The Global Partnership to Support Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding is a community of practice that brings together large international NGOs, national & international level children/youth-led or children/youth-focused organizations, scholars and champions who believe in the key role young people play in peacebuilding processes around the world. The founding members include Action Aid, PATRIR, Save the Children, Search for Common Ground, UNICEF, the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) and World Vision as well as a number of individual experts on the topic. The Global Partnership works collaboratively to support effective child and youth participation in peace at individual, family, peer, school, community, sub-national, national, regional and global levels.

The partnership’s vision is to create a safe and enabling environment for children, adolescents and youth to contribute meaningfully to sustainable peace by influencing peace processes and initiatives.

The global partnership’s goal is to create a collaborative community of practice by bringing together institutions and individuals to find ways to be more accountable to the majority of the global population that is below the age of 30.

Through this collaborative process the Global Partnership aims to;

Deepen understanding and recognition of governments and other partners regarding the contribution children and youth make towards democratic development and sustainable peace in order to increase support for their role in influencing peace at all levels; for example by ensuring that decision-makers at local, national and global levels are willing to listen to and support children and youth on their involvement in peace processes and peacebuilding.

In order to achieve its vision and aims, the partnership

  • Maps: The partnership is currently mapping child and youth led organizations in peacebuilding, aiming to inform and involve them in the work of the partnership.
  • The Global Partnership invites you to join and support this growing community of practice. For more information, please contact Saji Prelis at Search for Common Ground (sprelis [at] sfcg.org), Annette Giertsen at Save the Children Norway (Annette.Giertsen [at] reddbarna.no) or Andra Tanase at Patrir (andra [at] patrir.ro).
  • Present the evidence of children and youth peacebuilding involvement and make concrete and realistic recommendations to enable young people’s participation in peacebuilding.
  • Supports effective child and youth engagement in peacebuilding and supports children and youth- led campaigns advocating for their involvement in such peacebuilding.
  • Cooperates with children and youth in its work: A reference group of children and youth has been established to ensure that children and youth are full partners of all activities of the partnership
  • Researches and Evaluates: The partnership is working on a multi-country, multi-agency, multi- donor evaluation (3M) to assess the impact of child and youth participation in peacebuilding
  • Campaigns globally: The partnership is setting up a large-scale global campaign to raise public awareness about the value of and need for youth participation in peacebuilding,