Mission Co-Workers:

Ludwigs' June - July Update

Denied boardings, doctor’s appointments, and celebrations… as well as planes, airports, and automobiles. That’s some of the excitement of the past month for us, but we’re very grateful to all be in the US together and be in good health! Thank you so much for your prayers and support through this time. More family details are at the end of these updates, but we first want to give a big thank-you to all of the churches that stepped up to host the president of our partner church, Mai-Aiki Kadade, in his stay here. Secondly, we want to share a few upcoming opportunities with you:

Talking Niger – Do you want to ask a question about what it’s like to live in a place surrounded by Muslim neighbors, or do you want to see what some of the CHE techniques are like? We have two opportunities coming up for you. For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, we are having a special evening presentation hosted by the North Branch of the Presbytery, on July 18. We will also be speaking all week at New Wilmington Mission Conference (NWMC) in Western PA. Specifically, we’ll share an evening vespers session with President Kadade from our partner church on Tuesday night (July 25) at 6:45pm in the Berlin Student Lounge. There will be several other sessions focused on Niger, in conjunction with the Niger Mission Network that will be meeting there (see next section).

Visit and Conference – Do you want to come visit us and learn more about our brothers and sisters in the EERN? The deadline for the Niger Mission Network “Vision Trip” from Dec. 28-Jan. 9, 2019 is coming near. You have until July 15 to contact Don Dawson for more info. If you’re in the Mid-West and have an interest in mission and being involved in Niger, please make plans to come to the Niger Mission Network annual meeting from July 24-25 at NWMC. There will be updates from our partner church (the EERN), from PCUSA mission co-workers, and from those who are involved in partnering in the work in Niger during morning, afternoon, and evening sessions on Tuesday, July 25.


If you would like to partner with the Ludwigs financially, you can do so by sending a check to the PC(USA), at PO Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700. Make sure the memo line includes "Ludwig" and their funding number: E200513.


Pray with us!

Pray for the new CHE evangelists – We’ve been mentoring the evangelists and here is a small summary of who they are.

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+ Sa’idou lives in a mid-size village deep in the bush. His prayers are for his boys who don't have work, 6 new believers in his village, and possibly starting a literacy class.

+ The young-ish evangelist Maman A. is in a small town, where there is a 40-member church. Prayer requested for a cut on his wife's head that has not healed for 2 years, and for his church to act on their new health training.

+ Yacoubou is an experienced pastor in a large village, who has a few families and a number of students worshiping with his family. He prays for recovering strength after a motorcycle accident, church mud-walls to last the rainy season, and outreaches he's doing through selling medicine in villages and the Jesus film.

+ Hamidou is a freshly married Bible-school graduate who is trying to establish a church presence in a mid-size village not too far from Maradi. His prayer requests are for places to rent for housing and farming and for the softening of neighbors' hearts.

+ Maman M. is a wise old pastor in a small town where one of the youth hosting centers has been built. He's praying for his wife to regain full health, the students staying in the hosting center to encourage each other in right living, and the health lessons he will share with them.

Sending our love and prayers,

The Ludwigs