British Touring Car Championship

We all know that points systems do not always tell the full story. It isn't always the best or most deserving driver who ends up as the champion at the end of the season.

So with that in mind, the idea behind this project is to create a ranking system for drivers based on their race results, ignoring accidents and mechanical failures. 

And you won't find any idiotic double points systems here, every race in a series has equal value. 

If you want to learn a little more about the criteria used, please follow this link.

You can find the dates for the featured series on the Racing Calendar.

31 Aug 
31 Aug - GP3
31 Aug F1
31 Aug - DTM
31 Aug - WEC
31 Aug - MotoGP
31 Aug - WRC
31 Aug BTCC
11 Aug - F3
11 Aug Porsche
18 Jul - WTCC
18 Jul TCR
18 Jul - Renault

 - Formula E
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