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NameInstitutionCountry of AffiliationResearch RegionResearch InterestsProfile
NameInstitutionCountry of AffiliationResearch RegionResearch InterestsProfile
Adam Reed  St Andrews University Scotland Papua New Guinea Legal anthropology, crime & urban sociality, documents, and hope Go to full profile 
Ado Sale Nigeria Prisons Service / International Ford Fellow [Alumni] Nigeria Nigeria Prisoners’ rights, post imprisonment, criminal/juvenile justice administration, security sector reform and penal reform initiatives.  
Andrew M. Jefferson DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture Denmark West Africa, Philippines, Myanmar  Go to full profile 
Anna Katharina Schliehe University of Cambridge, Institute of Criminology UK Scotland, UK Carceral geography, nature and experience of closed spaces. Go to full profile 
Anne Egelund Roskilde University, and DIGNITY - Danish Institute against Torture Denmark Zambia In prison: masculinity, sexuality, social dynamics of transmission of HIV/AIDS, coping strategies in contexts of deprivation. Go to full profile 
Arnaud Dandoy State University of Haiti, Gestionnaire Observatoire National de la Violence et de la Criminalité (ONAVC) Haiti Port-au-Prince, Haiti Global prison, humanitarian relief, humanitarian insecurity, development, sociology of expertise. Go to full profile 
Arunita Das York University Canada Canada Canadian women's prisons, feminist criminology, racial violence & racialization, indigenous theories & methodologies, criminalization. Go to full profile 
Basil Farraj Graduate Institute, Geneva Switzerland Israel/Palestine Everyday life of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israel, violence against them, and resistance against the incarcerating regime. Intersections of memory, resistance, and art. Go to full profile 
Bethany Schmidt Prisons Research Centre, Institute of Criminology (University of Cambridge) UK England & Wales, Scotland, Eastern Europe (specifically Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria), Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, Chile ethnography, prison life, institutional culture, democratisation, citizenship, punishment, legitimacy, Measuring the Quality of Prison Life (MQPL) Go to full profile 
Brittany Gilmer University of Alabama USA East Africa Geographies of crime, violence and security; carceral geographies; representations of criminals and prisoners; penal aid, maritime piracy. Go to full profile 
Chris Garces  Cornell University USA Ecuador, Latin America Prison religions, human rights, theories of penality, non-reformist reform, analysis of prison vocations, critique of U.S. penal state models and their global exportation. Go to full profile 
Christian De Vito IISH Amsterdam & University of Leicester The Netherlands / UK Italy, Europe History of punishment, pyschiatry, labour and social movements. Convict labour.  Go to full profile 
Clare Anderson University of Leicester, School of History UK South Asia, Indian Ocean, Australia, global History and legacies of penal colonies Go to full profile 
Danielle Murdoch Boise State University USA Kosovo, Canada, US International criminal justice issues and reform, prisoner re-entry and reintegration, institutional and community corrections policy and practice, criminal justice reform. Go to full profile 
David Skarbek Department of Political Science, Brown University US United States and question of prison order around the world Social order, institutions, norms, gangs, governance, prison order. New book! 
Dawn Moore Carleton University Canada Canada, Spain, Argentina Prison transparency, oversight, human rights, abuse of power, lived experience of incarceration. Go to full profile 
Diletta Accardo University of Birmingham UK Bolivia Carceral geography, spatial distribution of prison institutions  
Dominique Moran University of Birmingham UK Russia, Scandinavia, UK Carceral geography Go to full profile 
Emilija Zabiliute University of Edinburgh Scotland South Asia, India Everyday lives, care and illness among urban poor. Go to full profile 
Ergün Cakal DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture Denmark Scandinavia, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, Israel-Palestine, Turkey, Australia International law, criminal process and reform, human rights, psychological methods of violence, prison ethnography Go to full profile 
Esther Gumboh University of Witwatersrand School of Law, Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) South Africa South Africa, Malawi Interface between human rights and criminal justice; punishment, criminal procedure, child justice and criminal law Go to full profile 
Evi Kostner University of Utrecht, Latin American Studies Program The Netherlands Guatemala Violence, urban gang culture, aesthetics, prison studies, youth, discrimination/ stigmatization of youth, power, sovereignty, civil war, human rights, ethnography. Go to full profile 
Fiona Macaulay University of Bradford, Department of Peace Studies UK Brazil, Latin America Human rights, security sector reform, gender. Go to full profile 
Frederic Le Marcis École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS-L) and member of LADEC (FRE 2002, Université de Lyon, ENS de Lyon, CNRS) France West Africa; Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinée Prisons, health, power, knowledge and subjectivity Go to full profile 
Gilles Chantraine Centre Lillois d'Etudes et de Recherches (CNRS) France France, Europe, Canada Contemporary transformations of prisons, carceral life stories, prison architecture, social uses of law in detention, guards, psychiatric care, prisons for minors.  Go to full profile 
Gustavo Fondevila CIDE Centre for Economic Research and Teaching Mexico Latin America, Mexico Criminality, violence in jail, gangs. Go to full profile 
Heather Anderson University of South Australia, School of Creative Industries Australia Australia Relationships between prisons and media, prisoners radio, community media and journalism. Go to full profile 
Jennifer Peirce John Jay College of Criminal Justice / CUNY Graduate Center New York US Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Central America Prison reform, institutional change, minimum standards, human rights compliance. Go to full profile 
Joanna Imad Justice and Mercy Association (AJEM) Lebanon Lebanon Prison, criminology, social psychology, mental health, forensic. Go to full profile 
Joan van Wijk Vrije Universiteit  The Netherlands Mexico  Go to full profile 
Julie de Dardel Université de Genève Switzerland Latin America, Colombia Carceral geography, policy mobilities in the penal field, prisoners' agency, political prisoners, drug policy reform, gender. Go to full profile 
Julienne Weegels Centre for Latin American Studies and Documentation (CEDLA), University of Amsterdam The Netherlands Nicaragua Modalities of prison governance (self- and co-governance), violence, order, power, shifting prisoner identities, post-release life, culture/arts in prison. Go to full profile 
Karina Biondi Federal University of São Carlos Brazil Brazil Every day life in prisons; organized crime; prison gang; prison ethnography; prisoners' thoughts, theories and reflections. Go to full profile 
Katherine Bruce-Lockhart University of Waterloo Canada Uganda, Kenya, Africa Afterlives of colonial coercive institutions; how prison officers, police officers, and soldiers imagine and inhabit their professional identities; the history of crime and punishment in colonial and postcolonial settings, the gendered dimensions of detention and incarceration, debates surrounding reparations and reconciliation, and critical archive studies. Go to full profile 
Laura Ordóñez Escuela de Ciencias Humanas, Universidad del Rosario Colombia Brazil & Colombia   
Laura Piacentini University of Strathclyde Scotland Russia  Go to full profile 
Laura Routley Newcastle University UK West Africa Rehabilitation and governance go to full profile 
Leonidas K. Cheliotis Centre for Criminal Justice at the School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London UK   Go to full profile 
Leyla Savloff University of Washington USA Argentina, Latin America, USA Subjectivities, govermentality, politics of representation, recognition and redistribution. Integration. Visual Anthropology, urban ethnographies. Go to full profile 
Lilian Ayete Nyampong  Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice Ghana   Go to full profile 
Liv Stoltze Gaborit DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture Denmark Myanmar (current), Philippines, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Kosovo (past) Legacies of detention, individual experience of imprisonment, institutional and societal structures, human rights and torture, prison ethnography. Go to full profile 
Luisa Schneider Oxford University UK Sierra Leone IPV and SGBV, its endurance, acceptance, mediation and response in the tensions between community and state law. Go to full profile 
Lukáš Dirga Palacký university Olomouc Czech Republic Czech Republic   Prison ethnography, human rights in prisons, religion in prisons, sport in prisons Go to full profile 
Mahuya Bandyopadhyay University of Delhi and Nehru Memorial Museum and Library India India Gender, specifically in organisational contexts; the pervasiveness of the issues of crime, vigilance, and violence (all central to the prison as an organisation) in society generally. New book! 
Manon Veaudor CESDIP, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin & University of Nantes France France Prison, surveillance, spaces of confinement Go to full profile 
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) The Netherlands South Africa Social mechanisms behind violent acts and victimization both inside and outside prison; cultural explanations for crime; microsociological approaches to violence. Go to full profile 
Mark Brown University of Sheffield, School of Law UK Australasia, Europe, South Asia New forms of imprisonment, indefinite detention, shadow carceral practices, colonial law and penal practices. Go to full profile 
Marlene Persch University of Vienna Austria Ghana Anthropology of state, bureaucracy & public services, state actors/prison officers and the negotiation of state images and practices, ethnography Go to full profile 
Matthew Maycock University of Glasgow Scotland Scotland, South Asia, Nepal Performances of prison masculinities, prison health, prison bodies, prison social structures Go to full profile 
Muzammil Quraishi  University of Salford UK   Go to full profile 
Natália Corazza Padovani State University of Campinas Brazil Brazil and Spain   
Paolo Grassi University of Verona Italy Guatemala Prisons, violence, urban segregation, gangs in Guatemala and Central America Visit his blog 
Patricia Canning Utrecht University College The Netherlands North of Ireland & Netherlands Forensic Linguistics, prisoners’ wellbeing, prison reading groups, criminal justice reforms, penal reforms, inspectorate reports, the language of prison policy. Go to full profile 
Patrick Cacicedo University of Sao Paulo Brazil Brazil Prisoner's rights, history of punishment, mass incarceration, criminal execution law, punishment Go to full profile 
Pia Jolliffe University of Oxford, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies UK Japan Ageing prison populations; role of prisons and forced labour during the development/colonization of Japan's northern island of Hokkaido Go to full profile 
Pimporn Netrabukkana  University of Essex UK    
Rimple Mehta School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata India India, small projects in the Netherlands and Hungary Women's studies, border studies, border criminologies Go to full profile 
Sacha Darke University of Westminster UK Brazil, Latin America, UK Inmate collaboration; self-governance; collaborative work between prisoners, former prisoners and academic researchers. Go to full profile 
Sasha Gear  Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) South Africa South Africa  Go to full profile 
Shereen Baz Loughborough University/AJEM UK/Lebanon Lebanon Human rights, sex offenders in prison, popular punitiveness, torture, care and treatment  
Simone Santorso University of Hull UK Italy, Mediterranean countries  Go to full profile 
Sofie Mulvad University of Copenhagen Denmark  Human rights Go to full profile 
Stephanie Campos City University of New York USA   Go to full profile 
Thomas Akoensi University of Kent UK Ghana Penology, organisational behaviour, legitimacy, comparative criminology, mixed-methods research and evidence-based criminal justice policy.  Go to full profile 
Tomas Martin  Danish Institute for Human Rights Denmark Uganda  Go to full profile 
Victoria Knight De Montfort University UK UK Sociology of prison, emotions in prison, media use in prison, digital landscape of prison, the prison cell, prisoner letters Go to full profile 
Victoria Lavis Univeristy of Bradford UK   Go to full profile 
Victoria Pereyra-Iraola University of Warwick UK   Go to full profile 
Vitor S. Dieter University of Kent & ELTE University UK & Hungary Brazil Prison gangs, PCC, prison ethnography, maximum security prisons, global and cultural criminology Go to full profile 
Wendy Fitzgibbon  University of Leicester UK India, Germany, Pakistan, UK  Go to full profile 
Zach Levine Duke University USA Brazil Incarceration, healing, mediumship, ayahuasca, psychedelics, religion, ritual, gender and sexuality, violence, plant sensing. Go to full profile 
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