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    About the GPSC Basketball Committee

    Roles of the Basketball Committee

    The GPSC Basketball Committee is composed of volunteer students from Duke University's Graduate & Professional Schools.

    Each year, the Basketball Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing the distribution of season tickets to the men's home basketball games via GPSC Basketball Campout. The policy for ticket distribution is composed by the committee and brought before the General Assembly for approval. The co-chairs of this committee are nominated by the committee and approved by a majority vote of the General Assembly. The committee makes regular reports to the General Assembly through a specified liaison.

    Interested in Joining the Basketball Committee?

    As a committee, we are always looking for new volunteers and ideas for Campout. All Duke Graduate and Professional students are welcome to join the Basketball Committee. Though we are affiliated with GPSC, students do not have to be GPSC representatives to be members. There are a number of ways to get involved and volunteer and the degree of involvement is entirely up to each member. Your involvement as a committee member makes your eligible to usher Men's basketball games.

    In our entirely biased opinion, there is no other group at Duke that has more fun doing their jobs than us! The Basketball Committee is a great way for students to meet people from outside their program/school and as an usher, you can attend basketball games and stand in the front of our section!

    The Basketball Committee meets weekly from New Student Orientation until Campout. Our first meeting will be held Wednesday, August 21 at 7pm in Westbrook 0016.  All meetings are announced through the Basketball Committee List-serve and weekly GPSC News emails.

    Much of the organization and planning that goes into Campout each year is performed by Sub-Committees. Sub-committee chair positions are filled via an application process that is open to all Graduate & Professional students in the spring. Many sub-committees work during the summer and solicit volunteers for various activities via the list-serve. In the fall, sub-committees will solicit volunteers at Basketball Committee meetings as well as through the list-serve.

    Basketball Committee List-serve Information

    To subscribe to the Basketball Committee List-serve, log in using your net id or duke email address to https://lists.duke.edu/sympa/info/basketball-cmte . First scroll down on the left hand column to list operations and press subscribe. Then enter your primary duke email address and click on subscribe. Finally it will ask you to confirm your password and click on subscribe. You will receive an email when your subscription has been confirmed by the list owner.

    To unsubscribe from the Basketball Committee Listserve, log onto https://lists.duke.edu/sympa/info/basketball-cmte. Scroll down the left hand column to list operations. Click on unsubscribe. Enter your net id and confirm your request by clicking on I unsubscribe from list basketball-cmte.

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