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Gears of War 3 are all fast paced third person

shooter games.

Amazing 3D graphics bring the game maps to life!  
Marcus Fenix is the main protagonist of the series. Through out the game, members of the elite Delta squad are replenished or replaced as fallen comrades leave available spots open in the special force unit. Very few squad members have a long history fighting the Horde. There is more grave markers than live members of the force.
Marcus is first introduced as an inmate. He was thrown in jail after deserting his post in a vain attempt to save his father. Although he has a famed military career during the Pendulum wars, he is still left for dead in a hell hole prison. He is rescued by Dominic in the start of the series. 

Dominic later falls during a heroic effort to save the squad. He drives a truck into a fuel tanker and is killed by the massive explosion. Battle weary and wounded, the squad is able to escape because of his final battle tactic.

Gears of War is a developed by Epic studios and published my Microsoft.

Military science fiction game with various characters and enemies

Battles take place on Sera, a futuristic world where the only form of government left, is called the "COG"
One of 2 super-powers left after the Pendulum Wars.
The political party evolved after 79 years of the Pendulum Wars. Brought on by the greed of Nations for Imulsion. A newly discovered power source for 
multiple applications. Those without, engaged those who had Imulsion. 
Heavy carnage ensued there after.
The Pendulum wars stopped 6 weeks before the invasion of the Locust Horde.Called "EMERGENCE DAYThe COG were the only party to implement martial law and organize efforts to help the citizens. After 14 years of hell battling the Locust, they are the only government left. 

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