How it's made

The Master Plan

Dear all,

like you would figure, all began with drawing a plan. My friend Alex, who is an architect will hate me for looks horrible, I know. Nevertheless for me it was pretty useful (some of you smart ones noticed that the final house looks a little bit different, but more of that later).
Of course the names of the rooms are in romanian language,as well as in german. Please do not bother because of this. As you can see, the 3rd floor room on the right, was not yet defined. Merely during the building of the house, I figured grandma should get also a room. You know, usually grandpa is dieing first, so grandma has to move to the children and grandchildren to be no longer alone...;)

 Material for exterior: 3 X OSB (Oriented strand board)
 Dimension of one OSB-panel: 1000 mm X 1300 mm (39.37 inch X 51.18)
 Thickness of board: 6 mm (0.24 inch)

 The panels where bought in a european wide known DIY superstore.

 Room height: 240 mm (9.45 inch)
 Room depth: 400 mm (15.75 inch)
 Room length: depends on no. of rooms

 It is important to include in the calculation the thickness of the walls (OSB panels).

 Another important thing which you can see in the image is, that all walls  are being numbered. This will be important later on for the assembly of the  house.

The Cutting Out

To cut out the wood, first of all I needed some serious tools. I have to admit, that at the beginning I was afraid of some of them. Starting knowing each other better and better, we even got friends, the drilling machine and me ;)!

Needed tools

  • electric jig saw (+ different kind of blades, for curves also)
  • drilling machine
  • steel tape
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • cutter

Five of the panels have to be painted before the final assembly. No. 16, 17 and 18 - they will be the ceilings for 1st - 3rd floor (see image). Two other panels are needed for the top floor.

In the right picture you can see also the cutout in the 1st floor ceiling for the stair case.

Before discussing about the assembly of the dollhouse I have to confess that I cut the back side of the house wrong. Well, my workplace was in the basement and it happened the wine to be also I guess in all wrong decisions there is alcohol involved :))
The point is I had to change the whole plan for the house (and some extra cutting here and there), which I now-a-days do not regret. The living did not have a balcony anymore but the master bedroom!

To cur out the doors and the windows it is needed to create first patterns.

The Final Assembly

I would assent the most difficult part of building a dollhouse is the final assembly. Hereby I got support from my husband because definitely it is a two-man-show!

I will show you now step by step the final assembly. Please be aware of the fact that there is a lot of wooden glue and patience involved, and with " a lot" I really mean "a lot"! This work is nothing for a sissy ;)).

Step 1 Glueing the ground panel to the back panel

As you can see during the whole process you have to use weights in all possible shapes.

Step 2 Building the ground floor

To have the glue in place and not to run through wider chinks, use a hair dryer.

Step 3
Building the first floor (second day! Let the glue dry properly over night)