Mission Co-Workers:

Ludwigs' February and March Update

Instruction. These months have been full of being instructed and the privilege of instructing. Michael continues working with multiple trainings in CHE. We have had a Christian friend and counselor working with one of our children and us to improve the way we manage emotions in the home. We're also looking for God's instruction in discerning the future of CHE and our family in Niger. Please pray for us in these things and keep up your great support and encouragement that helps us in this learning and serving!

Fish Farming – We've finally reached the finish line to start this project fully! It's been many months and logistical problems in the making, but on Monday we had the fish delivered to the national headquarters of our partner church, the EERN. The goal of this Community Health Evangelism (CHE) related work is to experiment with ways to make evangelists and even Bible school students less reliant on outside gifts to do their work. Whether it be from churches or individuals in the country or from other countries, it's a big problem when the givers suddenly aren't able to give and then the evangelists are left struggling to get food for their families. So we are using some CHE ideas to try to start a system of raising fish and growing profitable garden produce. We are starting with hardy catfish and growing nutritious Moringa, which is known as the 'miracle tree.' More info will be coming on our blog!

Family Updates! – The children and Rachel have worked very hard to be able to complete the school year by the end of March. We are all looking forward a change in routine. We will be attending a homeschooling conference to test for learning disabilities in April. Then we look forward to spending some more relaxed time learning side skills like typing, continuing art, good habits, and lots of good reading. In March Rachel will also be attending the women's conference again.

Regional CHE Training – It was exciting to start our next level of training in February, when we selected four evangelists to train as Regional CHE Trainers. Up to this point we have only had a National CHE Trainer that I've been helping to work in the different regions, but now we are going to hand off some of the mentoring / visiting responsibilities to two evangelists with experience in CHE and extra training in their own region. We hit hard on the difference between aid and development, methods for teaching adults effectively, patterns for meeting that result in action and spreading, and Biblical mentoring. It was encouraging to see the evangelists get a better overall idea of the CHE strategy and realize why we do things the way we do.


If you would like to partner with the Ludwigs financially, you can do so by sending a check to the PC(USA), at PO Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700. Make sure the memo line includes "Ludwig" and their funding number: E200513.

One of the most interesting stories was from an evangelist in a village where the Red Cross came to survey the school to see if any of the students could give a basic explanation of why it is important to use a latrine and wash your hands. His daughter had learned about this from the CHE teaching on handwashing stations that he had been sharing, so she stood up and answered. As a result, the Red Cross selected his community as a place to build a latrine block. Small seeds can grow in to big things!

Pray with us!

+ For the new CHE evangelists in the Zinder region to have clear understanding and follow through to start using the CHE method and have a positive impact on the health of their communities.

+ For the CHE businesses and other initiatives of the EERN that are ramping up to start or be finished this month (hosting centers, wells, walls, taxis, fish).

+ In our family, please pray for our adopted son's hips as we wait for the doctor to read his latest hip xrays.

+ Please pray for guidance in parenting and turning our children toward the Gospel in all ways.

+ Thank you for your prayers for our colleague Jim McGill after his appendix burst. He is continuing rest and treatment in the US now.

Sending our love and prayers,

The Ludwigs