Checkpoints, Cutoffs and Opening Hours

Checkpoint Cutoffs   

The following table outlines the cutoffs that will be applied for each checkpoint.  The same checkpoint cutoff times apply for both 100km and relay runners. Cutoffs will be strictly enforced and any runner not able to leave a checkpoint before the designated cutoff time will be removed from the race.

 Checkpoint 100 Km Distance
 Cutoff Time
 Elapsed Time
 Apollo Bay (start)
 0km Saturday 5:30 am
 0 hours
 Blanket Bay Campground
 21.8km Saturday 9:30 am 4:00 hours
 Aire River Campground
 42.1km Saturday 1:00 pm 7:30 hours 
 Johanna Beach Campground
 55km Saturday 3:30 pm 10:00 hours
 The Gables (Carpark)
 80.1km Saturday 8:30 pm 15:00 hours
 12 Apostles Centre (finish)
 100.3km Sunday 12:00 am 18.5 hours

CP 1 = Blanket Bay

Blanket Bay checkpoint has moved to the Day Visitor area at the southern end of the campground. Runners will enter the campground on the Katabanut Track rather than off the beach. This means you won't run through the campground as done previously. It will be heavily marked to make the changes clear. NO CREW will be allowed at Blanket Bay due to Parks restrictions. Crew can meet their runner at the Otway Lighthouse carpark but no assistance can be given.  

CP 2 = Aire River

Cross the bridge and continue straight ahead through the trees on the footpath until you see the aidstation. 

CP 3 = Johanna Beach

Johanna aid station is at the southern end of the campground. You exit the beach not long after crossing the creek and then make your way along the 4wd track until you reach the checkpoint. It is a long tough section from here to the Gables so be sure to fill up your bottles/bladder. Look towards the beach access to pick up the trail-head which climbs parallel to the beach. 

Moonlight Head

There will be an unmanned water drop at Moonlight Head just past the farm gate. Follow the fence-line until a stile turns you left into the forest. Don't miss this turn! It is only 5km to the Gables aid station from Moonlight Head. 

CP 4 = The Gables

Turn right at the Gables junction signpost (follow special GOW race arrows) a short distance to the Gables checkpoint. Return to the junction and go straight ahead this time. Follow the supplementary race signage.  

Checkpoint Opening Times for volunteers

The following locations will provide basic food and drinks, first aid, timing, etc.  Checkpoint closing times are dependant on when the last runner comes through but cut-offs are clearly listed below and enforced.

 Checkpoint Saturday Open
 Saturday Close
 Apollo Bay (pre run)
 5:00 am
 5:30 am
 Blanket Bay Campground
 7:00 am
 10:00 am
 Aire River Campground
 8:30 am
 1:30 pm
 Johanna Beach Campground
 9:30 am
 4:00 pm
 The Gables (Carpark)
 1:00 pm
 9:00 pm
 12 Apostles Visitor Centre
 2:00 pm
 12:30 am Sunday

12 Apostles Checkpoint - Finish line

The 12 Apostles Visitor Centre checkpoint is now behind the visitor centre carpark, near the helipad (see Course directions page for a map of the finish area). Shelter and lighting and 'patio' style heaters and chairs, etc will also be set up in this space for runners waiting for a ride into Port Campbell. Family and crew arriving early can enjoy the viewing platforms overlooking the 12 Apostles. There are commercial helicopter joy-flights available on-site. Absolutely no overnight camping or sleeping in cars is permitted. Please respect other users to ensure our ongoing viability.