About the Great Pumpkin Festival

An Official Fair with Official Weights, Measures, Judging

This is a grass-roots start to a local fair, offering the same standards as the Alaska State Fair, but starting in a manageable size and format.

The 2012 Great Pumpkin Festival will offer:

·         fair foods

·         how-to-presentations and displays

·         vegetable entries

·         pumpkin culinary entries

·         pumpkin weigh-off

·         veg-head creature entries

·         pie-eating contest

·         and a whole lot of fun!

Small entry fee at the door for those not entering items or contests.


Who is organizing the event?

Anyone with a flair to share!  Judges will need to have an eye for detail and some expertise, but we need all sorts of people.  And with just a small amount of commitment, you are welcome to join and work on an as-needed basis.  Creativity and arts are greatly encouraged.

Brenda Krauss is a local botanist, master gardener, educator, fair-goer and yes, a pumpkin grower.  After recovering from lengthy medical treatments, she has decided that there is no time like the present to celebrate and bring the fair to Juneau.



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