Masters of Arts in English for Specific Purposes, MA in ESP

Collaboration with UWIC in UK

In collaboration with Cardiff's Metropolitan University (UWIC) in Wales, UK, the Graduate Programmes in Linguistic and Translation Studies (GPLTS) at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) is proud to pioneer and solely offer a UWIC Masters of Arts degree in English for Specific Purposes (ESPin Egypt.

The programme also offers a postgraduate diploma and a postgraduate certificate in ESP as exit awards to those who do not wish to continue the whole programme for any unexpected conditions. This innovative professional development programme is the first of its kind in the region and it is open to graduates from all different disciplines in Egypt, the Middle East and the international community at large.


English has been used for decades as the lingua franca (common language) for international communication in various fields such as business, medicine, engineering, aviation and marine navigation. This has resulted in an increasing worldwide demand for the teaching and learning of English for Specific Purposes to those apprentices, who are already in the workplace and to those who are preparing themselves academically and professionally to be. Therefore, the MA programme caters for the specific needs of the AASTMT, the Arab region and the international community at large.


The aim of this Masters programme is to equip its graduates with the necessary professional skills and academic competence that enable them to contribute to the field of English for Specific Purposes. It also aims to qualify graduate students inside and outside Egypt for positions that require vast knowledge and professionalism in the field of English for Specific Purposes.

WHY Join US?

  There is a high demand on the market for teachers specialized in teaching English for specific purposes with the increasing number of colleges opening annually everywhere. Thus, attaining our degree guarantees you a job once you graduate.

2.  It is true we specialize in ESP; however, ESP qualification is also a privilege and a great asset for those working in the field of studying English as a Foreign / Second Language.

3.  Being a highly qualified ESP graduate and practitioner would open up an array of jobs for you not only as teachers but also as trainers, curriculum designers, materials developers, test designers, course and programme evaluators and coordinators, corpora analysts, instructional technology specialists and eventually programme managers.

4. We believe that your undergraduate grade might not fully reflect the potentials you possess. We give you the opportunity to improve yourself and outshine in your areas of interest at the post graduate level.

5.  Whatever is your undergraduate major, i.e. business, medicine, engineering, agriculture, logistics among others, and you are interested in changing your career, we open up various professional, academic, and vocational career opportunities for you by joining our Diploma in Applied Linguistics and then enrolling in our Masters degree.

Admission Process

To be able to process your application the following documents are needed: