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Ludwigs' September Update

As we look back on September, it felt like a year's worth of time in only a month because of being separated!  And a lot of good things have happened too, from good time with parents and visitors to lots of insights about Community Health Evangelism (CHE) from different villages in Kenya.  Read more about what's happening below.  Again, as Michael had the chance to preach this past Sunday, he got to emphasize the great impact on our work that we can see from your prayers, so please keep them up!

CHE Internship Kenya – The internship has been great, for Michael and Pastor Issa, although the time away from family has been really difficult.  We’ve picked up more of the CHE basics like keys to adult learning, and adding children’s CHE, savings groups, women’s cycle of life, and beekeeping.  It’s done a lot to change Pastor Issa’s worldview.  From traveling to see different cultures/place, to being taught about women’s cycle of life and seeing other people’s attitudes toward sharing the burdens in marriage, to the little it takes to start a viable microbusiness.  One more week to finish!

Rachel’s Adventures – Rachel’s been having a great time with her parents visiting, but has also been shouldering the many difficulties of life in Niger.  She’s had to deal with frequent electricity outages, difficulties paying bills, driving in rain at night and car issues, computers frying, teeth drilling, and tons of special requests from neighbors (like treating a bad cut on a newborn baby).  Her parents were troopers helping through it all and had some great time experiencing more deeply what our life is like.  That included sicknesses, heat stress, and home improvement projects from the forts to curtains.

Visitors & Relationships – At the same time as Rachel’s parents, we had our area and regional coordinators from the PCUSA come to continue working on the relationship and partnership with the EERN.  With the visitors, Rachel and her dad got the special chance to visit one of the ready-to-start construction sites of the youth hosting centers.  They were also part of a great meeting helping cement the relationship with the new treasurer of the EERN who will be instrumental in the partnership projects.  The big focus for our coordinators' visit was to see the newest mission co-workers in Niger, Jim and Jodi McGill, as they navigate a new culture to share important efforts in Water and Nursing.

Birthday & Seasons –The rainy season has been slowly coming to an end with a few more spread out rains.  The guard has continued to be a headache, but had a few bonding moments with Rachel while Michael’s been gone.  The kids are continuing strong in school and are already 1/6 the way done, which seems fast.  Rachel’s parents helped out so much while they were here for 4 weeks.  When Rachel started teaching them again after this time away it was so much fun to see all the progress the kids had made!

Pray with us!

+For Rachel to be protected from infection in her tooth where she had an emergency / problematic root canal two weeks ago.

+For a good re-entry after the CHE internship for Michael, and for Issa so that he won't be overwhelmed at trying to apply all he's learned.

+For the EERN General Assembly meeting on Oct. 27-28, focusing on a new budget.

+For the youth hosting centers and new rickshaw taxi plans as we start to work on implementation.

+Continued prayer for Attahiru, Haruna, Himma, and Pastor Haruna to not be discouraged in their efforts to reach out to their neighbors through CHE.

Sending our love and prayers,

The Ludwigs


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