The following multimedia items contain both educational and recreational materials regarding the Ancient Egypt. 


Ancient Egypt (videorecording) directed by Ann Carroll Visits the history and culture of ancient Egypt; looking at the pyramids, temples, hieroglyphs, art and culture. 


Ancient Egypt: Quest for Immortality (videorecording) Time Life Video  Through modern computer graphics and the ancient writings left by both commoners and kings, experience the intriguing texture of past lives in a world where every death was a new beginning, and every tomb, from humble cave to towering pyramid, a “Quest for Immortality”.


Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids (DVD); directed by David Devries (History Channel)  A look at ancient Egypt, including the Tomb of Ramses II, the Abydos Boat Grave, and the skeletons at Mendes.  Includes footage of major sites and artifacts.


Exploring Ancient Egypt (videorecording) Indianapolis Museum of Art 


Egypt: Quest for Eternity (videorecording) National Geographic  Host E.G. Marshall looks at the ancient Egyptians who spend their whole lifetime preparing for life after death.  Shows how the monuments and temples they left behind celebrate the power and mystery of their civilization.  Highlights the works of Ramses.


Egypt: Rediscovering a lost world (DVD)  Examines three significant archaeological discoveries, King Tut’s tomb discovered by Howard Carter, tombs of Seti I and Ramesses discovered by Giovanni Belzoni and Jean-Francios Champollion decodes the hieroglyphs.


The Great Pyramid: ancient wonder, modern mystery (videorecording) This video explores the scientific, historic and prophetic facts of the great pyramid.  It challenges conventional thinking with an inspiring Biblical perspective on the source of this pyramid’s greatness.  You will explore its passage systems and journey through time to its origin and construction.  You will witness its purpose and message to man as revealed in Bible prophecies.


The Mummy (DVD) directed by Stephen Sommers  Deep in the Egyptian desert, a handful of adventurers searching for a long-lost treasure have just unearthed a 3,000 year old legacy of terror.

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