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The Coat of Arms presented above is typical for families such as the Daniell's of Bradley in Appleton, Over Tabley, and Daresbury, Co. Cheshire.


Introducing The Families of Garland Payne Daniel

 Ambrose Daniel of Halifax County, North Carolina ~ HALIFAX: Census: 1786 lists Peter Daniel of Halifax Co., NC + Ambrose Daniel - 1790 lists Peter Daniel of Warren Co., NC + Warren Co., Tax Lists. with Ambrose who died in 1795......Ambrose Daniel - "My notes show that Peter and Ambrose appeared in the same tax list from 1784-1787 and that Ambrose and Randol Daniel appeared in the same section of a tax list in Halifax County, NC in 1790. In the same county in 1790 but in a different section of the tax list were Willie and and Sterling Daniel and in another section were Buckner, Elizabeth and West Daniel."  Kevin Daniel

The Family of Immigrant Daniel of Prince Geo./Brunswick Counties Virginia File removed 10-27-15 is the family that we suspect was that of Peter Daniel Sr., and father of Ambrose Daniel.  The absolute proof has not been found yet but all data and dates provide a convincing argument. The temporary file for John Daniel Sr., of Brunswick Co., Virginia will be replaced when that assignment is a certainty. 

.......Prominent Daniels of the Author's Family and Other Daniel Families of Halifax and Warren Counties, North Carolina 

The Family of John Pritchett - We suspect this family is out of Northumberland Co., Va.
.......The Odyssey of Joel Wiley Thornton Jr., the family of Willis Thornton of N. C. ........
Jonathan Miller - Bertie, North Carolina - with the family of James Lewis of Ireland - Pictures
Johannes Bast of Cabarrus County, North Carolina   The original file was in another software. When it was transferred to Family Tree Maker the file was a mess. I have tried to correct all the duplications and coding  errors but that is an on going job.  The data is fine but it is sometimes hard to read. My Daniel line picks up with Martin Luther Bost.                                                                                                                                                 
Johannes "Hans" GRAUELIncludes the family of George Crowell, the Compilers Line. Some work was done on this file to remove duplicates and coding errors (a work in progress) from moving the file to WFTM for Mac from Legacy Software. 03/02/16 - Regarding the name Cromwell: The evidence shows two men John and Edward Crowell (of New Jersey) were not brothers of Oliver Cromwell.  The evidence also shows that Oliver Cromwell had no brothers that survived to adulthood. 

Introducing The Families of Shirley Lorren Daniel
John Lorren Report - Pictures and Places (Janet Lorren Noah of Etowah County, Alabama, passed away on 12/15/2010 and was preceeded in death by her husband Ray Noah. Janet was a contributor to the Lorren family) Additional information is now available so this is still a work in progress. 

John Warmack of Alabama - Pictures and Places The Johnson Family - of Gwinnett County, Georgia and later Alabama - There is a family story that there was a Cherokee connection in the Johnson family and the Abney(Lorren) family. Little Lilton and Molly Johnson were thought to be full blood Cherokees and Cathren Abney was 1/2 blood Cherokee, all according to family lore.  Shirley Lorren Daniel's father had all the facial features of an Indian and her grand mother Molly (Johnson) had some of the features. It is noted that the Abney name does appear in the Cherokee Rolls out in Oklahoma. Some Abney's discount the connection and maintain that their ancestry was French. It appears that there at least 2 Abney family lines.  

William Daniel Sr., of Caroline County, as far as anyone knows no descent from William Daniel Sr., can be proven. The DNA from two of the earliest descendants of William would make a difference. I am making the assumption that William Daniel Sr., was not the progenitor of my line thru Ambrose Daniel. It is more likely that Ambrose was out of Brunswick County Virginia family (of Peter Daniel).  

Ann Jones (Widow) Daniel thought to be the consort of John Daniel of London.  This file has been removed 03-15-07 Contact the editor for information.  gpdfla
Captain William Daniell of Middlesex County, Virginia ~ Begin in 1660 - This Family File has been moved to Payne's Family Research
Another South Carolina Daniell - John Daniell of Oyster Point, Charleston, S. C. (with John Daniell the shipwright - new notes added 31 Aug 2016 gpd)  On 03-15-17 The Col. Daniel file was removed for space reason.  The file is in my  files if needed.  

James Daniel, Sr., of Essex County, Virginia ~ William Daniel of Caroline is not a son of this James.  Pictures provided by .........Vicky Daniel Winslow 

John Daniell of Isle of Wight with Ezekiel Daniel and Peter Garland - Note: WILLIAMS "UNCLE BILLY" DANIEL SR was born between 1771-1780 in North Carolina, USA. He died between 1830-1839. He married Elizabeth Betsy Watts, it is uncertain that he was the son of John Daniel II of Northampton but the son of Wiliam "Ohoopee" Daniel who was the son of John of Northampton. (Carolina, USA. He died before 1820 in Washington, Georgia, USA. He married an unknown spouse before 1771 in North Carolina, USA.)  10-24-2017 - file has been reworked!

Roger Daniell of Warwick County, Virginia - Other aspects of this family including Hugh Daniell and recent changes. Roger Daniell "Y-DNA Group" Copyright (c) by Diane Carrington Bradford. RDW Note: File, 10 generations, revised 26 July 2016 and may have some duplicated general notes caused by a change in software.  TOC 

Another genealogist opinion: "First of all, I just don't buy the whole Roger Daniel line. There are just too many gaps to and too few records to support the connections that Roger Daniel "descendants" are claiming. As far as I am aware, no one can prove a connection to the York County, VA Daniels in primary records, much less a connection to Roger Daniel." August 22, 2017

  ALLIED FAMILIES or Families of Interest

John Crow/Crowell of Mass., with Yelverton Crowell

The d'Anyers, Danyl, Daniell Family of Cheshire 

John Daniell of Over Tabley, England with a report on Sir Peter Daniell of Over Tabley


  Contact in England - TR Daniel -


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Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Warren Counties