Our members have been on the journey that begins with the words "you have breast cancer".   Dragon boating with GoPink!DC is a life-affirming experience that brings hope and recovery to survivors and supporters.

GoPink!DC, a program of the National Capital Area Women's Paddling Association, is Washington’s only dragon boat team for women touched by breast cancer. Through participation, women experience the healing power of community and the physical benefits of an activity that can relieve the side effects of treatment. We collaborate with local and national partners to raise awareness of breast cancer's impact, promote investment in treatment research and expand knowledge of dragon boating's therapeutic benefits. 

We race in festivals against other breast cancer teams, in a spirit of competition and camaraderie. The vibrant gatherings are transformational and teach survivors and supporters that breast cancer is an experience, not an identity. Tournaments support healing, growth and offer poignant opportunities for remembrance of sisters who have died.

In the dragon boat, twenty of us sit two-by-two, paddling in sync. We are interdependent, each relying on the other to pull us all forward. In this action we learn something powerful: challenging ourselves on the water makes us stronger in life.

Our members come from all walks of life including career women, moms, and retirees. We are proud members of a worldwide community of breast cancer survivors who have discovered the physical, emotional, and mental restorative benefits of the addictive sport of dragon boat paddling. Click here to be added to our contact list for announcements about races, special events, and other club information.

Breast cancer survivors and female supporters of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome to join GoPink!DC. Experience this electrifying sport that unites breast cancer survivors in celebrating life. Many women have identified it as a key factor in rebuilding their lives after cancer. While our on-the-water paddling season runs from late March through early November, we offer fitness and conditioning throughout the year. In addition to weekly practices, we participate in festivals and races locally, as well as in other venues in the eastern United States. Each time we paddle together, we realize that we are all winners. As we build or maintain our physical fitness, we also relish the rich and unique experiences in life. Back on shore, we find time to cherish our friendship and sisterhood through a variety of social events.

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