted.  Individuals will be able to join the line at any time after 9:00 p.m. on March 5th, including during the exemption period.

Selecting Old vs New Side

All individuals in the ticket card line will be asked to select which side of Cameron they wish to sit on during a line check on the afternoon of March 6th. Once an individual selects either the old side (the North side of Cameron near the Duke bench) or the new side (next to the band on the South side of Cameron), they may not switch sides under any circumstances unless instructed by the GPSC ushering staff. Individuals in the walk-up line will be directed by GPSC ushering staff to whichever side has room to accommodate them.

Site Clean-up 
Before any students can enter into Cameron, the entire line site must be cleaned.  All trash must be collected and all tents and other personal gear should be taken away.  Tents should be removed and trash disposed prior to (sometime following GameDay) on March 6th.

Failure to abide by this policy, the instructions of the GPSC ushering staff, or the instructions of university officials (such as the fire marshal or police) can result in loss of place in line as well as being refused entry into or dismissal from Cameron Indoor Stadium.  The GPSC Head Ushers reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy for emergency situations.

All individuals must abide by the University Alcohol Policy.  No kegs are allowed on campus.

Reminder of Ticket Card Guidelines

As stated in the ticket card agreement signed by all ticket card holders at the conclusion of Campout 2009: "The unauthorized resale of a season ticket card is not permitted. While ticket cards are freely exchangeable with other graduate and professional students, this is allowed in the spirit that students will share ticket cards, not "scalp" their tickets to other students. The per-game cost of a ticket ($7.50) can be determined by dividing the cost of a season ticket ($150.00) by the number of home basketball games (20). Students are reminded that North Carolina state laws govern the acceptable resale of tickets. Failure to comply with such laws could result in disciplinary action from his/her graduate or professional school. Any student caught engaging in the unauthorized resale of a season ticket card will have that ticket card deactivated." No refunds will be issued for deactivated ticket cards.

Reminder of Regular Line Policies and University Policies

•      No food or drink can be brought into Cameron Indoor Stadium.  This must be thrown away before entering the stadium.   Backpacks and bags of any kind, including purses and camera bags, will not be allowed into the stadium.  Individuals with backpacks or bags of any kind will not be permitted to enter Cameron.

•      Graduate and Professional Student Basketball Ticket Cards must be accompanied by a valid Graduate or Professional Student or Student Spouse/Same-Sex Spousal Equivalent DukeCard.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

•      Before the game, Graduate and Professional Student Ushers may request to see one's ticket card and DukeCard at any time.

•      A ticket card does not guarantee an unobstructed view of the game.

•      A ticket card does not guarantee admission after 5 minutes prior to the scheduled tip-off time.  Therefore, ticket card holders are not guaranteed admission after 8:55 PM.

•      Per University Regulations, no fires or electrical devices (such as heaters) are allowed in the line area.