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What exactly is ASB?

    ASB is short for Associated Student Body, so now your probably asking what the Guajome Associated Student Body does, well in essence, it is kind of like a student government.  We are a group of students, elected by our classmates, whose sole job is to protect the interests of the Guajome Park Academy Students.  Now, what does that mean? It is easy for a student to feel that his or her opinion is insignificant, and that there is no chance that they can make a change to their school.  ASB provides the means for students to affect their school.
    Essentially ASB is the ruling body of the school, we have the authority to do everything from proposing changes to the school rules to hosting school spirit inspiring events.  However, it's not as easy as a group of students simply making a decision, the student leaders elected to ASB communicate with the school boards (Guajome, Vista, San Diego County, State and National) to push for changes that will benefit the students that they represent.

    All that said, you may be wondering why you haven't heard or seen ASB very much in the past few years at GPA.  The reason is that ASB is fairly new to Guajome, in fact ASB is about to enter it's eighth year at Guajome.  It takes a lot to form an effective ASB, and the first seven years have been spent experimenting in order to find out the best way to handle ASB business.  We believe we have finally smoothed out most of the bumps and are ready to test the full potential of the Guajome Park Academy ASB.

    In the coming year look to see many changes and improvements to the school, we have a very dedicated and responsible group of students this year, and an ASB Executive Office that will not accept failure.  We anticipate many exciting changes and formally invite you to be a part of this long awaited transformation.


We hope you find this site informative, please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or concerns using the tools provided on the Contact Us Page.

Yours Sincerely,

The Guajome Park Academy High School Associated Student Body Student Council Officers and Commissioners