GPF 2012 State Fair  and Catapult Showdown Competition

Sandy Beach,    S E P T .    2 7 ,  2 0 1 2,   T h u r s d a y  See Juneau’s finest as they HURL & CHUNK pumpkins!  Yes, it’s THAT extreme sport.  Age divisions specify min. 2#, 4#,or 8# pumpkin (or winter squash).  Power by hand & crank; no motors, gas, pressure, or explosive materials!!!  Safety rules include operator helmets, goggles, & stress-test before competition.  Back-stop will be May Flower Island Causeway.  Must be able to skid onto beach or assemble at starting line.  Rules adopted from .        $20 per catapult entry; spectators free.   Food & beverages available.  Make it a picnic!             Big cash prizes:  $75 per age division, $150 grand prize!!!  Ribbons, prizes, AND FAME!!

4-5PM.   Entrants check-in.  Rain or Shine.  If storm, call event line 586-1616 or tune into KTOO.

5 PM.    Stress-test.  That’s right:  Don’t crack under tension!

5:30-7:30 PM.  The Crowd goes wild.  Event will be filmed.

8:30-9:30 PM.  Bring catapults to the JACC.  Catapult can become part of exhibit & judged for design.  Table-top catapults (with $5 fee) may be entered at this time or Sept. 28, 12-5PM.

EnTRIES  J. A. C.  C.  (Juneau Arts & culture Center ) $5 for up to 3 entries; includes same-day admission

S E P T .    2 8 ,  2 0 1 2,  F r i d a y, enter noon-5PM:  catapults, preserves, arts, and pumpkin/winter squash carvings, Market-Quality Vegetables or fruitS;       in addition to:  Largest Garden Crop/Vegetable, veg heads, youth & 4-H projects &  the great pumpkin weigh-off cash prizes: $50, $25. 

S E P T .    2 9,  2 0 1 2,  S a t u r d a y:   Bring pumpkin culinary entries, 8-10 AM:  Grand Prize $50.                  PIE-Eating Contest at 3 PM. entrants draw for fantastic door prizes!!  recognition & ribbons for all!


Crop Divisions are adapted directly from the Alaska State Fair
The State of Alaska, Department of Transportation, Division of Weights & Measures officiates over precise weigh-ins and measures.


Largest Garden Crop/Vegetables

Basically anything annual & edible, including garlic, potato, squash, melons, artichokes, sunflowers, longest gourd, etc.


Veg Heads

Transform any vegetables into a character of your choosing (g-rated), all ages.


Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off

Cash prizes $50, $25 September 28 12:00-5:00 PM weigh-in.


Pumpkin Culinary

Everything pumpkin (or winter squash) as a major ingredient made by contestant; no store bought mixes.  Must have whole platter or 16 ounces minimum.  September 29th, 8:00-10:00am entry.

·         Pie

·         Pudding

·         Flan

·         Bread


·         Cake

·         Cookies

·         Pickle

·         Chutney

·         Savory Dish

·         Jam

·         Other

Best Overall $50


Pie-Eating Contest

1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes.  Gee Mom, no hands! 
Registration for Pie Eating Contest begins on Sept. 29, at 10:00am until slots are full.
Art Divisions
Best Fall Scene, any medium
Pumpkin/Squash Carving
Corn Husk Craft
Paper Mache


Numerous ribbons in Class & Division.  Special recognition and prizes!  Click GPFreg below for the registration form.

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