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Patrick "Soids" Dempsey

Greetings.  My name is Patrick Dempsey.  Since there is a relatively famous actor by the name Patrick Dempsey, I use Dempsey, Demps, Patrick, gpdempsey, Soids, LibrarianDude and Librarian1968. Online or offline I'm mainly Dempsey or Soids.  Do you want to learn more about my name? Nah I didn't think so.

"Why did you start this website?"  First off, damn you're nosey!  Just kidding.  Every website should have a purpose, this one has two:

  • Since 1999 I've wanted to do a website dedicated to the G&L F-100 guitar. It will contain all the historical and factual information about this guitar model and eventually will be my main site.
  •  Because I can.  

Here are other things I can do: 

(insert exciting web content here)