This Coat of Arms has been presented as the typical example of the most accepted Arms for the Daniell Family  This illustration was presented in "The New World Book of the Coats of Arms".

There is this view about the use of the so called Family Coats of Arms: "There are no such things as family crests or coats of arms. Crests and coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may be correctly born undifferentiated by only one individual at a time.

Research Update - those little puzzlers

Updated on June 25, 2012 and reviewed 06--7-2014.  (There is a caveat to this paper that was written back in 2006 which operated under the premise that James Daniel of Essex County, Virginia was the progenitor of my family line through William Daniell of Caroline County, Virginia. Researcher  Pam Miller of California dispels that possibility) Otherwise, this paper is presented in its original form.     

 As I enter my twelth year of Daniel research I read back over my old files and marvel that I arrived at this point without quitting in desperation. So, here are some of the puzzlers that still face my work and that of others; I will share a few comments.  As always, I will appreciate any constructive participation from my peers.

It has been presumed, and I emphasize the word presumed, that James Daniel of Essex Co., Virginia, was the son of Hugh and Mary Billington Daniel of Old Rappahannock Co., Va. Rappahannock County was formed in the year 1656 from Lancaster Co., Va. , and became extinct in 1692 when it became two counties named Essex and Richmond Co., Va. If James was born about 1661 he would, or could be, a possible son of Hugh and have a Rappahannock tie? We call him James Daniel of Essex because he died in Essex in 1742. To my knowledge the only son attributable to Hugh and Mary would have been a William who was born about 1660 and is mentioned in the records of Rappahannock County (April 18, 1661). There is no evidence that this William was the William Daniel of Caroline, Virginia, or that he produced any offspring.

To further cloud the issue, John Daniel of York County, probably the first John of record, is presumed to be the father of James of Essex, a William, a John, and a Richard.  Mr. Heinemann, who first supported Hugh Daniel as the chief progenitor of the Daniels of Rappahannock and Essex etc., changed his position when Worth S. Ray suggested that a John Daniel was the father of the aforementioned sons.  Hugh Daniel would be a convenient place to put James because of dates and locality but this would be a “best guess” assignment.

Mrs. Christine S. Gee and Dr. James Daniel of Laurens, S.C. , after hands on research in the area of  Essex/Caroline/Lancaster Counties Va., arrived at the conclusion that James Daniel of Essex was a standalone guy and was not the son of Hugh or a John of York.  While some researchers claim that Gee's work is flawed, I did support her position that James (James the First of Essex) was the father of William, (William Daniel of Caroline), and John born C1687, an assignment supported by Judge Newman, and James Daniel II (1680-1725) who fits a missing link in the lineage lineup There is no record of a Richard in this picture or the presumption that John of York was the father of James of Essex, William, John or a  Richard. I would love to know more about this Richard? (As mentioned above there is now evidence that William of Caroline was not the son of James Daniel of Essex, but William Daniel of Henry County was.) 

It is also presumed that Roger Daniell of Warwick County , Va. , located 40 miles or so from Rappahannock , was the father of Hugh Daniel and of John Daniell of York as well. Do we have factual documentation for these assignments or do we accept past researchers work as gospel; probably not, but they are our only guide line to the past and we must consider that Heinemann did have a list of sources even though he did not connect all the dots for us. Mr. Ray also left us enough material to jump start the research process, but his dots do not always factually connect.  Factor in the loss of records from the area of Essex and Caroline, and we are left to make the best of what we have until DNA helps to solve these issues.  I don't understand how any connection between Hugh Daniell and Roger Daniel of Warwick County has been made. Hugh Daniell was imported as a headright into Northampton County, VA by Sampson Robins in 1653. Hugh Daniell became associated with John Williams, Luke Billington, Richard Peacock, Robert Bayley, John Suggett and others in Northampton, Accomac and finally Rappahannock counties before his death about 1665. I've found no interaction between any of these folks and anyone in Warwick County. All of these families remained close in proximity and in records in records in Essex and Richmond counties 
after Rappahannock was abolished. Most of these men were illiterate and Hugh Daniell, John Williams and Richard Peacock identified themselves as carpenters in deed records. Robert Bayley had carpenter tools in his estate. I think part of the somewhat wispy nature of being able to trace these folks is that they had a trade that was in high demand, so even though they were often planters and sometimes owned land, they still identified themselves as tradesmen and made their living that way, leaving fewer records as a result. 

I also don't see a link between John Daniell of York and Roger Daniell of Warwick, though I have focused less on these families as I don't feel that I am connected to them. I am guessing that all of these connections were made by Heinemann, Ray and others who assumed all of these early Virginia Daniel families were related and these assignments just continue because they are not being critically examined using primary records. I don't know of anyone who can prove descent from Hugh Daniell, Roger Daniell or John Daniell of York, so this probably cannot be resolved by DNA testing and the available records are insufficient to do so. 

I suspect that William Daniel of Caroline may have been the grandson of Hugh Daniell, based on his proximity to families associated with Hugh Daniell, his occupation as a carpenter and marriage into the Williams family. I think that white carpenters may have gradually been displaced by skilled slaves who were trained as carpenters, so that William Daniel of Caroline was pushed more into life as a planter and mill owner and eventually abandoned his work as a carpenter. Note: The items in red are under review by Kevin Daniel and your compiler and some of the information may be changed. GPD

Daniel DNA web site

In 2005 we engaged in a debate about the name "Osborn" which was given to John Daniel of Wake Co., NC/Elbert Co., Ga. Diane Carrington Bradford and G. Payne Daniel co-authored a paper on the controversy surrounding the use of this name and it can be see at:  

The Great "Osborn(e)" Controversy 

The DNA Program has entered the picture and a new era in making positive assignments can be expected.  It has been suggested that your compiler's ancestor, Ambrose Daniel, may not have been a Caroline Daniel.  The evidence, DNA or otherwise, is insufficient for me to accept that finding at this time.  To date (25 September 2012) no ones DNA has matched mine and I have seen no DNA matches in the William of Caroline Family. There were, of course, other William Daniels in the Essex/Caroline areas of Virginia. 

Payne Daniel (The Old Compiler)

12-9-2014 - I have been asked to refine my comments of yesterday and fatten up the information.  OK, so be it. :-) 

I was reading a publication yesterday with some information that I believe is incorrect or a myth.  It probably wasn't the fault of the writer just information out there that mimics the truth. Some of these myths have been perpetrated for a long time. Heinemann, Ray, and others, acting with out our technology, did the best they could to be factual but they did wonder off the course, genealogy speaking.  

Darby Daniel, the son of Roger Daniell, was not married to Anne Cary unless he was married twice which is up for speculation. That would include Ann “Harrison” Copeland and Anne Cary as the two wives? 
I would objectively have to suggest that Darby may have never married Ann Cary. (What evidence did Worth S. Ray have?).  "Colonial Granville and Its People"

2.  Col. Robert Daniell of Charleston S.C. was not the son of Roger Daniell of Warwick Co., Va. Col. Robert Daniell was born c. 1646, and died May 1, 1718, at age 72, according to a memorial inscription at St. Philip’s Church, Charleston. He was the son of John Daniell, a mariner and ship builder, of London, and his wife, Sarah. 

3.  Captain William Daniell of Middlesex Co., Va., was not the son of Hugh Daniel and Hugh was more likely to be the son of Roger Daniell of Warwick Co., Va.  It is noted that the members of this family emigrated from England to the Northern Neck of Virginia in the 1640's. 
It is more likely that William Daniell was the founder of the Daniel family in Middlesex County, Virginia in 1660. ("A Place in Time, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1650-1750”) As far as can be proven Hugh had one son a William whose dates do not match our William Daniell of Middlesex. 

4.  James Daniel of Essex Co., Va. was not a son of Hugh and Mary Billington Daniel since they only had one son, a William.  James’ actual heritage is up for speculation or guess by gum. It can be also noted that William Daniell of Caroline was not a son or brother of James Daniel of Essex.

5.  And one more time since this myth permeates the genealogy scene, William Daniell of Middlesex was not the same person as Col. William Daniel of Wigan, England, whose issue did not come to America.  That William was married to Dorothy Forth.  I have documentation for that married on my web page. 

6.  Since the same source mentioned above, with out naming it, ask for guidance on this issue I am thinking about the assignment of Edward Daniels of Orange Co., (1715 - 1815?) being the son of John Daniels - Immigrant to Orange Co., Va., At present, I have Edward Daniel/s with out a fore bearer?  Also I have listed this Edward without an “s” but this is just by choice since this family is not my cup of tea. 

Payne TOC