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GPhone Manager is a perfect tool that do the Advanced Task Manager, Advanced Application Manager & File Explorer ALL IN ONE.
Save Power Teminate the running service/application (These power killers) to save your gphone power, get your battery a longer lifetime.
Save Space  Clear the trash applications , Clean trash files on your device & SD card to get more spaces on memory.
Save Time     Run quickly and easy to use. You can acheive your goal in few seconds.

GPhone Manager


Advanced Task Manager
It kills the trash applications. Just  teminate the trash applications/services to save your power, and help to get a faster Gphone.
Advanced Task Manager can help to view all the running applications/services. You can choose to switch to the target application or just terminate the trash application/service. And you can also read the detail information about the choosen application/service.
Memory info and CPU info are also available in this version!
Advanced Application Manager
Uninstall trash applications, or backup/recover your favorite applications. You can complete uninstall/backup/recover applications just by one click.
Advanced Application Manager can help to view all the applications installed on you phone. You can choose to run the application by one-click, or just hold on to uninstall or backup it. Far more, multi uninstall & backup are also available now.
Multi uninstall/backup/recover are also available in this version!
File Explorer
Manage your file, to browse the files, cut the files, copy the files, paste the files, delete the files, all under your eyes!
File Explorer can help to view all files on your phone's root directory and SD card. You can choose to view the inner directories/files, and you can also copy/cut/paste the directory or file to where you want it to be, or just delete the trash files.
Far more, you can even click the apk file to install directly in this version!

7/1/2009     Free version available
Get all features in but with some limits and ADs. Download from the market from here.
7/1/2009     1.1.0 version available
Update to add "execute" functionality and make the memory and CPU info menu easy-to-use. Download from the market from here. 
6/28/2009   1.0.0 version available
First version, do the Advanced Task Manager, Advanced Application Manager & Advanced File Explorer 's work. Download from the market from here.
Aaron ChDWu,
Aug 29, 2009, 8:49 PM