GPlates 1.3 Tutorials update

Getting Started

Tutorial 1.1: Loading/Saving Data and Changing Colours
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Tutorial 1.2
: Controlling the View
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Tutorial 1.3
: Interacting with Features
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Tutorial 1.4
: Creating Features
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Tutorial 2.1: Plate Reconstructions

Tutorial 2.2: Exploring Slab Windows: Southeast Asia and Central America GPlates use case studies

Tutorial 2.3: Changing Rotations

Tutorial 2.4: Flowlines and Motion Paths

Tutorial 2.5: Constructing a Plate Model from Scratch

Tutorial 2.6: Working with Paleomagnetic Data

Tutorial 2.7: Equivalent Finite Rotations and Cross-overs

Tutorial 2.8: Paleogeographic Reconstructions using Raw Paleobiology Data

Tutorial 2.9: Working with Mid-Ocean Ridge Features

Raster data

Tutorial 3.1: Introduction to rasters and Time-dependent rasters

Tutorial 3.2: Rotating rasters and age-based masking of Raster data

Tutorial 3.3: Georeferencing images for use in GPlates

GPlates for ArcGIS Users

Tutorial 4.1: Managing Shapefiles within GPlates

Tutorial 4.2: Preparing Data in ArcGIS for GPlates

Tutorial 4.3: Exporting Reconstructed Data to ArcGIS

Reconstructions with Continuously Closing Plate Boundaries

Tutorial 5.1: Topological Closed Plate Polygons

Tutorial 5.2: Velocity Fields

Data Mining

Tutorial 6.1: Exploring links between paleoenvironments and mineralization
Tutorial 6.2: Spatio-temporal relationships between Volcanism and Hot Spots

Visualising Plate Reconstructions Outside of GPlates

Tutorial 7.1: Subduction Zone Symbology

Tutorial 7.2: Exporting Plate Reconstructions as Image Files

Tutorial 7.3: Creating a Time-Lapse Video of Plate Reconstructions

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