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Resident Elective at the GPHC A&E

Resident Elective rotation for non GPHC residents


Thank you for your interest in our resident elective. We offer a challenging work environment with an incomparable pathology with many opportunities to learn, teach and exchange with our Guyanese emergency residents. You will work in the large volume tertiary referral centre for the entire country. As we are currently running a full emergency residency with limited attending supervision, we expect a high level of commitment and professionalism. This elective is particularly suited to those considering a career in international EM.


  • Provide emergency medical care in an urban, tertiary care, resource limited hospital in a developing country
  • Demonstrate history and physical exam skills in a culturally sensitive approach that permit accurate diagnostic evaluation
  • Develop competence in the appropriate use of low cost interventions to treat common emergency presentations
  • Learn about tropical disease and apply the knowledge to patient care.
  • Develop an appreciation for the challenges to the development of emergency care in a low-middle income country


  • You will work alongside 2nd and 3rd year GPHC EM residents
  •  You will review patients as a senior resident  with 1st year residents.
  • You will be supervised by GPHC EM specialists and/or visiting overseas based faculty
  • Participate in weekly conference
  •  Teach 2 lectures over the course of the month
  • Work 36 clinical hours per week

We accept applications for electives from 3rd or 4th year residents in accredited emergency medicine residencies.

Practical information

Lodging may be available through Project DAWN which is a facility 15 min away from the hospital with nice rooms with ensuite bathrooms and a common kitchen and living space. It currently costs USD$100 per week. Given the popularity of this option, it may or may not be available. Many visiting medical students stay at Rima Guest House which is basic but homely for USD$40/ night. There are discounts for long term stays.

Flights are available through JFK and MIA and frequently require a stop at POS in Trinidad. Look directly on the websites of Caribbean Airlines and Surinam Airways for flights.

The guide book by Kirk Smock in Bradt collection is very comprehensive. We will also send you a  handbook once accepted for an elective.

Application Process

Please follow the requirements and directions below. We will carefully consider all complete applications. Please note however, that due to staffing considerations, logistical issues, and limited space, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Application requirements:

  • Must have completed at least 2 years of EM training in an accredited 3-4 year EM residency.
  • Must be fully licensed in your home country at the time of application.
  • Minimum elective time is 4 weeks.
  • Residents should discuss with the GPHC residency director a specific interest to lead a small project that ties didactics and clinical application. Examples include
    • a specific US skill (we have a Sonosite Titan with a curved probe)
    • Journal club skills
    • Ophthalmology (we have a slit lamp)
    •  Advanced suturing techniques
    • ED charting
    • Pediatric pain control…

 Please submit the following application materials:

  • A completed application form (below)
  • a one page (or less) letter of intent explaining how this rotation will help you achieve your goals
  • an up to date CV
  • a letter of good standing from your residency director
  • A letter of institutional support for your participation, to include a guarantee of time away from your home institution (This information may also be included in the letter from your program director.)
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from your program director and one from an additional faculty member
  • A photo of yourself for the roster.
  • Send all to gphcemergency@gmail.com at least 3 months prior to your intended elective date.

Please note that this rotation is run and based out of GPHC and is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Vanderbilt University.

Faculty from Vanderbilt may or may not be present during your rotation.

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