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Meeting Minutes

MAY 2014

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting

May 3, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Michelle Campanello at 1:04 p.m.  She asked that those in attendance sign in and add any changes they may have to their contact information.


The Treasurer’s Report dated May 1, 2014 was distributed by Valerie Fisher.  The report for the year 2013 was also handed out.  It was pointed out that more days were added for beach security accounting for the increase of  $1500.  There was more work done on the roads which caused an increase in expenditure of $3,000.


Michelle asked that all in attendance read the minutes from the May 4, 2013 meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as written.


Old Business:


Roads –

Jack Smith reported that the freeze ban was lifted late in the spring delaying the repair of the roads by Ron Ackerman.  Bids were received for concrete aprons on Alice and Ward at Lake Shore Road.  Ten thousand dollars was the first bid for three inches of concrete.  Jack said that he will pursue a bid for asphalt which could be less expensive.  The apron on Smith Road is asphalt.

It was decided to put a stop sign at Alice and Second to help slow down the traffic.  Michelle will purchase the signs and have Gemini Landscape install them.  This will

create a four way stop at Alice and Second Streets.


Web Site Maintenance –

Karen McDonald talked about updating the website.  She wants to hire someone to make it more “user” friendly.  She did not think it would cost more than $500.  Motion was passed to allow Karen to pursue this.


Fourth of July Parade –

The 2013 Fourth of July Parade included over 100 people.  The 2014 parade will take place at 11 a.m. Michigan time.  Thanks to Vice President Corley for organizing, providing the favors and the frozen treats.  Bob may not be able to organize the parade for 2015, so anyone interested in doing this please let him know.


Labor Day Picnic –

The 2014 picnic will be held on Saturday, August 30 with a rain date of August 31.  Bob Corley is going to do this  - thanks Bob!  He may need someone to step up next year because he has prior commitments.




Beach Security –

Michelle signed the security guard contract on March 1st and has requested Barry this summer.  The contract will run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  We will add days during the busy weeks of the summer.


Parkway Deck Committee –

Shawn Magee had one meeting with her committee.  Shawn will continue to investigate materials and plans and will report at the next meeting.


New Business –

Victoria Cooper mentioned that Gowdy’s street signage needs to be updated.   Some posts are rotting and signs are not matching.  A homeowner offered to help pay for this project, but was assured that the funds were available in the Gowdy treasury.

Bill Heimann, David Golstein and Jack Smith said they will help out with investigating the options.  A motion was passed authorizing Victoria to spend up to $500.  They will investigate the cost to replace signs and develop a proposal for a sign replacement program with consistency.


Garbage pickup – Chris Cherek is going to look into options for having one garbage company pick up our garbage.  It was pointed out that this has been brought up before, and people are very particular about their garbage service.


Beach Etiquette –

Michelle provided a handout with guidelines for the beach and urged homeowners to make these available for their guests and renters. 


Election of Officers for 2014-2016 –

Valerie Fisher has informed the Board that she is not interested in serving as Treasurer.  She was thanked for her wonderful service to the community.  Maureen Pettinato has volunteered to run for Treasurer.  The floor was opened for nominations for all offices.  No other nominations were made.  The slate was presented:  Michelle Campanello/President, Bob Corley/Vice President, Maureen Pettinato/Treasurer, and Michele Jacobs/Secretary.

The officers were elected for the next two years.


The next meeting is scheduled for May 2, 2015. 


Meeting was adjourned at 2:13 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Michele Jacobs



MAY 2013

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting      

   May 4, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 1:09 by Board President Michelle Campanello.  She welcomed Gowdy Shores Homeowners and new residents introduced themselves.


Treasurer’s Report:  Board Treasurer Valerie Fisher presented the Treasurer’s Report, explaining that some spring bills have not yet come in, such as road repair, resulting in reported expenses appearing less than they will be for this spring. 


Approval of May 5, 2012 minutes:  Minutes were reviewed.  Motion made to approve the minutes as written was seconded.  Motion passed.


Old Business: 


Roads:   Michelle read Road Commissioner Jack Smith’s written report which explained that spring road resurfacing was set back due to the heavy spring rains and construction.  Resurfacing projected to be completed next week.  Anyone who has questions about the roads can contact Jack on his cell phone at (708) 323 6378.  A resident suggested adding 8- to 10-foot concrete aprons on Ward and Alice where those streets connect with Lake Shore.  Michelle will pass this suggestion on to Jack for pricing.


Web Site Maintenance:  Karen McDonald updates the web site and minutes will be posted.  Residents are invited to visit at www.gowdyshores.com.


Community Cleanup Day:  Michelle will send out email to all residents when Clean Up Day Chair Noland Joiner sets the date.  The clean up day is usually in June.


Fourth of July Parade:  Michelle reported that Vice President Bob Corley did a terrific job organizing last year’s Fourth of July Parade.  About 100 people turned out.  The parade is now a Gowdy tradition and will be held again this year at 11:00 a.m. on 7/4/13.  Michelle will send out email to provide details for this year’s parade. 


Labor Day Picnic:  Bob also organized the Labor Day Picnic, which was held on the beach and enjoyed by all.  This year it will be held on August 31, 2013 with a rain date of September 1.


Beach Security:  Rover Security will begin starting on the Memorial Day Weekend.  A few week days will be added this summer as well as weekends.  This year we hope to have a guard who will patrol the beach from time to time.  Last summer, only one incident was reported of a non-resident trying to use the beach access.


New Business:


Dues:  So far in 2013, dues have been collected from approximately 75 of 107 families (not including those who paid at this meeting).  Generally about 100 of 107 pay their dues.  Discussion ensued about the amount of dues per family, currently  set at $250 per year.  A suggestion was made to review past annual expenditures to determine the approximate annual expenses and then to determine what reserve would be appropriate.  Motion made and seconded to maintain the dues amount at $250.  Motion passed.


Possible projects:  Possible projects were discussed, including an additional chair rail and improving the railings along the beach stairs. 


Parkway deck:  Also discussed was the possible construction of a deck on the Gowdy parkway overlooking the lake.  Shawn Magee explained this would provide a place to view the lake without going up and down the stairs but concerns included outside users and potential liability.  Cherry Beach has a deck which can be visited to get an idea of what such a deck might look like.  David Goldstein volunteered to review the original abstract to see if construction was permitted on parkway land.  An exploratory committee was formed as follows:  Shawn Magee, Chair; Victoria Cooper, Secretary; Chris Cherek, Art Herbstman, Mark Odier and Bill Wiede, Members.  The committee will post its findings on the web site and a general meeting may be called in the fall to present findings.


Tree cut down:  A homeowner on Alice between 4th and Gowdy reported that a living maple tree had been cut down and left on his property about 3 to 4 weeks ago.  He suggested that trees along the roads be proactively trimmed by GSHA.  Michelle explained that without surveying the entire subdivision to determine which trees were on private property and which on roadways, GSHA would not know which trees to trim. 


Thanks to Shawn Magee:  Michelle thanked Shawn for her extensive legal work on behalf of GSHA at no charge, on utility easements to a parcel which had no access.


Next annual meeting:  Meeting was set for May 3, 2014.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:18.


Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Fisher

MAY 2012

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting

May 5, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 1:09  by Michelle Campanello. Michelle gave a brief recap of the mild winter.  There was not much snow removal as reflected in the Treasurer’s Report.  She thanked all the officers and Karen McDonald, Jack Smith and Victoria Cooper for their service.  Michelle also thanked Julie Peterson and Shawn Magee for their hard work in restoring our community after the storm sewer project.  Bob Corley was thanked for replacing several road signs.  Lastly, Michelle thanked her husband, Fritz for all his support.  New residents to the area introduced themselves. 

 Treasurer’s Report – At this point dues have been collected from 57 homeowners.  This does not include those dues paid at this meeting.  Valerie Fisher, the treasurer, was not present for the meeting.  Michelle pointed out that the difference reflected in the report for the 2011 picnic ($1,074.39) and the 2010 picnic ($101.14) was that in the 2010 total no food costs were included because Michael Brody had not turned in the receipts yet.  So the groceries for the 2010 picnic were included in the total for the 2011 picnic.  There was also the additional charge of $200 for the sandcastle lady and $72 for the delivery/pick up of the tables and chairs.  In the previous year Fritz and Michael Brody went to pick up the tables/chairs and then took them back afterwards.  Michelle said it was well worth the $72 to have them delivered and picked up.

Michelle pointed out that Parkway Maintenance/Beach Cleanup totals were up due to all the storms that caused trees to come down on the parkway trails - $2,160 for tree removal across the paths.  She read from Valerie’s e-mail stating that “After the biggest storm, one bill alone was $1,845.”

The road expenses for 2012 included a bill from Benke (where we get stone) for $2,320.00 which was just paid on April 25, 2012. 

General liability insurance was increased from $1M to $2M.

The expense for new flags was reflected in the Treasurer’s Report.  Michelle stated that 120 flags were ordered at a cost of $9.50 each. She obtained three estimates and was able to have them made locally.  The new flags are made of marine-grade canvas.  The parking tags purchased this year will be used additional years by adding stickers on them.  The charge for a lost flag will be $25.  Sharon Heald said that her green flags were in pretty good shape.  She wondered “why did we have to get such good flags?”  Michelle replied that she hoped that these heavy duty flags would last even longer than the green flags and that many of the green flags were in deplorable condition.

Art Herbstman asked about the surplus funds in the checking account.  It was discussed that we need a cushion in the account in case of any large expenses, but we can look into decreasing dues in the future if needed.

Approval of October 1, 2011 Minutes – Michelle thanked Mary Toll for taking the minutes for the October meeting.  Michelle read an e-mail from Marie Miklaszewski asking that “some corrections” be made to the October Minutes. Marie’s e-mail stated that “the association is obligated to maintain and keep clear the roads…”  Michelle questioned whether this meant to remove all trees that are currently in the roadways and said this could only be done after a survey of the entire area is conducted.  A 2008 estimate from Wightman & Associates of Benton Harbor for a survey of the subdivision would cost approximately $24,750.  Marie’s e-mail stated “I would like to question a statement made at the Fall meeting that the association had voted to keep the roads closed…”  Michelle clarified that this is not the case. Michelle stated that there have been two votes taken on the opening of Randall Road (one on July 20, 2003 and one on June 3, 2006), both of which were defeated.  Marie could not remember who had made this statement at the October meeting.  Michelle then asked if Marie wanted the Minutes to be changed to reflect an incorrect statement made by an unknown individual.  At this time Art Herbstman made the motion to approve the October Minutes as written. The motion was seconded.  The vote by those present approved the October 1, 2011 Minutes as written.

 Old Business –

  1. Roads – Jack Smith gave his report on the roads  He  recapped last year’s multi-million dollar storm sewer project in our neighborhood.  Shawn Magee and Julie Peterson were a big help in dealing with the contractor to restore the area to as close to what it had been before the project. There are still some problems with roads due to rain and highly traveled spots which will be looked into so there isn’t a reoccurring expense.  Victoria suggested maybe using bigger stone.  Jack Smith said the stone used is the same stone that was used previously and once it rains and gets driven in the dust is minimal.


  1. Web Site Maintenance – Karen McDonald reported that the web site is www.gowdyshores.com.  She will post the Minutes from this meeting when she receives them.


  1. Community Clean Up Day –Michelle has tried to contact Noland Joiner and set up a date for this. Anne Cherek said that if Noland is unable to do this, she would be glad to spearhead it.


  1. Fourth of July Parade – It was decided that even though the Fourth of July lands on a Wednesday this year, we should have the parade on that day and at the same time as in the past (11:00 a.m. Michigan).  Michelle will send out a blast e-mail and post the parade route.


  1. Labor Day Picnic – Last year it was a porch/garage picnic and ended up to be a huge success.  Michelle is looking for a volunteer to organize.  It does not need to be on Second Street.


  1. Security – Rover Security has been contracted again this year.  Their rates have increased from $15 to $17 per hour for regular hours and from $17 to $19 for holiday hours.  Victoria Cooper suggested that we have an incident report form for the security guard to fill out.  Michelle said she would create one and give it to the guard.


Election of Officers – The floor was opened for nominations for officers for 2012-14. No nominations were offered.  Michelle said that Michael Brody has decided that he is unable to continue as VP.  Michelle thanked him for his four years of service.  Michelle stated that Valerie Fisher and Michele Jacobs have agreed to stay on as officers and that Bob Corley has agreed to put his name in as Vice President.  A vote was taken and passed unanimously for the following slate of officers 2012-14:

 President          -                         Michelle Campanello

Vice President -                          Bob Corley

Treasurer -                                    Valerie Fisher

Secretary -                                    Michele Jacobs

The Annual Meeting for 2013 is set for May 4th.  There will be no fall meeting unless deemed necessary.

New Business:  Fireworks going off on the beach or at homes can be reported to the non-emergency dispatch number at the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office (269-756-1111).

 Meeting was adjourned at 2:10

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Jacobs



FALL 2011

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association

Fall Meeting

October 1, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 1:07 by Michelle Campanello. 

Treasurer’s Report:

The pink copy is the 2010 End of Summer Report (through October meeting), while the blue copy is the 2011 End of Summer Report (through October meeting)

Michelle reported that some bills haven’t arrived yet (e.g., Rover Security).

For 2011, maintenance costs were higher: 1) more trees were down and needed to be trimmed in the parkway, and 2) Gemini has been raking the beach every other week.

For 2011, the picnic costs were higher because: 1) more tables were ordered and were delivered, and 2) the sand castle woman was hired.

Dues were down $550 (Michelle is following up with 3 people).  She contacted 102 homeowners, and usually collects dues from 93 – 96 of them.

Dues are reported by year, and $27,000 was collected in May.

Homeowners in attendance suggested the report should reflect all dues collected.  Homeowners also suggested that the annual report should be presented as May through May, to reflect dues and expenses as of the primary annual meeting.  Because the turn-out was quite small, there was some discussion that the fall meeting might not be held in future years.

Approval of 5/14/2011 Minutes:

Minutes from the May 14, 2011 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business:

Michelle provided a Summer 2011 Recap.  Minimal troubleshooting was required.  Gowdy Shores consistently had the same Rover guard.  Gowdy Shores’s relationship with Gordon Beach was fine.  Quite a few old trees fell in the Gowdy Shores parkway, so the trees had to be cut up and taken away and the pathway had to be cleared.  There was a discussion about whether the number of beach chairs should be limited, because there was reluctance to add another chair rail.  Some suggested finding a way to have communal chairs, possibly put together in groups.  Michelle provided a reminder about the availability of reflective home address signs and the winter water shut-off.  She reminded homeowners to remove their beach chairs by 10/31.

Michelle reported the Fourth of July Parade was attended by about 100 people.

Michelle reported the Labor Day Picnic was attended by about 75 people.  It ended up raining that day, but there was a break in the rain and people ended up opening up their porches for the party.

Noland reported the Community Clean-Up Day was very successful, with everyone meeting at the top of the beach stairs on 6/18.

Michelle read a report submitted by Jack Smith, Road Commissioner. Roads were re-graded and resurfaced after the storm sewer project was completed.  In the spring, the roads will be reviewed and repaired as needed.  There was some homeowner concern expressed about the width of the snow plowing, but the plowing is limited to the roads and not the grass.  There was a complaint about some remaining debris in a homeowner yard and an intersection which still needed work.  Michelle said she would talk to Vern.

Shawn and Julie reported that the Storm Sewer Project road work is completed, but they’re not sure the landscaping is completed.  The landscaping is reasonable in most areas, but trees still need to be tagged.  However, First Street between Ward and Smith looks terrible.  Most of the big trees were removed and were replaced by saplings.  There was a comment that the landscaping is a GSHA call, because the trees removed were actually in the plotted road.  There was a productive meeting when they had a walk-through, but there is still work to be done.

A homeowner voiced her concern too many trees being planted in the roads (making them impassable).  This homeowner said that she felt the Association was acting “irresponsibly” by returning roads to a “closed” condition after the project had opened them.  It was pointed out that these roads were closed prior to the project and the goal was to restore the neighborhood to as close to the condition it was in before the project began

Michelle reported her research on the GSHA Liability Insurance limit.  Homeowners had been concerned by the $1,000,000 aggregate limit (general liability) for insuring common areas (beach and roads).  Michelle reported the limit can be increased to $2,000,000 for $200/year.  Mary Lou Johnson is working on quotes, but excess liability would cost $2,700 for an additional $2,000,000. Michelle will continue to work on getting additional quotes for liability insurance.

Karen McDonald reported that there is no change to report for the Web site at www.gowdyshores.com.  Pictures from the Fourth of July Parade will be posted once they are received.

New Business:

Michelle reported the vandalism which had occurred at the Gowdy Shores beach entrance (signs pulled out and sign posts bent).  Myron and Claire Warshaw had a broken lamp.  Karen and Tim MacDonald had a vandalized house sign.  In addition, someone broke into Dori Jacobson’s house and took vodka and a toolkit.

In addition, Michelle reported that Paul Lampkin was killed at age 67 when an 800-pound bale of wet hay fell on him.

The spring 2012 meeting was set for 5/5/2012.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Toll



Gowdy Shores Homeowner’s Association Meeting

May 14, 2011


New Buffalo High School


The meeting was called to order at 1:11 by Michelle Campanello.  Michelle introduced the board.  Minutes from the October 2010 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:

Valerie Fisher reported that Gordon Beach has started to charge us for our share of the plowing and road maintenance for Smith road. This will be a new expense that will show up on her report.

Old Business

 Michael Brody gave us information about the 4th of July Parade.  It will in start front of the Brody’s house on Second Street at 11:00 am Michigan time and end there with popsicles for everyone. Victoria suggested mapping a route so that people would know where the parade will go so that they are able to join it on the way or could cheer it as it passes.

Michael Brody informed everyone that the Labor Day Picnic will be on September 3rd with a rain date of September 4th.  He is looking for a volunteer to get the food since he is scheduled to work that weekend. There will be an activity on the beach for the kids in the afternoon and dinner on Second Street in the evening.  It can be held on another street if that is more convenient for the person organizing.

Michelle reported that a contract has been signed with Rover Security for beach security.  Security will start Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day weekend.  If the beach is busy, we might have them come on Thursdays/Fridays and also change their hours.  Gemini will clean the beach on Tuesday's.  They will pick up trash, clean out fire rings, and sweep the steps. Michelle will call them midsummer to cut down any street areas and fire hydrants that have overgrown.

Michelle read a letter from the Gordon Beach Homeowner’s Association dated May 7th pertaining to the rope and signs they put up last summer. They are not going be putting up their rope, but still want us to stay on our side of the beach.   Michelle read a response letter she wrote stating that our beach rules pertaining to our stairs and dogs on the beach will stand and Gordon Beach will not be permitted to use our access, steps or take their dogs to our beach. Everyone at the meeting approved the letter and that it should be sent.

Michelle made a list of items that have been continually brought up at meetings throughout the many years she has sat on the Board.  These are reminders to all homeowners, guests, and renters in Gowdy Shores. They are now posted on our website at www.gowdyshores.com.  It was suggested that these be copied and posted in your home if you rent or have visitors so they are aware of our rules.  The reminders include:  Beach boundaries, dog hours, large parties, use of boom boxes is discouraged on the beach, adequate number of garbage cans on your property, no can/bottles in fire rings and restrictive parking on roads – a fire truck should be able to pass easily at all times.  A question was raised as to where private property starts and roads begin. An estimate for a survey of the entire subdivision could run as much as $49,000. Victoria “volunteered” to form a committee to look into a guideline for parking.

Homeowners were reminded not to bury their beach fires with sand.  Beach fires should be allowed to burn out or be doused with water.


Karen McDonald reminded us of the website www.gowdyshores.com and how there is important information that is posted there.

 Report from Attorney

Michelle called our attorney about association liability of allowing dogs on our beach. The attorney’s letter stated that we could be sued for anything that happens on our common areas i.e. our roads and beach.  Michelle checked with Mary Lou Johnson, our insurance agent, and Mary Lou advised that we currently have $1 Million liability policy that carries an annual premium of $1958. Mike O’Neill suggested that this limit needs to be increased.  Michelle is going to check into the cost of having that raised to $5 Million. She is also going to urge Gowdy Shores homeowners to carry at least a $1Million umbrella policy naming the homeowners association as an additional insured. 

Beach Etiquette

 Nancy Koenig reported on beach etiquette for dog owners. This will be posted on our website – www.gowdyshores.com . Her committee also compiled general rules regarding beach etiquette.  A discussion incurred about dog etiquette while not on the beach.  Michelle informed us, based on a letter from our attorney, that a dog not on a leash and not under control by its owner, can be considered a dog at large which is against Michigan state law.  If you feel that there is a dog at large you need to call the Berrien County Animal Control at:  269-471-7531.

Noland Joyner has put together a Community Clean Up Day that will be held on June 18th. We will meet at 10:30 Michigan time (9:30 Chicago) at the top of the beach steps.  Juice, coffee and baked goods will be provided.  Noland will have bags there for the volunteers to use to gather garbage.

 New Business:

 Storm Sewer Project update was given by Jack Smith.  He started by giving his phone number and email for those who have questions about plantings.  Jack brought blueprints of all the work that would be done. Aggregate will start to be put down on the roads on Monday. The roadways are not any bigger and everything will look like it did with growth over time.  All landscaping will be done by Memorial Day, depending on weather. We will order new street signs and send bills to Spicer Group. Any signs that are down now will be put back up after construction is done.    Thank you to the committee for all their hard work and their coordination of efforts to get our neighborhood restored.

 Noland Joyner brought up that we should have additional signs on the street so that people slow down. They will be portable and can be placed during busy times.  The plastic signs are about $200 a piece, but may be available for less at Costco. A motion was made that we follow the recommendation of Noland to purchase six signs.   Noland will purchase them and assign people to put them out in various locations in the neighborhood. 

Shawn Magee had a concern of bb guns being used, and she believes that they should not be allowed in Gowdy Shores. An informal vote was taken and it was decided that since the count was pretty equal that nothing will be done at this time.  If it becomes an ongoing issue it will be revisited.

Dori would like us to have someone to look at the poison ivy that is creeping up trees in Gowdy Park.  Michelle stated she would ask Jeff from Gemini Landscape to come and take a look and advise us to what should be done. 

The fall meeting was set for October 1st 2011. 

Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Michele Jacobs, Secretary

FALL 2010

Gowdy Shores Homeowner’s Association Meeting

October 2, 2010


New Buffalo High School

The meeting was called to order by Michelle Campanello.  Michelle started the meeting with a recap of the summer.  She stated that Gemini had cleared all roads during the season (storms )in a very timely manner. The rental season had a few complaints due to noise levels.  The first thing to do in this situation is call the rental company, then the sheriff or the homeowner. 

Treasurer’s report:

Valerie Fisher reported that clean-up from the storm was the only unusual cost which was $1522.00.  She also stated that the food from the Labor Day party was not added, which was $350.00. 

Minutes from the May 2010 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business

The 4th of July parade and picnic was a nice effort from Gordon beach.  Michelle Campanello sent them a thank you note.  It was decided that we would probably not do a picnic next year and have the parade in Gowdy Shores unless specifically asked to go through Gordon Beach.

The Labor Day party was a success.  It was moved to Second Street which everyone seemed to enjoy more.  We want to thank the Gowdy Shores resident for underwriting the picnic for the second year in a row.

Beach security was increased to 5pm to 8 pm every night after the Gordon Beach rope went up separating our two beaches.  Those who rent their property need to make sure that the renters are aware of our dog hours and our beach boundaries.

There was a call from a homeowner about big parties on the beach with tents.  It was decided that we should put on the May meeting agenda the size of tents/gazebos to be permitted on the beach.


Russ Grant is resigning as road commissioner effective immediately.  Jack Smith will step up to fill the

position.  Ron Ackerman came in after the storms to fix up all the streets.


It is now easier to post on the web site.  The ultimate goal is for it to be gowdyshores.org.  Karen McDonald is serving as Web Master.

Letter from Attorney Regarding Animal Law

Michelle read a letter from our attorney regarding how our covenants and restrictions relate to dogs on the beach.  The letter did not touch on the liability to the homeowners association.  A homeowner suggested that etiquette for behaviors of dogs, beach, driving, number of signs per property and lights be drafted.  Nancy Koenig said she would form a group to discuss these different issues.  Michelle said she would contact the attorney to see if he can interpret our Association’s liability regarding dogs on the beach.

Noland Joiner said that he is going to put something together for a Spring Community Clean-up day.

Gordon Beach Action

Michelle summarized the Gordon Beach action of putting a rope up to divide our beach from theirs.  Pictures of the rope on the beach and copies of the letter that was posted at the top of the steps and   also given to the Gordon Beach Homeowners Association were passed around.

New Business

The Assessor’s office delivered cards to homeowners.

The spring meeting was set for May 14, 2011 in the Community Board Room at New Buffalo High School.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Jacobs, Secretary


The full text of biannual meeting notes will be posted in this space.

Spring 2010

posted Aug 29, 2010, 3:19 PM by kzmcdonald@msn.com   [ updated Aug 29, 2010, 3:24 PM ]

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association Meeting

May 15, 2010

Community Board Room

New Buffalo High School


The meeting was called to order by Michelle Campanello.  Michelle read a letter from the New Buffalo Treasurer, Jack Rogers.  New Buffalo Township is using mile markers on the beach for emergency purposes. These locators are placed every tenth of a mile to be used when a 911 call is placed.  All homeowners present agreed it is a great idea.  There is a location marker located on our beach.

A reminder was made about posting reflective address numbers by your home.  Forms were available for those homeowners interested in purchasing these through the fire department.

Recycling was talked about and two companies were mentioned.  Reliable started a pick up for $19 a month plus fuel charges and Michiana provides service for $16 a month.  It was also mentioned that Lakeshore Disposal and Recycling offers a service but no one present knew what their charge is.

Michelle informed those present that the Gordon Beach Homeowners Association has decided that we will not be allowed to use their beach this year.   Last year they permitted us to use their beach because of the diminished size of our beach.  A discussion followed by homeowners voicing the opinion that possibly we should not let them use our beach access and not permit them to bring their dogs on our beach during our dog hours as we have in the past.  It was decided that we would see how the summer goes. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Valerie Fisher reported that the snow removal fees for 2009-10 were less because we had less snowfall.  Taxes were filed on behalf of the Association which had a total filing fee of $1115.00.  This was to “catch us up” on filing taxes for 2005-09.  We are keeping a one year reserve of dues in our account.  It was voted that annual dues will remain at $250 for 2011.  Michelle stated that an emergency may occur and to have a reserve is wise.

Minutes from the October 2009 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business

Michael Brody reported that the 4th of July Parade will start at the Brody’s house and end in the Gordon Beach Park for hot dogs and games.  The Parade will begin at 10 am and a parade route will be given.

Michael Brody reported that the sand castle lady will be at the Labor Day picnic and that we will need committees formed to help make it a success once again.

Michelle Campanello reported that a contract has been signed to employ Rover Security starting Memorial weekend and ending Labor Day weekend.  The security guard will be there for 3 days on  holiday weekends and 2 days on a normal weekend.

Gemini will be cleaning the beach and stairs again.  They will also be cleaning out the fire rings.  An additional fire ring was purchased since we have a larger beach this year and there is room for two fire rings.


Russ Grant reported that we will wait for fall to fix the street again unless they are really bad.  The consensus of homeowners was that they believe that the current street maintenance has been effective.  Russ is going to let Gemini (the company that plows the roads in the winter) know that more room needs to be made on the streets when plowing.

Web site

Karen McDonald let us know that the web site is up.  It is easier to post now.  To get to the website you need to go to Gowdyshores.org.

New Business

A community clean-up day was talked about to clean up the parkway and the beach.  It was decided that this should be done in the fall and spring.  October 2nd was suggested for the first clean-up.

Discussion took place regarding dogs on our beach.  There was a spirited discussion resulting in the motion being made to:

“Engage an attorney to clarify and help us understand the application of state, federal and local laws regarding dogs as it pertains to association property and potential association obligations and liabilities.  The attorney will also advise us to what our rights are as homeowners to make laws and enforce them on association property.”

Michelle said she would contact our Association attorney to pursue this.  

There was a re-election of the current officers for the 2010-2012 term.  The motion was made, seconded and voted to retain the current slate of officers for the 2010-2012 term:  Michelle Campanello, President; Michael Brody, Vice President; Valerie Fisher, Treasurer; and Michele Jacobs, Secretary.

The fall meeting was set for October 2, 2010 in the Community Board Room at New Buffalo High School.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted -     Michele Jacobs, Secretary

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