With ongoing track realignments some of these distances will be incorrect or inaccurate. This is a trail race and not a certified measured distance. A review of distances and course changes has been completed and distances adjusted. It means more primo-singletrack and less gravel road. We are now off the road at the finish, using a tunnel under the road at Gibson Steps and new trail to the visitors centre. 


The run follows the established Great Ocean Walk track which is well signposted. 
While the official Parks Vic distance for the walk is actually 105km, previous race measurements indicate this is closer to 100km. In the spirit of running the official GOW track from end-to-end, there are no deviations or add-ons. This might mean the distance traveled is slightly less than 100km. Or it might be slightly more than 100km. Being a true trail race there will always be variations in measurements and the distances listed below are to be used as a guide only.
There are numerous junctions and camping grounds along the Walk that are generally well signposted. Stop and look: you do not go into any Hike-In Campgrounds. Be aware that you should never be on a beach after Milanesia (65km) and never on bitumen apart from Otway carpark and the very last few metres on the finish line. Do not run on a bitumen road. You are in the wrong place.

While there will be some supplementary course marking runners are expected to be able to navigate the course following their map, and the Parks signage. Junctions that are potentially confusing will be marked with GOW100s race signage. An example of these will be demonstrated at the race briefing. Given that the course follows the coast fairly closely for most of the way navigation is relatively straight forward. The trail does pass through areas of dense rainforest, however, and getting off course could pose considerable dangers.

This is a closed course. This means that the established trail must be followed. There should be no cutting the course, no cutting switchbacks, and no detours that would shorten the course. If a runner gets off course they should retrace their path until they return to the official course before continuing under their own effort i.e. do not accept a ride back onto the course as this means disqualification. 

Course Sections (all distances are approximate)

 Section Distance Cumulative Distance
 Apollo Bay to Marengo 3.2 km
 3.2 km
 Marengo to Shelley Beach 5.1 km
 8.3 km
 Shelley Beach to Blanket Bay 13.5 km
 21.8 km
 Blanket Bay to Parker River Inlet 4.4 km 26.2 km
 Parker River Inlet to Cape Otway 5.8 km 32 km
 Cape Otway to Aire River 10 km 42 km
 Aire River to Johanna Beach 13 km 55 km
 Johanna Beach to Milanesia Beach 10.1 km 65.1 km
Milanesia Beach to Moonlight Head 9.9 km 75 km
 Moonlight Head to The Gables Checkpoint 5 km
 80 km
 The Gables Lookout to Devils Kitchen 4.3 km 84.3 km
 Devils Kitchen to Princetown (bridge) 8.2 km 92.5 km
 Princetown to 12 Apostles 7.8 km 100.3 km

Course Notes

It has been decided that course notes will not be provided for the run.  There are ample existing course markings, plus additional signage will be added for the run itself.  The following link provides information from Parks Victoria on the details of each of the course sections, as well as information on the 'decision points'.  At each of these the inland route must be taken. Runners are responsible for familiarising themselves with the course. Failure to complete the full course will result in disqualification.

Parks Victoria Track Notes

Posted Image 
Courtesy of Chilliman

Please note the track has been realigned closer to the coast immediately after the Gables.

Crew directions in download below and .gpx file of 2013 course (still current as of 2014) courtesy of Paul Day:

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