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Landscaping & Garden designing reference

Landscaping & Garden designing reference

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We basically deal in all kinds of landscaping, building, architectural, decorative & Water treatment natural stones and industrial use materials.
ere we are representing you our several qualities of landscaping & architectural stones and some of our hardscaping water garden projects

Our products include:

Our product & Services

1.0 Pebbles & gravels

2.0 Paving stones & flag stones

3.0 Slates & sandstones.

4.0 Lava stones & other decorative natural stone articles for aquariums.

5.0 Hand carved sculptures from Indian craftsman.

6.0 Roof top Gardens products & plants.

7.0 Projects of landscaping & Landscape hardwork.

We've explored many new qualities and range of natural stones because we concentrated always towards maintaining quality on introductory and competitive levels, and presenting unique natural stones to the world market.

Pebble & gravel stones

Following is the range of our pebble & gravel stones:

  1. Natural Pebbles- White, Mauve/ grape blue, assorted brown, avocado green, black, chocolate brown, Dalmatian flints, designer patterns,

  2. Tumbled flat Pebbles- rainy clouds gray, assorted green, dust yellow, assorted pink

  3. Quartz Pebbles- Snow white, peach, red

  4. Gravels- red jasper, yellow jasper, gray, avocado green, brown, multi colored gravels

  5. Granite Pink Pebble- Pink tumbled gravels & pebbles

  6. Big sized pebbles- various colors and patterns.

  7. Natural pebble garden-steps

Lava Rocks

  1. Aquariums decorative

  2. Bosai Planters

  3. Landscaping holed rocks

  4. Waterfall

  5. Decorative pieces


Black, sky green cobbles of all sizes, circles, paving sets,

Quartzite & Slate stones

Different color & pattern ranges of slates & quartzite tiles are available


Natural paving in all colors: circles, paving sets and cobbles

Random irregular sandstone broken.


Order supplies of black, gray, todi blue and pink cobbles.


Special holed stones

Engraved stone murals

Stones garden steps


Stone planter pots- Different sizes & shapes

Stone Waterfalls & fountains - tailor made designs

Japanese stone lanterns- Different sizes & shapes

Stone benches- Different seating styles

Stone art, articles & artifacts.

We are proud to announce that our team of executives is really committed to lead towards a bright future of supply and contraction market through our exclusive stones and expert quality of works.

You can tell your requirements and needs in details to us either by letter or by email at

We have quarry deep knowledge of our natural stones.

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