GoPink!DC, under the National Capital Area Women’s Paddling Association (NCAWPA),  exists to improve the quality of life of breast cancer survivors by increasing mobility, fitness, and mental health through participation in the activity of dragon boat paddling. Anyone can participate in dragon boat paddling, regardless of age, current level of fitness, or income.

Through the physical activity of dragon boat paddling, we have learned that we can push the limits of our physical endurance and have fun doing it. We have grown stronger as individuals and as a group. We began as strangers with only our disease in common; now we are best friends and an emotional support network for each other, our friends, and our communities. Our dream is to continue to encourage all those living with breast cancer all over the world to live full and active lives.

Our dragon boat experience is helping our healing:
  •    helps us regain control of our lives
  •    reminds us to make the most of every moment
  •    creates a new state of wellness in each of us
  •    demands the best of us both physically and mentally
  •    helps us overcome the loneliness of cancer
  •    creates a safety net in the event of a recurrence
  •    gives us pride in our accomplishments
  •    enables us to move on with our lives
  •    creates a new balance in our lives
  •    encourages us to share our experience with others