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Stunningly beautiful color and texture in this mouldering facade in Santiago de Compostela.

As  we entered a  quiet park on a side street in Santiago de Compostela, this green door with its glowing pink reflection welcomed us.

Fez - VERY stinky.  This is where leather is dyed and processed


The Purple  Coneflower

Any guesses?  One of my favorite shots, though.

 Local Dilettante Studio
 GPHowell Photos at Flikr
 Bill Ritchie and The Halfwood Etching Press
Chenonceau in the Loire Valley 
- the hall over the river.

Venice - my favorite city.    On the  Grand Canal.

Low tide on the Grand Canal.  Watch your step!

Where am I???!! This is like a  Hollywood movie!   NOT.

Gloxinia - beautiful in deep purple.

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