Mission Co-Workers:

Ludwigs' August Update

We’re back in the saddle again after being in the US for visiting churches and vacation time. It’s been a difficult return, but has had some bright spots that we share below as well, like future plans and birthdays. Thanks for continuing to read our updates and keep up with what’s going on in Niger!

The Difficult - One of the most difficult things with our return is it happened right after a discouraging time for our partner church. In early August, the EERN President Mai-Aiki Kadade, resigned for personal reasons. While we don’t expect any problems in our relationships because of this, it has been a big blow to us as we’ve been working closely with him and were very comfortable with his leadership and implementation of the vision of the church leadership. The EERN will now be led by the Vice-President, Rev. Iro, in the interim until new elections are organized in March. Please pray for Kadade and family, as well as for the church to recover from the shock and continue to focus on the ministry to which they’re called.

The Sad – In the last few weeks before we returned our faithful watchdog, Barka, died from some sickness. It’s been hard for everyone knowing that maybe we could have helped him more if we were here.

The Sad continued - Also, unfortunately, Hassan did not pass his high school finishing exam, like many others across the country this year. So now we are in the middle of figuring out what’s best for him to try this year. Another big thing in the past few weeks has just been getting everyone healthy after traveling and an intense end to our Interpretation Assignment time in the US.

The Exciting - The things we’re excited to get back to are mostly with the work of CHE training, with trainings we have coming up for micro-business and regional trainers in the next few months. We’ve shared on our blog some of the highlights from the recent report of all 10 evangelists we’ve been mentoring. There are also ongoing things to focus on, like experimenting with fish farming for sustainable income. We’re also very interested to observe how the opening goes for the EERN’s first two student hosting centers at the beginning of the school year.


If you would like to partner with the Ludwigs financially, you can do so by sending a check to the PC(USA), at PO Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700. Make sure the memo line includes "Ludwig" and their funding number: E200513.

The Happy – We had a great first birthday celebration (although we forgot to give the gifts for a few days in all the excitement over the cake). The new school year has started for all our homeschoolers, and everyone is excited for new challenges. Also, Hassan did a great job in planting useful plants around the yard, so we look forward to enjoying some of his tomatoes, potatoes, corn, and our already standard moringa leaves.

Pray with us!

+ For a good start to the school year and wisdom for Hassan's future plans.

+ For the CHE evangelists, health of their wives and the CHE class at Aguie starting well.

+ For the EERN leaders as they navigate this difficult time as an organization and go forward with their mission.

+ For continued rain in this season because many places need their crops to catch up a little before the rain tapers off in late September.

Sending our love and prayers,

The Ludwigs