Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Equipment

Please do not come to the gear check without all the correct gear. 

It is not the place for haggling. Please don't hassle the gear checker-

make sure your gear is compliant before you get there!
If you don't have the correct gear you can't start the run.

The early race start means you will need your headlamp from the start. As a consequence the new mandatory gear rules are that you carry all the regular kit for the whole race. 
All the mandatory gear is to be carried at all times and will be checked at race briefing, no gear = no start.

Mandatory Kit:

  • Capacity to carry at least 1.5 litres of water with bottles or bladder. There will be no cups at checkpoints to reduce waste. You will get your own collapsible UltrAspire cup in your race kit bag.
  • Mobile phone (recommend Telstra Next G for best coverage)
  • The course map: GOW 1:25000 Parks Victoria can be purchased through the registration page when entering for $15 (don't forget a zip-lock bag for it)
  • Waterproof map case or large zip-lock bag. Map can be covered in contact but it is a very large map. 
  • Compression bandage (not loose crepe). This can be purchased when registering online for $15 if you can't find one. It must look like this and be 10cm wide x 2metres long unstretched (or the Setopress equivalent below). 
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Good quality waterproof jacket with hood (water resistant is not adequate, it must have taped/sealed seams and be waterproof made of Gortex, Event or similar) 
  • Long sleeve thermal top (can be worn on day) must be polypropylene or merino (not compression gear or lycra) 
  • Emergency food not to be eaten unless in the event of emergency: at least a muesli bar or chocolate bar, or equivalent above regular food
  • Whistle (can be the one on your pack strap) and an analogue compass, i.e. it must have a swinging needle and not be electronic (i.e. not the iphone App or your Garmin/Suunto watch)
  • Suitable light and back-up light (iphone torch App not acceptable). That means 2 lights capable of navigating the trail at night (it can be a tough place to be if your light is inadequate)
  • beanie or buff 
  • gloves, can be running or polypro
  • Reflective vest that fits torso and over your pack (NOT a runners vest). This must be a dedicated reflective vest, not just fluoro in colour, yellow or orange is okay (runners without this gear will be removed from the course for safety reasons) these are available at most hardware or safety gear stores and should be relatively inexpensive. They must look like this but can be orange or pink and have a 'H' pattern instead of the 'X':
    Some people have runner or cyclist vests but they are not acceptable. A full fluoro/reflective vest means everyone carries the same and everyone can be seen on road sections and in the dark. All runners must 
    wear their safety vest on the road section after Johanna Beach to Milanesia Beach (once off the road and through the gate it can come off) and then on the short Princetown road section and then through the carpark at the finish and at all times from dusk. In short: vest on for all road sections day or night and at all times after dusk (if your headlight goes on so does your vest.)
In the event of severe weather predictions the extra kit will be required.

Extra kit for bad weather

  • waterproof overpants (the specifications are not as rigid as for your jacket but must be waterproof material not just water resistant)        

If not needed at the start runners should still be prepared to put their overpants into their Gables drop bag in case of weather deterioration (crew can carry it for you but if they don't make it to the Gables and you need your overpants then you can't go on without them). The overpants will be checked at race briefing regardless of the weather forecast. At the 2010 race the 'severe weather' gear was carried from the start and many runners actually wore their overpants from the start the weather was that bad. At the 2011 race the severe weather kit was needed from the Gables on. Do not gamble on this gear not being needed. If you do not have it at check-in, you will not start the race. Expect bad weather. Anything less is a bonus. Remember it is called the Shipwreck Coast for good reason!

Recommended Additional Equipment

The following items are highly recommended to be carried but are not mandatory:
  • Sunscreen
  • Blister repair kit
  • Hat
  • Long sleeved warm top (especially for night)
  • Toilet paper
  • Sense of humour (possibly should be mandatory)

Remember mandatory gear is just the minimum you need to carry. If you are prone to feeling the cold you might need more warm clothing or have it in your drop bags.

Summary of Mandatory Gear:

  1. bladder or bottles = 1.5 litres capacity
  2. mobile phone
  3. official course map with waterproof bag
  4. 10cm broad compression bandage
  5. space blanket
  6. waterproof jacket with hood
  7. long sleeve thermal top
  8. emergency food
  9. whistle
  10. compass
  11. light (headlamp or handheld)
  12. back-up light (headlamp or handheld)
  13. beanie or buff
  14. gloves
  15. reflective safety vest
Extra kit for bad weather (decision made at briefing):
  1. waterproof overpants