CAMPOUT 2015 will be OCTOBER 9-11, 2015 in the BLUE ZONE!

This date was announced on May 5, 2015 at 4:00PM.

What does the Duke University Basketball Committee do?

The Duke University Basketball Committee organizes and runs Duke Basketball Campout (known as Campout), which is both an event and a process for distributing season tickets to Duke men's home basketball games. All Duke Graduate and Professional students are welcome to join the committee, and we are always looking for new volunteers and ideas for Campout. To join and learn more about the Committee, sign up for the listserv, check out the Campout policy, take the Safety Pledge, and read about us using the links on the left. There are a number of ways to get involved and volunteer and the degree of involvement is up to the individual. To stay involved with Duke Basketball all year long, become a Graduate Student Usher.

What is Campout?

Campout is both the single largest annual Graduate and Professional student body event and a process to ensure fair and equitable distribution of season tickets to the Men's home basketball games. Students spend approximately 36 hours camping out in a designated Duke parking lots. Throughout the weekend, they must check-in during random attendance checks to prove they are on site. At the end of Campout, eligible students are entered into a lottery and winners earn the right to purchase season tickets, which cost is TBD. Details about eligibility, registration, exemptions, how to have an RV and more can be found using the links on the left. Also, be sure to check out both what you should bring to ensure you have a great time and the rules associated with a season ticket card. All of the information linked on the left is very important. Please check back regularly for updates.

Students who do not have season ticket cards can still attend games. There is a walk-up line at every home game for students without season ticket cards. While admission is not guaranteed, every effort is made to get as many students from the walk-up line into each home game. 

For a feel of what Campout is like, check out these videos and pictures from Duke Blue Planet! 

"2014 Grad Student Campout"

2012 Grad Student Campout

Grad Student Campout 2010

As you can see, students don't just sit around doing nothing for the weekend. We have tons of outstanding activities which include Community Service phenomenal Entertainment Events. You may have also seen in the video that sometimes we are lucky enough that Coach K and the team come to visit.

Why Campout?

To see the Duke Blue Devils in Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Duke vs. Carolina at Cameron 2011                            Bonfire on the Quad after Duke vs. Carolina 2001

Where is Campout?

If you have any questions, please contact Basketball Committee Chairs at 

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