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Materials K-5


Nonfiction Materials K-5


Benedict Arnold by Susan R. Gregson  Follows the rise and fall of Benedict Arnold, America's most famous traitor, tracing his life from his wealthy, upper-class childhood to his betrayal of the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Explains Arnold's legacy in modern society.  (JUV BIO ARN)


Food and Recipes of the Revolutionary War by George Erdosh  Describes the kinds of foods commonly consumed by colonists, including soldiers, during the time of the American Revolutionary War. Includes recipes. (J 641.597 ERD)


Yankee Doodle: a song from the American Revolution edited by Ann Owen  Provides a complete version of the song as well as its historical context and significance. Includes directions for making a Yankee Doodle hat. (J 782.42 YAN)


What People Wore During the American Revolution by Allison Stark Draper  This book describes what people wore in the days of the American Revolution, discussing the uniforms of both American and British soldiers, the simple clothes of the Americans, and the fabrics that were first manufactured in America. (J 391 DRA)


The American Revolution by Deborah DeFord  (J 973.3 DEF)


Tories and Patriots: neighbors at war by Jeremy Thornton  Describes the American revolution and gives brief biographical sketches of important leaders of the time. (J 973.3 THO)


Women Soldiers, Spies, and Patriots in the American Revolution by Martha Kneib  Biography of eight women who played a role during the American Revolution, including Deborah Samson, Nancy Morgan Hart, Lydia Darragh , Mercy Otis Warren, Esther DeBerdt Reed, Elizabeth Martin, Sybil Ludington, and Margaret Corbin.
(J 973.3092 KNE)


The American Revolution by Lisa Frederiksen Bohannon  Chronicles the American Revolution, including the causes, strategies, and characters of the war, both famous and lesser-known.  (J 973.3 BOH)


Patriots in Petticoats: heroines of the American Revolution by Shirley Raye Redmond  Profiles girls and women who participated in the American Revolution by refusing to buy British merchandise, collecting money, and even going to war as wives, nurses, spies, or soldiers. (J 973.3082 RED)


George vs. George: the American Revolution as seen from both sides by Rosalyn Schanzer  Explores how the characters and lives of King George III of England and George Washington affected the progress and outcome of the American Revolution.
(J 973.3 SCH)


The Boston Tea Party in American History by Mary E. Hull  Presents the people and events connected with the dynamic episode called the Boston Tea Party, which helped to spawn the American Revolution.  (J 973.3 HUL)


Yorktown by Michael Weber  Focuses on the last major battle of the American Revolution, after which the British forces under General Cornwallis surrendered to the Americans in October 1781. (J 973.3 WEB)


The Revolutionary John Adams by Cheryl Harness  A biography of John Adams with emphasis on his role in the American Revolution.  (J 973.3092 HAR)


The Story of the Boston Tea Party by R. Conrad Stein  Recounts the events leading up to the colonists' defiant act against the British known as the Boston Tea Party, which ultimately climaxed in the American Revolution.  (J 973.3 STE)


Black Heroes of the American Revolution by Burke Davis  An account of the black soldiers, sailors, spies, scouts, guides, and wagoners who participated and sacrificed in the struggle for American independence. (J 973.3 DAV)


Fiction Materials K-5

Lizzie and the Redcoat: stirrings of revolution in the American Colonies by Susan Martins Miller  Twelve-year-old Lizzie Murray risks her life to help a British soldier who was wounded by a mob in the days leading up to the American Revolution. 

Love Thy Neighbor: the Tory diary of Prudence Emerson  In Green Marsh, Massachusetts, in 1774, thirteen-year-old Prudence keeps a diary of the troubles she and her family face as Tories surrounded by American patriots at the start of the American Revolution.  (J FIC DEAR)


Five Smooth Stones by Kristiana Gregory  In her diary, a young girl writes about her life and the events surrounding the beginning of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in 1776.  (J FIC MYAM)


Revolutionary War on Wednesday by Mary Pope Osborne  Using their magic tree house, Jack and Annie travel back to the time of the American Revolution and help General George Washington during his famous crossing of the Delaware River. 


Samuel’s Choice by Richard Berleth  Samuel, a fourteen-year-old slave in Brooklyn in 1776, faces a difficult choice when the fighting between the British and the colonists reaches his doorstep and only he can help the rebels. (J FIC BER)


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson  After being sold to a curel couple in New York City, a slave named Isabel spies for the rebels during the Revolutionary War. 


Sarah Bishop by Scott O’Dell  Left alone after the deaths of her father and brother who take opposite sides in the War for Independence, and fleeing from the British who seek to arrest her, Sarah Bishop struggles to shape a new life for herself in the wilderness. (J FIC ODE)


Peril at King’s Creek by Elizabeth McDavid Jones  In 1776, Penny is concerned that the British Army will steal her horse and burn her family's plantation.  (J FIC AMER)


Emma’s Journal: The story of a Colonial Girl by Marissa Moss  From 1774 to 1776, Emma describes in her journal her stay in Boston, where she witnesses the British blockade and spies for the American militia. Features hand-printed text, drawings, and marginal notes. (J FIC MOS)



Materials 6-12


Reference Materials 6-12



The Revolutionary War by Louise and Benton Minks  A narrative account of the American Revolution, covering the origins of disputes with Britain, profiles of the key figures, and descriptions of major battles.  (ADU REF 973.3 MIN)


Women Patriots of the American Revolution: a biographical dictionary by Charles E. Claghorn  (ADU REF 973.3 CLA)


Encyclopedia of the American Revolution by Mark Mayo Boatner 
(ADU REF 973.3 BOA)


World Book Encyclopedia (ADU REF 031 WOR)


Nonfiction Materials 6-12


Choosing Sides on the Frontier in the American Revolution by Walter S. Dunn Jr.  (ADU 977.01 DUN)


A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution by Theodore P. Savas  (ADU 973.33 SAV)


1776 by David McCullough Draws on personal correspondence and period diaries to present a history of the American Revolution that ranges from the siege of Boston, to the American defeat at Brooklyn and retreat across New Jersey, to the American victory at Trenton.  (ADU 973.3 MCC)


Revolutionary War by Benton Minks  A narrative account of the American Revolution, covering the origins of disputes with Britain, profiles of the key figures, and descriptions of major battles.  (ADU 973.3 MIN)


The American Revolution by Kirk D. Werner  (ADU 973.3 AME)


American Revolution in the West by George M. Waller  Fresh examination of a neglected area of the Revolutionary War, recounting how the War for Independence was fought on the western frontier from the Appalachians to the Mississippi.
(ADU 973.3 WAL)


Uniforms of the American Revolution in Color by John Mollo 
(ADU 355.14 MOL)


The Pictorial History of the American Revolution as told by eyewitnesses and participants by Kay Smith  (ADU 973.3 FUR)


The History of Weapons of the American Revolution by George C. Neumann  (ADU 623.4 NEU)


The Great Separation: the story of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the American Revolution  by Donald Barr Chidsey  (ADU 973.31 CHI)


Revolutionary Medicine, 1700-1800 by C. Keith Wilbur  (ADU 973.375 WIL)


The Revolutionary Soldier, 1775-1783 by C. Keith Wilbur (ADU 973.38 WIL)


Pirates and Patriots of the Revolution by C. Keith Wilbur  (ADU 973.35 WIL)


The Boston Massacre by Bonnie L. Lukes Historical examination of the aftermath, including the trials, of the Boston Massacre of 1770. (ADU 973.3 LUK)   


Fiction Materials 6-12


Petticoat Rebel by Mary Stetson Clarke  Teen-age Dacie's belief in education for women and her family's stand against slavery are interwoven against the background of the American Revolution. (YA CLA)


The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: The Pox Party by M.T. Anderson  Various diaries, letters, and other manuscripts chronicle the experiences of Octavian, a young African American, from birth to age sixteen, as he is brought up as part of a science experiment in the years leading up to and during the Revolutionary War.  (YA AND)


The Secret of Sarah Revere by Ann Rinaldi  Paul Revere’s daughter describes her father’s “rides” and the intelligence network of the patriot community prior to the American Revolution. (YA RIN)


Finishing Becca: a story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold by Ann Rinaldi  In 1778 fourteen-year-old Becca takes a position as personal maid to Peggy Shippen, the daughter of wealthy Philadelphia Quakers, and witnesses the events that lead to General Benedict Arnold's betrayal of the revolutionary American forces.


Or Give Me Death: a novel of Patrick Henry’s family by Ann Rinaldi  With their father away most of the time advocating independence for the American colonies, the children of Patrick Henry try to raise themselves, manage the family plantation, and care for their mentally ill mother. (YA RIN)

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