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Ludwigs' February - March Update

It has been an intense month+, so we are combining updates!  The good news is that CHE training is going smoothly, we’re continuing great relationships with church leaders and our kids continue to do a great job in school and dealing with the difficulties of life here.  While the relentless heat has returned, with more electricity problems, Michael was happy to make a big step in getting to lead our local congregation’s weekly prayer service, especially in a time of some big conflict and big prayer needs.  In this time, we appreciate your prayers for us and our church and the big encouragement your interest in Niger is to us!

CHE Training – We were really blessed to have a great first CHE training in the Maradi region, with 30 pastors or lay-pastors attending.  We did well in passing on to them the core ideas of CHE, especially in learner-centered teaching, and community ownership of their own development.  I was pleased that the few more educated city pastors who were there gave good examples of things that supported the CHE ideas and helped the others buy into the training.

CHE cont. -- Of course, the practical things like making hand-washing stations out of bottles were the biggest hits.  I’ve written some more of the stories and surprises in these blogs about CHE Training observations and Clean Living.  We also wrote our latest Mission Connection letter on "Why I Love CHE." The week was quite exhausting though, and pastor Issa and I decided we tried to do too much by doing both all the teaching and all the logistics of hosting in our own region.

Hosting Centers & other EERN prayer items – The student hosting centers are looking good.  I visited one last week and found they are almost ready for students to move in.  The finishing touches have taken longer because they were not the primary builder’s responsibility, who was selected because he is dependable and fast.  In other news, there’ve been several problems with villages that are trying to block the building of churches on church owned property through appeals to tradition.  Also the EERN is hoping to find three evangelists willing to go to the Diffa region, which is still basically in a state of emergency with so many needs.  In the northern desert city of Agadez (in the news for migrant smuggling) the church is almost finished building a house to establish a pastor there, so we have hope he will soon be able to start helping with radio ministry and a future school.

Adoption Update – The baby is thriving, gaining half his weight again in the first six weeks we had him.  He’s starting to get interested in playing with toys and teething!  The paperwork has been much slower than we hoped, as we were told that this time everything was in order the first time we met him.  But we finally got news that the case has been submitted to the judge, so we pray that it is ruled on in about a month. We still have a lot more to do though in terms of passports and visas as we prepare to bring him to the US with us this summer.

Home School – We’ve been taking the kids to Aguie Bible school regularly, and they have spent some quality time with the kids there. This despite the first few times that they mostly treated as spy missions where they ran around and tried to be secretive…  Rachel is handling all the added excitement amazingly and is part of a great weekly Bible study on the person of Jesus.

Pray with us!

+Praise God for the good news about the adoption papers being submitted, and prayers are needed for the rest of his paperwork!

+Pray for the CHE evangelists to now start using what they've learned at the training, and for Michael and Issa as they do visits.

+Pray the EERN General Assembly, this week Mar. 16-17, which will hear reports from all areas of the church and make necessary decisions.

+Pray for our local congregation as there were recently big allegations and investigations that have caused a lot of hurt feelings between people.  Pray for healing, grace, and justice!

Sending our love and prayers,

The Ludwigs


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