Ideas for using #eduhangout

#eduhangout was created with the idea of flattening the globe, connecting students in classrooms with other students, and sharing the #edugood things going on inside classrooms all over the world.  This lists of ideas is simply some thoughts.  The creativity in which educators spin things is merely up to them.  Run with these ideas, build off them, create new ones.  Please do not hestitate to contact me to add your idea to this page.

For Classrooms
 Reading / LA / Writing / English Math Science Social Studies Miscellaneous
Have a Virtual Book Club Conduct a Math Bee with multiple classes Show off an Experiment Use it for mapping / geography skills Conduct a global research project together and report back via #eduhangout
 Book Talk Share Projects Demonstrations Share Projects Share projects
 Share State Writing & get feedback from other students Have students show younger students something they are working on & vice versa Have people from different places talk to you about the weather in their area at the time Show off a project the class has been working on Parts of lessons, perhaps 3 or 4 groups each take a part in the lesson
 Connect with Authors and Poets.  
Here is a GREAT list of Authors on Twitter: 
Ask them to join an #eduhangout
 Perhaps share Apps that are being used and share how they are being used. Experiments could be looked at from week to week with students hypothesizing and questioning possibilities Have a "Share & Compare" Discuss qualities of your school, city, state, country like size, population, weather, tourist attractions, etc. with other places.  Here is an example I participated in. Connect with students to discuss their coursework and papers for a research course
 English classes could do characters from stories and compare and contrast novels Have a Quiz Bowl with other classes or around the world. Show off a class pet, live creatures, or exotic animal from local zoo visit to your classroom Have a Quest to connect with every State or multiple countries to gain research data for a project Interview experts and leaders in the field and record #eduhangout on air and then have for use in class later
 Connect your BLOGGERS with their audience   Check out Connected Classrooms for virtual field trips by Google Have a Mystery Hangout with other classes from all over the world and have students ask questions to guess where they are from. PE Class could have athlete, Olympian, or fitness guru Hangout
 Use it to collaborate with other schools reading the same text  Virtual Photo Walks:  See Video Foreign Language students could get together with different language speaking folks to practice.Celebrate special events or holidays.  For example, during World Read Aloud Day our high school students read to our elementary students in different buildings

For Superintendents / Principals / Educators as Professional Development
 Hold PLC weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings Curriculum Directors could use it for follow up to new curriculum being implemented
 Create focus and user groups that meet periodically Superintendent / Principal / Dean of College could use #eduhangout on Air to give a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly "State of the Union" address
 Hold Staff Meetings Curriculum planning
 Hold interviews for out of town candidates Check out the amazing project of @edtechschools & @HollyEdTechDiva
called EduSlam at
 Check out EdCamp Online  State Twitter chats held with LIVE GHO

Educators helping Educators
 Maybe you have a question about something you want to brainstorm on with people.  Tweet using #eduhangouts Maybe you need help with something and you could share your screen with them so they could help you.
 High School kids could hold on-air "tech" sessions weekly for your district.  Click here to check out Tech-SherPas example on Tuesdays in Maine. Record lessons to be shared with colleagues or for principal to sit down and review with teacher later.
 Could be used for Sub Plans or #eduhangout on Air that Sub plays for students. Have grade level / subject area / middle school team #eduhangouts across your district

Educators with Parents
 #eduhangout on Air could be broadcast weekly, monthly, quarterly where teacher shares what he/she is doing in their classroom Parent Teacher Conferences could be held via #eduhangout whenever it was needed. 
 Back to School Night  

Podcasting / Shows